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Course Wise Scholarships

What is Scholarship?

The scholarship is financial support given to the students who are in need of it. It is a way of supporting underprivileged and motivated students to reach their ambitions. In a country that comprises of around 19% of the youth population, education has become necessary for survival. Not every person has the means to continue education and scholarships help them in pursuing their academic journey.

Are there Scholarships available in India?

Yes, the scholarships in India are provided for really meritorious or underprivileged students. There is a common misconception among the students because of their very little knowledge relating to the Scholarships in India. Scholarships are distributed by various government and private organizations for the benefit of all the students in India. There are various scholarships for students such as grants, fellowships, etc. These are available for candidates who want to pursue their education in abroad universities too.

The awareness regarding category-based scholarships is so faint that lakhs of rupees of scholarship are going undistributed per year. As per the reports of Auditor General of India around 350 crores worth of scholarship out of the 18,000 crores allocated is going unutilized by the students of India.

The scholarships in India provided by the government and private organizations often go un-utilized, due to the lack of social awareness amongst the current generation. Announcements regarding these scholarships are published in the newspapers or the Indian Scholarships official page.

Types of Scholarships in India:

Scholarships provided in India are primarily categorized into three categories:

  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Means based scholarships
  • Merit-cum-means based scholarships

The close study on the levels of Indian Scholarships provided highlights the fact that scholarships are provided to almost all categories and criteria. For instance, they are categorized into the levels of study, discipline levels, region-wise, category-wise, course-wise, etc.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Scholarships under the merit-based category are totally dependant on the academic merit of the students. The real problem arises when the students have no clue which will be suitable for them and the deadline to apply for the scholarships. 

Awareness about such scholarships would give the meritorious students a provocation to avail for scholarships solely on their academic merit irrespective of their economical background.

Means Based Scholarships

Students who are financially backward can avail of the means based scholarship. These scholarships are reserved for students who want to pursue higher education but are restrained due to their financial conditions. The primary factor considered for the scholarship shortlisting is the annual income of the family.

Merit cum Means Scholarships

The merit-cum-means based scholarship, as the name suggests takes into account both the criteria of merit and means to shortlist students for the scholarship awards and benefits. There are government and private organizations that provide these types of scholarships. 

Talent Based Indian Scholarships

There is a misconception that scholarships are only provided for academically strong or financially backward students. But, there are various scholarships in India provided based on talent the candidate possesses like music, art, or dance. The benefits are similar to other scholarships and candidates are encouraged to pursue their dream in the industry based on the talent they possess.

Sports Based Scholarships

Celebrating the National Fitness Day in recent times has brought to light the importance of sports, but very little light is shed on the positive sides of pursuing sports as a career option. Scholarships are provided for sportspersons in India by various organizations based on the levels they have played.

Indian Scholarships for Women

The dropout rate of women from the education sector has seen a rise and to close the gap and ensure no dropout rates of women, the government and philanthropic private organizations have come up with various scholarships for women in India. The academic criteria and the financial criteria are considered as the main factors to be eligible for the scholarship.

Study Abroad Scholarships for Indian Students

Studying in universities abroad has gained momentum since the relaxation in visa regulations and more of Foreign Universities providing student loans and scholarships in a hassle-free manner.

The Indian Students who want to pursue their studies in an abroad university due to the facilities and research they offer can go for their dream without imposing a financial burden.

There are certain scholarships available in India with respect to student's education, pursuing courses, streams/disciplines and also based on the categories such as SC/ST/OBC/ General.

Scholarships based on Levels of Study

Education at all levels is important and keeping this factor in mind there are scholarships made available at all levels of education to help students overcome the financial strain they face right from schooling. 

High School Scholarships

The Scholarships in this category are provided to students who want to pursue studies until their 10th and are unable to do so due to the financial situation of the family. There are various trusts and organizations that help such students continue their education in spite of financial disabilities.

Higher Secondary Scholarships

These scholarships are offered to students who want to complete higher secondary studies. There are various types of scholarships that the students can avail based on merit and means.

Undergraduate Scholarships

The undergraduate scholarships are provided to students willing to pursue a college education. Fee waivers ranging from 20% to 100% is provided based on the eligibility conditions.

Postgraduate Scholarships

The postgraduate scholarship is provided to candidates willing to pursue higher education but has some financial or material strain to so so. Awards are provided based on the criteria and necessity of the candidate.

Scholarships based on Discipline

Compulsory education is provided free of cost to students in India until high school and thereafter a number of scholarships are provided to aid their studies. The Government of India and many private organizations have given due importance to the education scenes in India. There are various disciplines of study provided in the colleges in India and there are scholarships provided for students who pursue any of these following disciplines:

Engineering Scholarships

The cost of higher education has risen and due to this many deserving students opt out of college education and perform odd-jobs to satisfy the family's financial needs. Some students find it unaffordable to pursue their studies due to the fee amount charged in premium institutions. To overcome this struggle many government and private scholarships are provided. Engineering Scholarships are specifically provided to the students who opt or want to opt for a Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. level of study in the engineering field.

