B.Voc is the acronym for Bachelor of Vocation this is a 3-year undergraduate course that includes a wide range of specializations to choose from. The basic eligibility for this course is completion 10+2 from any recognized board in India. B.Voc course is designed in a way that incorporates the work and skill requirement of various industries into its curriculum and helps to train the aspirant of the course so that they can be work-ready with an enhancement of the industry skill. The curriculum offers a blend of vocational and business management concepts.

B.Voc Fee in India:

Bachelor of Vocational Study course fee in India may vary based on the universities and colleges providing the course. The average fees for the course may range from INR 10,000 to 1 LPA. 

B.Voc Salary in India:

B.Voc Salary Package in India may vary based on the specialized field one works for. The average salary paid to a graduate of bachelor of vocational study [B.Voc] is INR 3.2 LPA.

B.Voc Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Vocational Studies
Duration Course Duration of Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc] is 3 Years.
Age Maximum age of 45
Minimum Percentage A minimum of 50% in 10+2
Subjects Required Any stream at 10+2 level
Average Fees Incurred INR 6000 - 60,000 per annum
Similar Options of Study M.Voc
Average Salary Offered INR 4 L per annum
Employment Roles Administrative Manager, Office Manager, Project Manager, Senior Marketing Manager, General Manager, Operations Manager, Marketing Executive, Senior Executive Assistant, Assistant Professor etc.
Placement Opportunities NIIT Ltd, Orion Group, Rustomjee, LabourNet, Godrej Industrial Limited, Dabur India Ltd, PepsiCo India Holdings, Nestle India Pvt Ltd etc.

B.Voc Course:

Bachelor of Vocation is a 3-year undergraduate course available for pursuance by students hailing from several different fields. Vocational training as such has existed for centuries, in the form of masters and apprentices with the vocations of old.

Below mentioned are some of the top B.Voc colleges which provide the course:

  • St. Joseph’s College,  Bangalore
  • Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi
  • Fergusson College, Pune
  • Madras Christian College, [MCC] Chennai

The course can be very beneficial for the professionals who are very much interested to enhance the soft power of the nation and promote it across the globe. The basic eligibility criteria for the course is the successful completion of the Senior Secondary level of education (class XII) from a recognized educational Board.  The course has essentially been designed for students wishing to enhance their vocational aspects as well as their soft skills which is one of the most ought criteria an organization will look within a candidate.

These courses facilitate such students in learning, earning and growing professionally and fetch employability opportunity for B.Voc. The course offers to eligible candidates:

  • Relevant work experience.
  • Practical knowledge in their chosen field.
  • Expertise in innovative, trendy and interesting disciplines of choice.
  • Expertise matching candidates' job aspirations
  • Employability for a suitable job as per current market requirements.
  • Sufficient knowledge for establishing themselves in employment and entrepreneurship ventures.

B.Voc Quicklinks:

What is B.Voc Course?

What is Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc]?

Vocational, or skills-based, education is becoming more and more significant in today’s perspective as industry expecting new employees to have all the practical skills they need to start work. B.Voc. the course is introduced by the University Grants Commission with the objective to impart adequate knowledge and skills for employment and entrepreneurship to graduates of the higher education system.

Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc] is divided into six semesters, each of 15 weeks including assessment.

In addition, all students are expected to undergo industrial training project work for 4-8 weeks every semester that may continue partly during summer and winter breaks. All students should undergo a bridge course program of 180 hrs duration in each semester for the first two semesters along with level 5 regular courses. The credits earned are of qualifying nature and should be completed within four semesters 2 years for obtaining Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and B.Voc Degree, as a pre-requisite. A certificate to this effect shall be issued by the Principal/Director of affiliated Institutes to be submitted to COE.

Why Choose B.Voc?

Why Choose Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc]?

Unlike the other typical UG courses, the curriculum for this program is mapped with job roles in accordance with the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). The course’s curriculum is industry-based and work-integrated which contains on the job training for certain specializations.

