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Every year young Millenials and working professionals aspire to grow in their career, aspirants are interested in new jobs, pursuing a degree and a hike in salary. Well, the right approach for that is to enrol for the entrance exams. Most top universities, colleges that offer UG, PG and doctoral programs conduct an entrance test to select students eligible for a course.

Apart from this, competitive exams are conducted for entry into various posts at different levels of government machinery, banking sector and other public sector enterprises. Our webpage imparts knowledge to the candidates regarding University Exams, All India Exams and other important entrance tests for many other lucrative jobs.

Top Engineering Entrance Exams in India 2020 - 2021

Top Engineering Entrance Exam Details 2020 - 2021
AEEE AEEE Exam Date AEEE Admit Card AEEE Syllabus AEEE Results AEEE Exam Centre AEEE Exam Pattern
AMIE AMIE Exam Date AMIE Admit Card AMIE Syllabus AMIE Results AMIE Exam Centre AMIE Exam Pattern
AP EAMCET AP EAMCET Exam Date AP EAMCET Admit Card AP EAMCET Syllabus AP EAMCET Results AP EAMCET Previous Year Questions AP EAMCET Exam Pattern
AP PGECET AP PGECET Exam Date AP PGECET Admit Card AP PGECET Syllabus AP PGECET Results AP PGECET Exam Centre AP PGECET Exam Pattern
Assam CEE Assam CEE Exam Date Assam CEE Admit Card Assam CEE Syllabus Assam CEE Results Assam CEE Exam Centre Assam CEE Exam Pattern
ATIT ATIT Exam Date ATIT Admit Card ATIT Syllabus ATIT Results ATIT Exam Centre ATIT Exam Pattern
AUCET AUCET Exam Date AUCET Admit Card AUCET Syllabus AUCET Results AUCET Exam Centre AUCET Exam Pattern
BARC Exam BARC Exam Exam Date BARC Exam Admit Card BARC Exam Syllabus BARC Exam Results BARC Exam Exam Centre BARC Exam Exam Pattern
BCECE BCECE Important Date BCECE Admit Card BCECE Syllabus BCECE Results BCECE Previous Year Questions BCECE Exam Pattern
BEEE BEEE Exam Date BEEE Admit Card BEEE Syllabus BEEE Results BEEE Exam Centre BEEE Exam Pattern
BITS HD BITS HD Exam Date BITS HD Admit Card BITS HD Syllabus BITS HD Results BITS HD Exam Centre BITS HD Exam Pattern
BITSAT BITSAT Exam Date BITSAT Admit Card BITSAT Syllabus BITSAT Results BITSAT Exam Centre BITSAT Exam Pattern
BUAT BUAT Exam Date BUAT Admit Card BUAT Syllabus BUAT Results BUAT Previous Year Questions BUAT Exam Pattern
BVP CET BVP CET Exam Date BVP CET Admit Card BVP CET Syllabus BVP CET Results BVP CET Exam Centre BVP CET Exam Pattern
CET DELHI CET DELHI Exam Date CET DELHI Admit Card CET DELHI Syllabus CET DELHI Results CET DELHI Exam Centre CET DELHI Exam Pattern
CGPET CGPET Exam Date CGPET Admit Card CGPET Syllabus CGPET Results CGPET Exam Centre CGPET Exam Pattern
CUCET CUCET Exam Date CUCET Admit Card CUCET Syllabus CUCET Results CUCET Exam Centre CUCET Exam Pattern
CUEE CUEE Exam Date CUEE Admit Card CUEE Syllabus CUEE Results CUEE Exam Centre CUEE Exam Pattern
CUSAT CAT CUSAT CAT Exam Date CUSAT CAT Admit Card CUSAT CAT Syllabus CUSAT CAT Results CUSAT CAT Exam Centre CUSAT CAT Exam Pattern
DCECE DCECE Exam Date DCECE Admit Card DCECE Syllabus DCECE Results DCECE Exam Centre DCECE Exam Pattern
DSAT DSAT Exam Date DSAT Admit Card DSAT Syllabus DSAT Results DSAT Exam Centre DSAT Exam Pattern
GATA GATA Exam Date GATA Admit Card GATA Syllabus GATA Results GATA Exam Centre GATA Exam Pattern
GATE GATE 2021 GATE Exam Cut off GATE Syllabus GATE Results GATE Previous Year Questions GATE Exam Pattern
GBPUAT GBPUAT Exam Date GBPUAT Admit Card GBPUAT Syllabus GBPUAT Results GBPUAT Exam Centre GBPUAT Exam Pattern
GCET Exam GCET Exam Exam Date GCET Exam Admit Card GCET Exam Syllabus GCET Exam Results GCET Exam Exam Centre GCET Exam Exam Pattern
GUJCET GUJCET Exam Date GUJCET Admit Card GUJCET Syllabus GUJCET Results GUJCET Exam Centre GUJCET Exam Pattern
HPCET HPCET Exam Date HPCET Admit Card HPCET Syllabus HPCET Results HPCET Exam Centre HPCET Exam Pattern
IMU CET IMU CET Exam Date IMU CET Admit Card IMU CET Syllabus IMU CET Results IMU CET Exam Centre IMU CET Exam Pattern
IPU CET IPU CET Exam Date IPU CET Admit Card IPU CET Syllabus IPU CET Results IPU CET Exam Centre IPU CET Exam Pattern
JCECE JCECE Exam Date JCECE Admit Card JCECE Syllabus JCECE Results JCECE Exam Centre JCECE Exam Pattern
JEE Advanced JEE Advanced Exam Date JEE Advanced Admit Card JEE Advanced Syllabus JEE Advanced Results JEE Advanced Previous Year Questions JEE Advanced Exam Pattern
