Master of Dental Sciences [MDS] - Course Admissions and Eligibility

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Course Duration of Master of Dental Sciences [MDS] is 3 Years.



Minimum Requirements

Age 21
Minimum Percentage 50%
Subjects Required Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.

About Master of Dental Sciences [MDS]:

  • M.D.S. or Master of Dental Surgery is a postgraduate Dentistry course.

  • Dentistry is the branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy, development and diseases of the teeth in colleges like AIIMS, Armed force medical college and more.

  • The duration of Master of Dental Surgery is generally three years, however, there is a provision of two years M.D.S. Course for candidates who have passed Post Graduate Diploma course recognized by the (Dental Council of India) DCI of the duration of two years in a particular speciality.

  • The programs foster the development of critical analysis, research skills, and advanced clinical skills that will be recognized for specialist registration post which will be the individual will be designated as Dental Surgeon, Dental Assistant and more

  • Dental Council of India (D.C.I) is the regulatory body for Dental courses and various dental institutes have to adhere to the regulations provided. The duration of the course is three years and it is career orienting in nature.

What is Master of Dental Science [MDS]?

What is Master of Dental Science [MDS]?

  • " No great Pastry Chef has sweet teeth" and taking care of those teeth with profound skills and advancement in the technologies are some of the responsibilities and turnover of an MDS professional. 

  • Anatomy, Development, and Diseases of Teeth are few responsibilities of an M.D.S Professional in the duration of three years.

  • Dental Council of India or D.C.I is the regulatory body which is responsible for providing and regulating the Dental courses and various dental institutes in accord with the regulations derived.

  • After completing his/ her degree in Undergraduate any individual can opt for the higher education of the same course defined "Master of Dental Surgery" which is generally of three years with the provision of two years of M.D.S course.

Why choose Master of Dental Sciences [MDS]?

Why choose Master of Dental Sciences [MDS]?

  • Maintaining an individuals Respect and dignity initiates with taking care of his/her own teeth. And adapting to the studies of the same with technical knowledge is the answer to the above-mentioned question.

  • Acquiring skills in advance techniques and methods penetrating to dental care and solution are some of the add-on aid for the individuals pursuing M.D.S as their professional degree.

  • Completing the Masters Course within the stipulated time will end up getting some lucrative job offers from some of the renowned and prestigious organizations like AIIMS and Fortis.

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Fee Structure of Master of Dental Sciences [MDS] in India

Fee 0-2L
Fee 2-5L
Fee 5-10L
Fee >10L
(In Lakhs)

Fee Structure by State for Master of Dental Sciences [MDS]

All Over India
Public Colleges
₹ 5,011 ( Minimum Fee ) ( Maximum Fee ) ₹ 24 Lakh
₹ 1.45 Lakh ( Average Fee )
Private Colleges
₹ 3,000 ( Minimum Fee ) ( Maximum Fee ) ₹ 45.04 Lakh
₹ 15.75 Lakh ( Average Fee )
Public Colleges
₹ 15.90 Lakh ₹ 18 Lakh
₹ 18 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 58,739 ₹ 36 Lakh
₹ 15.75 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 3,000 ₹ 45.04 Lakh
₹ 9.03 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 5 Lakh ₹ 36 Lakh
₹ 22.50 Lakh
Public Colleges
₹ 1.45 Lakh ₹ 24 Lakh
₹ 1.80 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 1.67 Lakh ₹ 22.50 Lakh
₹ 6.95 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 10.27 Lakh ₹ 23.20 Lakh
₹ 22.50 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 6 Lakh ₹ 22.50 Lakh
₹ 16.50 Lakh
Tamil Nadu
Private Colleges
₹ 73,400 ₹ 36 Lakh
₹ 21 Lakh
Uttar Pradesh
Private Colleges
₹ 7.50 Lakh ₹ 32.30 Lakh
₹ 19 Lakh

Master of Dental Sciences [MDS] Reviews

Master of Dental Sciences [MDS] (Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics), batch of 2016
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

I have passed NEET MDS 2018 examination. My year of graduation is 2016. Eligibility criteria were 115/960 I have scored 153/960 Category: SC Hometown:Gujarat-Ahmedabad

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Master of Dental Sciences [MDS] (Public Health Dentistry), batch of 2018
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

The Dept of Public Health Dentistry at Kothiwal dental college is providing leadership and expertise in population-based dentistry, oral health surveillance, policy development, community-based disease prevention, health promotion, and the maintenance of the dental safety net. You get a lot of exposure to patients with good infrastructure and experienced faculty. They do not really give you a lot of liberty and freedom but this makes one responsible, mature and punctual.The Department faculty helps in bringing the dark houses out and this is something that not everyone can do. The Department of  Public health bears the responsibility of assuring optimal oral health for all individuals and populations.

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Master of Dental Sciences [MDS] (Periodontics), batch of 2020
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

NEET is the required entrance exam for the admission. I scored 93 in NEET.

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