Minimum Requirements

Degree Bachelors
Duration Course Duration of Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] is 3 Years.
Age Between 18 and 24
Minimum Percentage 50% in 10+2
Subjects Required English in 10+2

About Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]:

What is Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]?

What is Bachelor of Business Administration

  • "What is a BBA course?" is a question on any students' mind who wants to pursue it. Bachelor's degree programmes in Business Administration are known by various names in different institutes as:

    • BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)

    • BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)

    • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) etc are more or less the same.

  • The BBA course duration is from 3 to 4 years which is divided into 6 to 8 semesters respectively. BBA subjects semester wise division helps the students to understand the basics and the subject thoroughly over the semesters. 

  • The course can be pursued either as a Full-Time or Part-Time Graduate Course i.e. through Correspondence or Distance Education depending upon one’s choice.

Why Choose Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]?

why choose Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Students graduating from BBA course in India turn out to be effective decision makers.

  • BBA course would lend insight into financial risks.

  • BBA course subjects and syllabus helps in the development of business and entrepreneurial skills. The students learn a great deal about Management.

  • After BBA, the graduate can pursue Master of Business Administration [MBA] course for further expertise in Management Education and exposure.
  • A wide range of career opportunities available for graduates of BBA naming:

    • Share trading

    • Business Corporation

    • Print media and so on.

  • Candidates become proficient in:

    • Marketing sales

    • Human resource

    • Business models etc

  • Leadership skill is developed as candidates get a larger perspective of the business world and acquire managerial skill set.

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]:

Eligibility Criteria for  Bachelor of Business Administration

  • The basic BBA course eligibility for a candidate is to get 50% score for 12th from any recognized educational board.

  • The cutoff percentage differs from institute to institute.

  • There are entrance exams like IPU CET, NMAT, etc to get admitted into prestigious institutes.

Admission Procedure for Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]:

Admission Procedure for  Bachelor of Business Administration

  • BBA course details admission to the course is generally through entrance exam.
  • The entrance tests are organized at national, state or university level by various authorities. A merit list is prepared on the basis of entrance examination. 

  • Most of the colleges conduct separate entrance exam for admission to BBA course. Below is the list of such Entrance Test. 

  • The BBA course fees are set according to the institutions offering the course. For more BBA course information read all the sections.
  • SET – SET or Symbiosis Entrance Test is a common test conducted by Symbiosis International University for admission in undergraduate courses in the fields of Law, General, Design, Engineering and Health Science. 

  • AIMA UGAT – AIMA Under Graduate Aptitude Test (UGAT) is a national level examination conducted annually by All India Management Association (AIMA). It is conducted to screen capable candidates for admission in various courses such as BBA, BCA, Integrated MBA, BHM, B.Com etc.

  • IPU CET – IPU CET 2017 (IP University Common Entrance Test) is a university level entrance exam conducted for admission to 60 undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses.

Syllabus & Subjects Summary for Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]:

  • BBA course is a business management course known by different names in different institutes.

  • BBA course subjects help in better understanding of the Management study with effective communication and entrepreneurial skills.

  • The students are prepared for Management profession by BBA course syllabus with subjects like Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting, Business Law, Computer Applications, Marketing Managment, Public Relations Management, Effective communication, Business Strategy for Entrepreneurship, Business Decision Making and many more.

  • The BBA course list also includes specialization subjects like Logistics & Supply Chain, E-Banking and Finance, Hospitality and Tourism, Management and Insurance & Risk Management etc

Jobs, Scope, Salary, and Placements Summary for Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]:

  • As the BBA course gives a fundamental education to management the key employment areas are Financial Organizations, Educational Institutes, Marketing Organization, Business Consultancies, Industrial Houses and Multinational Companies etc.

  • BBA course graduates can look for job roles like Business Administration Professor, Human Resource Manager, Business Administration Researcher, Research and Development Manager, Management Accountant etc.

  • The BBA course salary ranges from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 75,000. The HR Manager earns around Rs.65,000 and the Operations Manager Rs. 62,000 and Office Manager around Rs. 45,000.

  • The statistics show that around 51% of women take up BBA course over 49% of men and there is a good percentage of people who are satisfied with their job.