JEE Main JEE Main Exam Date JEE Main Admit Card JEE Main Syllabus JEE Main Results JEE Main Previous Year Questions JEE Main Exam Pattern
JEECUP JEECUP Exam Date JEECUP Eligibility JEECUP Application Form Details JEECUP Results JEECUP Exam Centre JEECUP Exam Pattern
JELET JELET Exam Date JELET Admit Card JELET Syllabus JELET Results JELET Exam Centre JELET Exam Pattern
JEST JEST Exam Date JEST Admit Card JEST Syllabus JEST Results JEST Exam Centre JEST Exam Pattern
JEXPO JEXPO Exam Date JEXPO Admit Card JEXPO Syllabus JEXPO Results JEXPO Exam Centre JEXPO Exam Pattern
JKCET JKCET Exam Date JKCET Admit Card JKCET Syllabus JKCET Results JKCET Exam Centre JKCET Exam Pattern
JoSAA JoSAA Important Date JOSAA Eligibility JOSAA Application Process JoSAA Results JoSAA Previous Year Questions JoSAA Exam Pattern
JUST JUST Exam Date JUST Admit Card JUST Syllabus JUST Results JUST Exam Centre JUST Exam Pattern
KCET KCET Exam Date KCET Admit Card KCET Syllabus KCET Results KCET Exam Centre KCET Exam Pattern
KEAM KEAM Exam Date KEAM Admit Card KEAM Syllabus KEAM Results KEAM Exam Centre KEAM Exam Pattern
KIITEE KIITEE Exam Date KIITEE Admit Card KIITEE Syllabus KIITEE Results KIITEE Exam Centre KIITEE Exam Pattern
LEET LEET Exam Date LEET Admit Card LEET Syllabus LEET Results LEET Exam Centre LEET Exam Pattern
LPUNEST LPUNEST Exam Date LPUNEST Admit Card LPUNEST Syllabus LPUNEST Results LPUNEST Exam Centre LPUNEST Exam Pattern
MCAER MCAER Exam Date MCAER Admit Card MCAER Syllabus MCAER Results MCAER Exam Centre MCAER Exam Pattern
MHT CET MHT CET Exam Date MHT CET Admit Card MHT CET Syllabus MHT CET Results MHT CET Previous Year Questions MHT CET Exam Pattern
MU OET MU OET Exam Date MU OET Admit Card MU OET Syllabus MU OET Results MU OET Exam Centre MU OET Exam Pattern
NEE NEE Exam Date NEE Admit Card NEE Syllabus NEE Results NEE Exam Centre NEE Exam Pattern
NPAT NPAT Exam Date NPAT Admit Card NPAT Syllabus NPAT Results NPAT Exam Centre NPAT Exam Pattern
OJEE OJEE Exam Date OJEE Admit Card OJEE Syllabus OJEE Results OJEE Exam Centre OJEE Exam Pattern
PESSAT PESSAT Exam Date PESSAT Admit Card PESSAT Syllabus PESSAT Results PESSAT Exam Centre PESSAT Exam Pattern
PGCET PGCET Exam Date PGCET Admit Card PGCET Syllabus PGCET Results PGCET Exam Centre PGCET Exam Pattern
SAAT SAAT Exam Date SAAT Admit Card SAAT Syllabus SAAT Results SAAT Exam Centre SAAT Exam Pattern
SEEE SEEE Exam Date SEEE Admit Card SEEE Syllabus SEEE Results SEEE Exam Centre SEEE Exam Pattern
SET Exam SET Exam Exam Date SET Exam Admit Card SET Exam Syllabus SET Exam Results SET Exam Exam Centre SET Exam Exam Pattern
SHIATS SHIATS Exam Date SHIATS Admit Card SHIATS Syllabus SHIATS Results SHIATS Exam Centre SHIATS Exam Pattern
SLIET SLIET Exam Date SLIET Admit Card SLIET Syllabus SLIET Results SLIET Exam Centre SLIET Exam Pattern
SRMJEEE SRMJEEE Exam Date SRMJEEE Admit Card SRMJEEE Syllabus SRMJEEE Results SRMJEEE Exam Centre SRMJEEE Exam Pattern
SUAT SUAT Exam Date SUAT Admit Card SUAT Syllabus SUAT Results SUAT Exam Centre SUAT Exam Pattern
TANCET TANCET Exam Date TANCET Admit Card TANCET Syllabus TANCET Results TANCET Exam Centre TANCET Exam Pattern
TNEA TNEA Exam Date TNEA Admit Card TNEA Syllabus TNEA Results TNEA Exam Centre TNEA Exam Pattern
TS EAMCET TS EAMCET Exam Date TS EAMCET Admit Card TS EAMCET Syllabus TS EAMCET Results TS EAMCET Previous Year Questions TS EAMCET Exam Pattern
TS ECET TS ECET Exam Date TS ECET Admit Card TS ECET Syllabus TS ECET Results TS ECET Exam Centre TS ECET Exam Pattern
TS PGECET TS PGECET Exam Date TS PGECET Admit Card TS PGECET Syllabus TS PGECET Results TS PGECET Exam Centre TS PGECET Exam Pattern
TS Polycet TS Polycet Exam Date TS Polycet Admit Card TS Polycet Syllabus TS Polycet Results TS Polycet Exam Centre TS Polycet Exam Pattern
UKSEE UKSEE Exam Date UKSEE Admit Card UKSEE Syllabus UKSEE Results UKSEE Exam Centre UKSEE Exam Pattern
UPCATET UPCATET Exam Date UPCATET Admit Card UPCATET Syllabus UPCATET Results UPCATET Exam Centre UPCATET Exam Pattern
UPESEAT UPESEAT Exam Date UPESEAT Admit Card UPESEAT Syllabus UPESEAT Results UPESEAT Exam Centre UPESEAT Exam Pattern
VEE VEE Exam Date VEE Admit Card VEE Syllabus VEE Results VEE Exam Centre VEE Exam Pattern
VITEEE VITEEE Exam Date VITEEE Admit Card VITEEE Syllabus VITEEE Results VITEEE Exam Centre VITEEE Exam Pattern
VITMEE VITMEE Exam Date VITMEE Admit Card VITMEE Syllabus VITMEE Results VITMEE Previous Year Questions VITMEE Exam Pattern
WBJEE WBJEE Exam Date WBJEE Admit Card WBJEE Syllabus WBJEE Results WBJEE Exam Centre WBJEE Exam Pattern