Education Scholarships

The education-based scholarships are provided to students who want to take an education course such as B.Ed, M.Ed, etc. as a higher degree of pursuing the subject. The scholarships are provided based on the level of study and course opted for.

Medical Scholarships

Medical studies have been costing a lot these days and many students in spite of being financially sound opt-out of pursuing their passion due to the financial instability it may cost. Many organizations and institutes have come together to solve this issue because the medical profession needs a lot of care and it needs good quality. Scholarships are provided to candidates based on the merit and approved criteria.

Science Scholarships

There has been a gigantic shift in the science and technology field and students have been very keen on pushing themselves for research and development which causes a strain in money and time equally. To motivate such candidates, scholarships are provided based on the work they are willing to pursue and research funding is also taken care-of.

Management Scholarships

Management studies involve a lot of time and further certifications for a candidate to remain stable in the field. It keeps changing every season and due to this, a monetary strain is imposed on the individual. Scholarships are also provided to persons who are willing to pursue their studies abroad by universities and organizations.

Arts Scholarships

There were certain patrons who felt that recognition and help must be given to people who wanted to pursue arts field like music, drawing, etc., and this had led the government to take this sector seriously and this has motivated many individuals to pursue what they are extremely good at, and making the nation proud in a global level.

Course-Based Scholarships

The students following these disciplines can avail the scholarships provided under each of these categories provided they satisfy the eligibility criteria specified. The scope of scholarships in India is so high that course-wise scholarships are provided to the candidates in most of the disciplines.

List Of Scholarships

UCC Ireland Meritorious Scholarship for Indian Students

Conducted By : University College Cork [UCC] and Government of Ireland

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship

Conducted By : University of Cambridge

L&T Build India Scholarship

Conducted By : Larsen & Toubro [L&T] Limited

Capital First MBA Scholarship

Conducted By : Capital First Limited

Pre-Matric Scholarships

Conducted By : Government of India

Post Matric Scholarship for Minorities (Karnataka)

Conducted By : Government of Karnataka

State Government Open Merit Scholarship, Maharashtra

Conducted By : Department of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra

National Scholarship Exam

Conducted By : National Institute of Career Education [NICE] Foundation

G P Birla Educational Foundation Scholarship

Conducted By : G P Birla Educational Foundation

Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) MBA Scholarship

Conducted By : Stockholm School of Economics in co-operation with Dagens Industry

National Post Doctoral Fellowship

Conducted By : Science and Engineering Research Board [SERB]

Jawaharlal Nehru Scholarship for Doctoral Studies

Conducted By : Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund (JNMF)

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarship

Conducted By : The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India [OCSI]

MOMA Scholarship

Conducted By : Ministry of Minority Affairs [MOMA]

Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test [NEST]

Conducted By : Shrimanji’s Events Management Centre International [SEMCI]

Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship

Conducted By : The University of Waikato

Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship Scheme

Conducted By : Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation

INSPIRE Scholarship

Conducted By : Department of Science and Technology [DST], Government of India

AAUW International Fellowship

Conducted By : American Association of University Women [AAUW]

ICANN Fellowship

Conducted By : The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers [ICANN]

Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship

Conducted By : The London Metropolitan University

Aditya Birla Group Scholarship

Conducted By : Aditya Birla Group

Tata Innovation Fellowship

Conducted By : Department of Biotechnology [DBT], Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India

Gaurav Foundation Scholarship

Conducted By : Gaurav Foundation

Max Planck Luxembourg PhD Scholarships

Conducted By : Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law

KSCSTE Pratibha Scholarship

Conducted By : The Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment [KSCSTE]

UNESCO/ Czech Republic Co-Sponsored Fellowship Program

Conducted By : UNESCO in collaboration with Government of Czech Republic

MEXT Scholarship

Conducted By : Government of Japan (Embassy of Japan in India)

UCL Denys Holland Scholarship

Conducted By : Denys Holland Fund & University College London [UCL]

The Rhodes Scholarship

Conducted By : The University of Oxford

ECU Petroleum Engineering First Cohort Scholarship

Conducted By : Edith Cowan University

AICTE PG Scholarship

Conducted By : All India Council for Technical Education

German Chancellor Fellowship

Conducted By : Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation

Georg Eckert Institute Fellowship Program

Conducted By : Georg Eckert Institute

West Bengal Talent Support Stipend Scholarship

Conducted By : West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation, Government of West Bengal

Pragati Scholarship 2020

Conducted By : All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE)

Travel Photography Scholarship

Conducted By : World Nomads Private Limited

Kingston University Post Graduate Scholarships

Conducted By : Kingston University London

Ashok Khurana Scholarship

Conducted By : The University of Adelaide, Australia

Max Weber Fellowship

Conducted By : European University Institute

Pre Matric Scholarship for OBC Students

Conducted By : State Government/ UT

Adelaide Scholarships International

Conducted By : The University of Adelaide

Dr Abdul Kalam International Postgraduate Scholarship

Conducted By : The University of Sydney, Australia

Ishan Uday Scholarship

Conducted By : University Grants Commission (UGC)