Successful graduates of the course can also work as:

  • Vocational teachers in public schools.
  • Trainers in private companies.

The below mentioned are some of the Jobs for B.Voc:

  • General Education Component.
  • Computer Networking Programmer
  • C++ Programming
  • MS Office
  • Financial Maths & Accounting

The professionals post-graduation can opt for higher education in the field of Master of Vocational Studies [M.Voc], which is again the finest of the course in the domain of Vocational studies.

B.Voc Courses List:

The following courses under the Vocational Education in India are:

  • Paramedical and Health Administration
  • Renewable Energy Management
  • Retail Management
  • Web Technology and Multimedia
  • Fashion Technology and Apparel Designing
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • Fashion Designing
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics Management
  • Jewelry Designing
  • National Drug Design
  • Data and Web Analytics
  • Broadcasting & Journalism

B.Voc Entrance Exams:

The aspirants of Bachelor of vocational studies have a number of entrance exams which are provided by the universities and colleges in India. Most colleges admit students on the basis of certain cut off Percentages set by colleges and universities.  

B.Voc Course Preparation Tips:

Understanding the subject line of the course by the candidate of the course gives the potential for a candidate to follow the subjects so that there would be a clear understanding of the course.

practicing the concepts taught in the courses as there is more active blended learning in the course which makes a candidate more perfect in the practical knowledge acquired.

time management- as this course contains more practical concepts more time should be devoted by a candidate in learning the concepts and the theory as well therefore efficient time management should be practiced.

B.Voc Subjects:

The Bachelor of Vocational Studies have various specialized subjects to choose from some of the subjects which are chosen are listed below. The subjects may vary from each specialization

B.Voc(Visual Media & Film Making) Semester I 
SI No Subjects
1 Language
2 Comm. Skills
Creativity and Problem solving
4 Photography
5 Elements of Film
Film Appreciation-I


B.Voc(Visual Media & Film Making) Semester II 
SI No Subjects
1 Language
2 Comm. Skills
History of Visual Arts
Special Photography
5 Script Writing- I
Film Appreciation-II


B.Voc(Visual Media & Film Making) Semester III 
SI No Subjects
1 Language
2 Comm. Skills
Information Communication Tech.
Cinematography basics
Film Editing basics
Film Appreciation-III


B.Voc(Visual Media & Film Making) Semester IV 
SI No Subjects
1 Language
2 Comm. Skills
3 Basics of Sound
4 Cinematography
5 Film Editing-II
6 Film studies


B.Voc(Visual Media & Film Making) Semester V
SI No Subjects
Media Laws and Ethics
Film marketing and Distribution
3 Production Management
4 Film Direction
Acting and casting
6 Mini Project


B.Voc(Visual Media & Film Making) Semester VI
SI No Subjects
1 Study Paper
2 Final Project
3 Internship

The core subjects of the course remain the same but certain subjects vary based on the specialization chosen by the candidate.

B.Voc Course Fees:

The average B.Voc Course fee ranges from INR 10,000 to 1,00,000 per annum. The fees may vary based on the Infrastructure and the teaching facilities provided by the university/college.

B.Voc Course Syllabus:

B.Voc Syllabus - Semester I 
General Education Component Effective English Skills
  Effective Hindi or French Skills
  Human Rights
  Indian Culture & Philosophy
Skill Component Computer Basics & Networking
  C++ Programming
  MS Office
  Financial Maths & Accounting



B.Voc Syllabus - Semester II 
General Education Component Effective English Skills
  Effective Hindi or French Skills
  Environment Studies
  Innovations in Science
Skill Component DBMS / SQL
  Advanced Excel
  Java Programming



B.Voc Syllabus - Semester III 
General Education Component Media Studies & Cinema
  Social Analysis
  Economic Analysis
  Giving Voice to Values
Skill Component HTML & CSS
  Coreldraw / Photoshop
  Advanced SQL with Oracle
  Javascript, JQuery