Top Management Entrance Exams in India 2020 - 2021

Top Management Entrance Exam Details 2020 - 2021
AIMA UGAT AIMA UGAT Exam Date AIMA UGAT Eligibility Criteria AIMA UGAT Syllabus AIMA UGAT Exam Pattern AIMA UGAT Exam Centre AIMA UGAT Admit Card AIMA UGAT Results
AP ICET AP ICET Exam Date AP ICET Eligibility Criteria AP ICET Syllabus AP ICET Exam Pattern AP ICET Exam Centre AP ICET Admit Card AP ICET Results
ATMA ATMA Exam Date ATMA Eligibility Criteria ATMA Syllabus ATMA Exam Pattern ATMA Exam Centre ATMA Admit Card ATMA Results
BUAT BUAT Exam Date BUAT Eligibility Criteria BUAT Syllabus BUAT Exam Pattern BUAT Exam Centre BUAT Admit Card BUAT Results
CAT CAT Exam Date CAT Eligibility Criteria CAT Syllabus CAT Exam Pattern CAT Exam Centre CAT Admit Card CAT Results
CEE AMPAI CEE AMPAI Exam Date CEE AMPAI Eligibility Criteria CEE AMPAI Syllabus CEE AMPAI Exam Pattern CEE AMPAI Exam Centre CEE AMPAI Admit Card CEE AMPAI Results
CMA CMA Exam Date CMA Eligibility Criteria CMA Syllabus CMA Exam Pattern CMA Exam Centre CMA Admit Card CMA Results
CMAT CMAT Exam Date CMAT Eligibility Criteria CMAT Syllabus CMAT Exam Pattern CMAT Exam Centre CMAT Admit Card CMAT Results
CUCET CUCET Exam Date CUCET Eligibility Criteria CUCET Syllabus CUCET Exam Pattern CUCET Exam Centre CUCET Admit Card CUCET Results
CUET CUET Exam Date CUET Eligibility Criteria CUET Syllabus CUET Exam Pattern CUET Exam Centre CUET Admit Card CUET Results
CUSAT CAT CUSAT CAT Exam Date CUSAT CAT Eligibility Criteria CUSAT CAT Syllabus CUSAT CAT Exam Pattern CUSAT CAT Exam Centre CUSAT CAT Admit Card CUSAT CAT Results
DAVV CET DAVV CET Exam Date DAVV CET Eligibility Criteria DAVV CET Syllabus DAVV CET Exam Pattern DAVV CET Exam Centre DAVV CET Admit Card DAVV CET Results
DU JAT DU JAT Exam Date DU JAT Eligibility Criteria DU JAT Syllabus DU JAT Exam Pattern DU JAT Exam Centre DU JAT Admit Card DU JAT Results
DUET DUET Exam Date DUET Eligibility Criteria DUET Syllabus DUET Exam Pattern DUET Exam Centre DUET Admit Card DUET Results
GATA GATA Exam Date GATA Eligibility Criteria GATA Syllabus GATA Exam Pattern GATA Exam Centre GATA Admit Card GATA Results
GBPUAT GBPUAT Exam Date GBPUAT Eligibility Criteria GBPUAT Syllabus GBPUAT Exam Pattern GBPUAT Exam Centre GBPUAT Admit Card GBPUAT Results
GMAT GMAT Exam Date GMAT Eligibility Criteria GMAT Syllabus GMAT Exam Pattern GMAT Exam Centre GMAT Admit Card GMAT Results
GRE GRE Exam Date GRE Eligibility Criteria GRE Syllabus GRE Exam Pattern GRE Exam Centre GRE Admit Card GRE Results
HPUMAT HPUMAT Exam Date HPUMAT Eligibility Criteria HPUMAT Syllabus HPUMAT Exam Pattern HPUMAT Exam Centre HPUMAT Admit Card HPUMAT Results
IBSAT IBSAT Exam Date IBSAT Eligibility Criteria IBSAT Syllabus IBSAT Exam Pattern IBSAT Exam Centre IBSAT Admit Card IBSAT Results
IEMJEE IEMJEE Exam Date IEMJEE Eligibility Criteria IEMJEE Syllabus IEMJEE Exam Pattern IEMJEE Exam Centre IEMJEE Admit Card IEMJEE Results
IIFT IIFT Exam Date IIFT Eligibility Criteria IIFT Syllabus IIFT Exam Pattern IIFT Exam Centre IIFT Admit Card IIFT Results
IMU CET IMU CET Exam Date IMU CET Eligibility Criteria IMU CET Syllabus IMU CET Exam Pattern IMU CET Exam Centre IMU CET Admit Card IMU CET Results
