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The value of undergraduate courses has been declining as the years progresses. This has lead to students seeking higher studies in foreign countries like the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, etc. Let’s see what perks studying in Canada has over other countries.

Why Choose Canada for Higher Studies?

One of the primary reasons to choose Canada for Higher Studies is the value of the degree that is offered to the students. The degrees obtained from Canadian Universities hold the same or equivalent degree value as the ones offered in the US. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? 

Canada has been the education hotspot for many students due to the benefits offered by the country for international students. Students have evolved to such a level that they want more exposure at an affordable cost and with proper returns. Keeping these things in mind pursuing higher studies in Canada has its upside and downside too.

The tuition fees and cost of living is affordable compared to most of the top tier countries and equivalent level of degree is obtained.

Students have the option to opt for permanent residency. As per the report obtained in 2017, around 4,95,000 international students were pursuing their higher education in Canada. So you can be one among them and avail of these privileges offered by the Canadian Universities to Indian students. 

The majority of the students are from India, Iran, Vietnam, etc. The crime rates and cost of living are low. Security and stability are on the safer side for international students wanting to pursue their higher studies in Canada. 

Students can also opt for part-time work after or before the university timings. Work opportunities are provided after the college studies for students willing to continue their professional life in the country.

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