M.Sc Clinical Research: Course Details, Eligibility, Fees, Admission


2 Years

Average Fees

INR 5000 to 2 LPA

Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

M.Sc Clinical Research is a two-year post-graduate program that deals with students who have an interest in clinical research and medical sciences. Some of the job roles of M.Sc Clinical Research are Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Research Analyst, Clinical Research Project Coordinator, Biostatistician, etc.

M.Sc Clinical Research Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Science in Clinical Research
Duration 2 Years
Age 20
Subjects Required Physics, biology, chemistry
Minimum Percentage 50% Aggregate in Undergraduate
Average Fees INR 5000 to 2 LPA
Similar Options of Study nursing, operational therapy
Average Salary INR 3.5 - 5 LPA [Source: Glassdoor]
Employment Roles Programmer, Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Research Physician, Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Research Analyst, etc
Opportunities Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Clinical Centers, Research Laboratories, etc

About M.Sc Clinical Research 

According to Wikipedia, “Clinical research is a branch of healthcare science that determines the safety and effectiveness (efficacy) of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use. These may be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis or for relieving symptoms of a disease. Clinical research is different from clinical practice.”

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Eligibility Criteria for M.Sc Clinical Research

M.Sc Clinical Research eligibility is to complete undergraduate programs in any one of the subjects. It includes biochemistry, botany, zoology, maths, biotechnology, pharmacology, microbiology, physiotherapy, and pharmacists from any recognized board. The eligibility criteria for getting the M.Sc Clinical Research course admission is to have a minimum of 50% marks. No age limit for this course. The M.Sc Clinical Entrance exams are MET, IUET and CUCET.

How To Get Admission in M.Sc Clinical Research?

The M.Sc Clinical Research admission is obtained only for the students satisfying the eligibility criteria. The students can get the application form for admission either by visiting the college directly or through the college website. The course falls under the umbrella of M.Sc. and thus the admission process does not change for the aspirants. Mentioned below are the details of the admission process in general:

How to Apply?

Generally, the admission process for the M.Sc Clinical Research colleges in India occurs through the merit list that is finalized. Some universities and institutions prefer conducting entrance examinations for the students. The students can apply for the M.Sc clinical Research courses either online or offline. Once they complete their registration, they must satisfy all the procedures and eligibility criteria to move to the next step.

Selection Process

The selection process for merit-based admission will be handled by the respective universities or colleges. The students who are appearing for the entrance examinations must secure a comfortable CGPA. Based upon the ranks they hold, admission will be provided for qualified students from the recognized university.

Almost all the colleges and universities conduct M.SC Clinical Research entrance exams for students who seek admission. It is totally based on the ranks that they get during examinations. Some of the popular M.Sc Clinical Research Entrance exams are as follows:

A Quick Glance at the M.Sc Clinical Research Entrance Exams

Students who desire to opt for M.Sc Clinical Research should study the exam pattern and syllabus well before time. This will help the students to prepare for the entrance exams in a timely manner. Generally, the entrance exam has the following pattern: 

  • The examination occurs for almost two hours. It has a total of 100 questions with two sections.
  • The question paper will be of multiple-choice-based one.
  • It is a computer-based test and the medium of examination is English
  • It has negative marks on it. For each incorrect answer, 1 Mark will be reduced.

Top 10 M.Sc Clinical Research Colleges in India

The M.Sc Clinical research top colleges in India offer varying courses. The students can choose the best college for M.Sc Clinical Research in India if they possess high marks and it also depends on their interest in the specialization. The M.Sc clinical Research college list is available on many websites on the internet. Some of the top 10 colleges for M.Sc Clinical Research in India are:

M.Sc Clinical Research Colleges


Name of the College


Ajeenkya DY Patil University


Amity University, Noida


The Global Open University


Apeejay Stya University


Chettinad Academy of Research and Education


Galgotias University


GD Goenka University


Indus University


Sushant University


Jaipur National University

Fee Structure for M.Sc Clinical Research

The M.Sc Clinical Research fee structure for various M.Sc in Clinical Research colleges in India is around INR 50,000 - 5 LPA. The course fees may differ depending on the type of institute, location, infrastructure, faculties, and facilities available. 

M.Sc Clinical Research Course Fee


Name of the Institute

Average Annual Fees


NIMS University, Jaipur



Sushant University, Gurgaon



Rayat Bahra University, Mohali



Institute of Clinical Research, Dehradun



Shivrath Center of Excellence in CLinical Research, Ahmedabad


Syllabus and Subjects for M.Sc Clinical Research

M.Sc Clinical Research course duration is two years with four semesters. The M.Sc Clinical Research syllabus and subjects are designed with the objective of training the students to plan, design, install, operate, control, and maintain complex systems related to medical studies or clinical research. The program consists of both core and elective papers. 