IRMASAT IRMASAT Exam Date IRMASAT Eligibility Criteria IRMASAT Syllabus IRMASAT Exam Pattern IRMASAT Exam Centre IRMASAT Admit Card IRMASAT Results
JEMAT JEMAT Exam Date JEMAT Eligibility Criteria JEMAT Syllabus JEMAT Exam Pattern JEMAT Exam Centre JEMAT Admit Card JEMAT Results
KMAT KMAT Exam Date KMAT Eligibility Criteria KMAT Syllabus KMAT Exam Pattern KMAT Exam Centre KMAT Admit Card KMAT Results
LPUNEST LPUNEST Exam Date LPUNEST Eligibility Criteria LPUNEST Syllabus LPUNEST Exam Pattern LPUNEST Exam Centre LPUNEST Admit Card LPUNEST Results
MAH CET MAH CET Exam Date MAH CET Eligibility Criteria MAH CET Syllabus MAH CET Exam Pattern MAH CET Exam Centre MAH CET Admit Card MAH CET Results
MAT MAT Exam Date MAT Eligibility Criteria MAT Syllabus MAT Exam Pattern MAT Exam Centre MAT Admit Card MAT Results
MU OET MU OET Exam Date MU OET Eligibility Criteria MU OET Syllabus MU OET Exam Pattern MU OET Exam Centre MU OET Admit Card MU OET Results
NCHMCT JEE NCHMCT JEE Exam Date NCHMCT JEE Eligibility Criteria NCHMCT JEE Syllabus NCHMCT JEE Exam Pattern NCHMCT JEE Exam Centre NCHMCT JEE Admit Card NCHMCT JEE Results
NMAT NMAT Exam Date NMAT Eligibility Criteria NMAT Syllabus NMAT Exam Pattern NMAT Exam Centre NMAT Admit Card NMAT Results
NPAT NPAT Exam Date NPAT Eligibility Criteria NPAT Syllabus NPAT Exam Pattern NPAT Exam Centre NPAT Admit Card NPAT Results
OJEE OJEE Exam Date OJEE Eligibility Criteria OJEE Syllabus OJEE Exam Pattern OJEE Exam Centre OJEE Admit Card OJEE Results
OUCDE OUCDE Exam Date OUCDE Eligibility Criteria OUCDE Syllabus OUCDE Exam Pattern OUCDE Exam Centre OUCDE Admit Card OUCDE Results
OUCET OUCET Exam Date OUCET Eligibility Criteria OUCET Syllabus OUCET Exam Pattern OUCET Exam Centre OUCET Admit Card OUCET Results
PAT PAT Exam Date PAT Eligibility Criteria PAT Syllabus PAT Exam Pattern PAT Exam Centre PAT Admit Card PAT Results
PESSAT PESSAT Exam Date PESSAT Eligibility Criteria PESSAT Syllabus PESSAT Exam Pattern PESSAT Exam Centre PESSAT Admit Card PESSAT Results
PGCET PGCET Exam Date PGCET Eligibility Criteria PGCET Syllabus PGCET Exam Pattern PGCET Exam Centre PGCET Admit Card PGCET Results
SET Exam SET Exam Exam Date SET Exam Eligibility Criteria SET Exam Syllabus SET Exam Exam Pattern SET Exam Exam Centre SET Exam Admit Card SET Exam Results
SHIATS SHIATS Exam Date SHIATS Eligibility Criteria SHIATS Syllabus SHIATS Exam Pattern SHIATS Exam Centre SHIATS Admit Card SHIATS Results
SNAP SNAP Exam Date SNAP Eligibility Criteria SNAP Syllabus SNAP Exam Pattern SNAP Exam Centre SNAP Admit Card SNAP Results
TANCET TANCET Exam Date TANCET Eligibility Criteria TANCET Syllabus TANCET Exam Pattern TANCET Exam Centre TANCET Admit Card TANCET Results
TSICET TSICET Exam Date TSICET Eligibility Criteria TSICET Syllabus TSICET Exam Pattern TSICET Exam Centre TSICET Admit Card TSICET Results
UKSEE UKSEE Exam Date UKSEE Eligibility Criteria UKSEE Syllabus UKSEE Exam Pattern UKSEE Exam Centre UKSEE Admit Card UKSEE Results
UPSEE/UPTU UPSEE/UPTU Exam Date UPSEE/UPTU Eligibility Criteria UPSEE/UPTU Syllabus UPSEE/UPTU Exam Pattern UPSEE/UPTU Exam Centre UPSEE/UPTU Admit Card UPSEE/UPTU Results
VEE VEE Exam Date VEE Eligibility Criteria VEE Syllabus VEE Exam Pattern VEE Exam Centre VEE Admit Card VEE Results