Entrance Exams For Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]

See Various Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] Colleges in India

Fee Structure of Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] in India

(In Lakhs)

Fee Structure by State for Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]

All Over India

Public Colleges
₹ 1,885 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 5.80 Lakh
₹ 69,000 (Average Fee)
Private Colleges
₹ 2,712 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 16.35 Lakh
₹ 1.71 Lakh (Average Fee)

Andhra Pradesh

Private Colleges
₹ 16,020 ₹ 5.47 Lakh
₹ 3.30 Lakh

Arunachal Pradesh

Private Colleges
₹ 12,000 ₹ 60,000
₹ 42,000


Private Colleges
₹ 28,500 ₹ 3.50 Lakh
₹ 58,800


Private Colleges
₹ 29,480 ₹ 3.12 Lakh
₹ 1.98 Lakh


Private Colleges
₹ 18,800 ₹ 2.97 Lakh
₹ 66,900


Public Colleges
₹ 39,000 ₹ 2.17 Lakh
₹ 1.73 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 10,650 ₹ 8.25 Lakh
₹ 1.46 Lakh


Private Colleges
₹ 33,000 ₹ 8.10 Lakh
₹ 37,500


Private Colleges
₹ 51,000 ₹ 12 Lakh
₹ 2.60 Lakh

Himachal Pradesh

Private Colleges
₹ 1.06 Lakh ₹ 1.50 Lakh
₹ 1.30 Lakh


Public Colleges
₹ 25,500 ₹ 1.90 Lakh
₹ 30,000
Private Colleges
₹ 1.43 Lakh ₹ 2.85 Lakh
₹ 1.71 Lakh


Private Colleges
₹ 4,380 ₹ 9.80 Lakh
₹ 3.40 Lakh


Private Colleges
₹ 3,240 ₹ 2.91 Lakh
₹ 54,000

Madhya Pradesh

Public Colleges
₹ 6,000 ₹ 1.44 Lakh
₹ 44,655


Public Colleges
₹ 20,850 ₹ 3.05 Lakh
₹ 1.07 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 6,885 ₹ 16.35 Lakh
₹ 5.25 Lakh


Private Colleges
₹ 90,000 ₹ 2.37 Lakh
₹ 2.37 Lakh


Private Colleges
₹ 30,000 ₹ 7.89 Lakh
₹ 3.41 Lakh


Public Colleges
₹ 63,000 ₹ 1.80 Lakh
₹ 87,630
Private Colleges
₹ 14,922 ₹ 5.43 Lakh
₹ 1.26 Lakh


Public Colleges
₹ 7,500 ₹ 4.50 Lakh
₹ 86,500
Private Colleges
₹ 15,050 ₹ 6 Lakh
₹ 1.80 Lakh

Tamil Nadu

Public Colleges
₹ 1,885 ₹ 3 Lakh
₹ 13,200
Private Colleges
₹ 2,712 ₹ 5.70 Lakh
₹ 52,785


Public Colleges
₹ 6,000 ₹ 5.80 Lakh
₹ 11,870
Private Colleges
₹ 90,000 ₹ 5.80 Lakh
₹ 2.50 Lakh

Uttar Pradesh

Public Colleges
₹ 7,776 ₹ 2.56 Lakh
₹ 1.65 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 9,800 ₹ 13.05 Lakh
₹ 3.24 Lakh


Public Colleges
₹ 28,350 ₹ 5.47 Lakh
₹ 5.47 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 1.50 Lakh ₹ 4.35 Lakh
₹ 2.91 Lakh

West Bengal

Private Colleges
₹ 9,990 ₹ 4.16 Lakh
₹ 1.62 Lakh

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] Reviews

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2019
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

For getting admission in Maharaja Surajmal Institute you have to give an entrance test known as CET and you should score atleast 50% in you 12th class to be eligible to give CET

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Dr Himani
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2015
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

I studied in JIMS VK in batch 2012-2015. It was a great experience. I gave CET for the admission process. CET is a common entrance test for admission in any of the IP University colleges

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Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2019
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

Any candidate 12th passed out (either from science or commerce background) can apply for BBA And minimum cut off percentage is 60%. There is no entrance exam as such. 

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