A few core subjects in this program are listed below:

  • Pre-Clinical Studies
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Statistics for Clinical Research
  • Human Biology
  • Pharmacogenomics

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Why Choose M.Sc Clinical Research? 

Students often wonder about M.Sc Clinical Research details before choosing the course. Before deciding on a career, students come across queries like, "What is M.Sc in Clinical Research?" and "Why choose M.Sc in Clinical Research?”. To clearly understand answers to these questions, we have framed the following three pointers: 

What is M.Sc Clinical Research All About?

Master of Science in Clinical Research is a postgraduate level course. The time required to complete the course is 2 years. The M.Sc Clinical Research deals with research on medical equipment, validation of newly designed drugs on the basis of their and safety measures. It is a biomedical study and it involves systematic observational and experimental aspects of study. It helps to enhance the quality of life. The clinical trial involves the study of design, designed documents, monitoring, analyzing statistical reviewing, and finally reporting.

What Does a M.Sc Clinical Research Graduate Do?

The M.Sc Clinical Research students have the chance of getting placed in both the public and private sectors. The M.Sc in Clinical Research students after completion of their post-graduation program can get involved in clinical trials of drugs, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting. They are directly or indirectly involved in the health care of human beings and thus they ensure the safety of life.

Role of Clinical Research Analyst: The Clinical Research Analyst has to verify and validate the new drugs through clinical trials. They are responsible for reporting the effectiveness, safety, and development of the delivery system of drugs on the basis of research. They should be potential enough to work in a team.

Reasons Why M.Sc Clinical Research Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career? 

The M.Sc Clinical research is concerned with systematic testing and evaluation of pharmaceutical products on human beings. Clinical Research concludes and recommends the pharmaceutical products for formulation and development of delivery systems and for future application. Moreover, it ensures the safety and efficacy of the product. The graduates who are interested in teaching can appear for the test conducted by various government colleges for M.Sc in Clinical Research. 

Career Options and Scope: Career opportunities include pharmaceutical companies, clinical contract, and academic research organizations, site management organizations, data management organizations, healthcare analytics, IT companies, central laboratories, etc.

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Preparation Tips for M.Sc Clinical Research

The M.Sc in Clinical Research is a promising career and the students before opting for this must be aware of the syllabus and exam pattern. Here are some tips to prepare well for the M.Sc Clinical Research course. 

Know the Syllabus: Knowing the topics that are going to be covered well before the examination helps students in many ways. Instead of studying all the topics, the selected topics can be studied. 

Know the Pattern: Apart from the syllabus, the students must know the number of questions, the time allotted for each section in the question paper, and the mode of examination. This helps to secure more marks in a short time.

Prepare a Timetable: Once the students know the syllabus and pattern for the exam, they must develop an effective plan towards it and follow them regularly since the competition is high today.

Practice: According to the timetable, the students should practice regularly and check with scores comparatively so that they could get some idea on scoring high marks.

Scope For Higher Education

Concentrating more on higher studies helps the students to make a better career and even landed up in the research field. Doing higher studies makes the students get strong in the ideas of the subject. Some of the popular higher education options to the students are:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research (PGDCR)
  • PhD

Salary of an M.Sc Clinical Research Graduate

The M.Sc Clinical Research salary differs from the students’ position and field. The salary for the M.Sc Clinical Research graduate is around INR 4-12 LPA [Source: Glassdoor]. This salary can increase if students decide to gain work experience or higher education.

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Career Options After M.Sc Clinical Research

The M.Sc Clinical Research jobs are mainly focused on the parameters of safety and performance. It also concerns the development of health care. The students who have associated with the medical field are having a higher opportunity of getting placed in the Clinical Research Industry. On completing the M.Sc Clinical Research course, the graduates can be placed as: 

  • Programmer - Clinical Research
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Project Manager - Clinical Research
  • Clinical Research Physician
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Clinical Research Analyst

Skills That Make You The Best M.Sc Clinical Research Graduate

M.Sc Clinical Research graduates should develop good technical and problem-solving skills. They should also be good at mathematical skills. Some necessary skills for M.Sc Clinical Research graduates are:

  • Complex Problem-Solving Skills
  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • Good Technical Skills
  • Team Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Strong Risk Assessment Skills

M.Sc Clinical Research Fee Structure

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