TOEFL Important Dates

TOEFL Important Dates 2019

There is no proper date for TOEFL Test and is conducted throughout the year at authorized test centres. Go through the TOEFL Application Form to know how to register for the Exam.

  • Frequency: TOEFL exam is conducted in 165 countries worldwide for over 50 times a year, a 4500 exam centres.
  • Notification: The exact TOEFL exam dates are notified on the TOEFL website. Candidates can appear for the exam 5 times a year by paying the TOEFL exam fee each time. There should be a gap of 21 days between consecutive TOEFL Test if candidates plan on taking the second test.
  • TOEFL ETS allows students to choose the Exam Date according to their convenience, throughout the year. They should plan properly so that TOEFL Score reaches to University before the application time closes.
  • TOEFL ETS even provides options to the students to reschedule exam once scheduled based on their choice.
  • ETS advises the candidates to start preparing for a test at least 8 weeks before the test date.
  • Scorecard: Scorecard for TOEFL is valid for 2 years from the date of examination. 
  • Choice of selection: TOEFL exam dates are generally held on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. candidates must select their desired slot by visiting the Official website of TOEFL.
  • Retaking: Retaking of the TOEFL exam can be done after 12 days of the first attempt. A candidate is only allowed 5 attempts at TOEFL Exam in one year

The candidate also has the option of selecting the timings of the exam, which can be the morning or evening slot.

Upcoming Test Dates for TOEFL

TOEFL Exam is of two types - iBT and PBT. Most of the candidates take iBT (98%) over PBT. 

The following table contains the list of iBT dates for the months from June to October. The test dates for the coming months following will be updated in the future.

Upcoming TOEFL Test Dates




1st, Saturday

15th, Saturday

29th, Saturday


6th, Saturday

12th, Friday

13th, Saturday

20th, Saturday

27th, Saturday

28th, Sunday


3rd, Saturday

10th, Saturday

24th, Saturday


1st, Sunday

7th, September

21st, Saturday

28th, Saturday


4th, Friday

12th, Saturday

13th, Sunday

19th, Saturday

26th, Saturday

27th, Sunday


Not all the test centres conduct the exam on all of the test dates given above. Tests are conducted in different locations at different times. So, the  Candidates must check the official website or TOEFL Test centres to see whether their preferred test centre has the exam on the day they wanted.


Check out the TOEFL Reference Books to start preparing for the exam right now.


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