B.Voc Syllabus - Semester IV 
General Education Component Media Studies & Cinema
  Social Analysis
  Economic Analysis
  Political Analysis
Skill Component PHP & MySQL
  Animation using Maya / other Software
  Open Source Platforms (Linux, RoR)
  Mobile Development using Android


B.Voc Syllabus - Semester V 
General Education Component Popular Culture
  Political Analysis
Skill Component Software Testing
  SAP - I
  Project - I


B.Voc Syllabus - Semester VI 
General Education Component Popular Culture
  Business Ethics
  Principles of Financial Accounting
Skill Component DOTNET Technologies
  SAP - II
  Project - II

B.Voc Course Eligibility:

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc]

 The applicants have to pass their (10+2) Secondary and Higher Secondary with a minimum of 50% in Science Stream (PCM) for Technical Trades. The applicants have to pass their (10+2) Secondary and Higher Secondary with 50% with any stream for Applied Arts and Interior Design.   

B.Voc Course Admission:

Admission Process for Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc] 

Most institutes and colleges offering the course admit students based on performance in a relevant entrance examination, conducted mostly at an institutional level, followed by a round of personal interviews. The round of interviews is for assessing the candidate’s general aptitude for the course. A merit list is subsequently released by the concerned institute for qualifying students’ admission to the course. A few institutes also provide direct admission to candidates on the basis of the aggregate score at the 10+2 level.

B.Voc Specializations:

B.voc Specializations List 
Name of the Specialization
Paramedical and Health Administration
Renewable Energy Management
Web Technologies and Multimedia
Retail Management
Commercial Aquaculture
Web Technology and Multimedia
Fashion Technology and Apparel Designing
Industrial Microbiology
Paramedical and Health Care
Tourism and Service Industry
Fashion Designing
Information Technology
Financial Services
Animation & Graphic Design
Printing Technology
National Drug Design
Catering Technology and Hotel Management
Data and Web Analytics
Digital Media & Animation
Logistics Management
Jewelry Designing
22 Gemmology
Broadcasting & Journalism
24 Agriculture
25 Food processing
Hospital Instrumentation and Managemen
Garment Designing
Food Processing and Quality Control
Rubber Technology
Food Technology

B.Voc Job Opportunities:

There are multiple job opportunities available for graduates of Bachelor of vocational education in the relevant industries as per the specialization which is chosen by the candidate. Some of the employment opportunities  are

  • Research Scientist 
  • Food Technologies
  • Engineers
  • Organic Chemists
  • Biochemists
  • Analytical Chemists
  • Home Economists
  • Managers and Accountants
  • Vocational teacher
  • Trainer for Private Companies

B.Voc Course Salary:

The course salary for a Bachelor of vocational education ranges from INR 3.2 LPA. The salary offered to a candidate may vary depending upon the experience of the candidate.

List of B.Voc Colleges:

List Of B.Voc Colleges in India
Name Of College
Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi
N.S. Patel Art College, Anand
Central University of Gujarat
Mount Carmel College Bangalore
St. Joseph’s College
Fergusson College
University of Pune
Madras Christian College
University of Allahabad
Alagappa University


See Various Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc] Colleges in India

Fee Structure of Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc] in India

(In Lakhs)

Fee Structure by State for Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc]

All Over India

Interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 540 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 4.50 Lakh
₹ 29,553 (Average Fee)
Private Colleges
₹ 5,403 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 4.82 Lakh
₹ 1.29 Lakh (Average Fee)


interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 15,000 ₹ 18,000
₹ 18,000


interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 23,845 ₹ 3.78 Lakh
₹ 54,000


interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 57,600 ₹ 4.82 Lakh
₹ 1.80 Lakh


interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 13,700 ₹ 4.50 Lakh
₹ 4.50 Lakh

Uttar Pradesh

interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 36,000 ₹ 2.85 Lakh
₹ 1.55 Lakh