Post Matric Scholarship - ST Students

Conducted By : Ministry of Tribal Affairs

Schwarzman Scholars Program

Conducted By : Tsinghua University in Beijing

National Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students

Conducted By : Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India

IOCL Scholarship

Conducted By : Indian Oil Corporation Limited [IOCL]

Jean Monnet Fellowship

Conducted By : Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute

University of Queensland MBA Scholarship

Conducted By : The University of Queensland Business School

SN Bose Scholarship

Conducted By : SERB, DST, Govt. of India, IUSSTF and WINStep Forward

Harvard Academy Scholars Program

Conducted By : The Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies

CERN Fellowship

Conducted By : CERN Theoretical Physics Department

POSE Scholarship

Conducted By : Department of Science and Technology, Haryana

Swami Vivekananda Scholarship

Conducted By : Government of West Bengal

Swami Vivekananda Single Girl Child Scholarship

Conducted By : University Grants Commission [UGC]

College Board India Scholars Program

Conducted By : Indian Global Higher Education

Pearson MePro English Scholar Program

Conducted By : Pearson Academy

Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses

Conducted By : Ministry of Minority Affairs [MOMA]

Karunya Varsham Scholarship

Conducted By : Lourdes Matha College of Science and Technology [LMCST]

Teach for India Fellowship 2020

Conducted By : Teach for India

Nurture Merit cum Means Scholarship

Conducted By : The Vodafone India Foundation

Kalpana Chawla Chatravriti Yojana

Conducted By : Government of Himachal Pradesh

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards

Conducted By : National Innovation Foundation (NIF), Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India

Ujjwal Bhavishya Scholarship

Conducted By : V-Mart under the V-Mart CSR Initiative

DHSE Merit cum Means Scholarship for BPL Students 2019

Conducted By : Directorate of Higher Secondary Education, Government of Kerala

Kind Scholarship

Conducted By : Public Funding

Begum Hazrat Mahal National Scholarship

Conducted By : Ministry of Minority Affairs

Pre-Matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Conducted By : Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability

Scholarships for Top Class Education for Students with Disabilities

Conducted By : Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability

Post-Matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Conducted By : Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability

Top Class Education Scholarship for SC Students

Conducted By : Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

Central Sector Scholarship Scheme

Conducted By : Department of Higher Education

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Conducted By : Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the students of Cambridge University

TED Fellows Program

Conducted By : TED

IDFC FIRST Bank MBA Scholarship

Conducted By : IDFC FIRST Bank

University of Madras Merit Fellowship

Conducted By : University of Madras

Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities

Conducted By : Ministry of Minority Affairs [MOMA]

Internshala Career Scholarship

Conducted By : Internshala

Lal Bahadur Shastri Scholarship

Conducted By : Education Department of India

NTR Vidyonnathi Scheme

Conducted By : Andhra Pradesh Government

Indira Gandhi Single Girl Child Scholarship

Conducted By : University Grants Commission (UGC)

NET JRF (National Eligibility Test for Junior Research Fellowship)

Conducted By : University Grants Commission (UGC)

Azim Premji Fellowship

Conducted By : Azim Premji Foundation

Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship

Conducted By : Sitaram Jindal Foundation

Colgate Scholarship

Conducted By : Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd

Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar

Conducted By : Sahitya Akademi, Government of India

KVPY Scholarship

Conducted By : Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Bhajan Lal Scholarship

Conducted By : Bhajan Global Impact Foundation

FundsIndia Scholarships

Conducted By : Wealth India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd

Rani Laxmi Bai Award

Conducted By : The Department of Sports and Youth Affairs

Fair and Lovely Scholarship

Conducted By : Fair and Lovely Foundation

US Awasthi Scholarship

Conducted By : Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited [IFFCO]

IFFCO MD Scholarship

Conducted By : Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited [IFFCO]

E-District Scholarship

Conducted By : Government of India

National Scholarship Test for Youth (NSTY) Scholarship

Conducted By : Flurosis Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Santoor Scholarship

Conducted By : Wipro Consumer Care and Wipro Cares

Vedantu Scholarship

Conducted By : Vedantu

Jio Scholarship

Conducted By : Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Canara Bank Scholarship

Conducted By : Canara Bank

LIC Scholarship

Conducted By : Life Insurance Corporation of India

Google Scholarship

Conducted By : Google Inc.

Prerana Scholarship

Conducted By : Government of Odisha

How to apply for Scholarships in India?

There are various categories under which numerous scholarships are provided to the students. The primary goal of the student is to identify the scholarship which would be suitable for him/ her and then apply within the duration it is open for applications. Getmyuni has always been the choice of students to shortlist colleges of choice and details of all Indian Scholarships are published here without a single detail missed out. The step-by-step process of applying for the scholarships and end-to-end details are published. Ease the financial burden by thinking wisely and apply for scholarships smartly. Apply Now!!