Entrance Exams in India - Opportunities to Excel

In India over 400 examinations are conducted every year and the exams are generally classified on the basis of the domain or field of study. Basically, they are bifurcated as Engineering, Law, Medicine, MBA, Design, Pharmacy, Computer Application, Finance and Accounts. These entrance exams take a toll of the candidate who aspires to crack it but with proper knowledge regarding how to top an exam, one can easily clear it. This page intends to furnish relevant information about the exam and the best ways to crack them.

Under Graduation Entrance Exams

Being well informed about exams will give you a wide range of options to choose from. For instance, you are aspiring to pursue a B.Tech degree so ideally, you have to search for B.Tech Entrance Exams. Many of the engineering colleges or universities conduct All India Entrance Tests to filter the best for admission.

Students who complete their school education can opt to study in private deemed universities or other top government universities. These institutes conduct UG Exams for various Under Graduate Courses that are offered. For instance, a candidate willing to study engineering can apply for JEE Main, VIT, AEEE etc. Clearing these admission exams will help candidates to study the course they desire for.

All essential information about these kind of exams is provided below with a thorough analysis of the type and the difficulty of each exam.

MBA Entrance Exams

Many students who complete their undergraduate courses aspire for an MBA degree, also working professionals are interested in an MBA for their career growth. It is for these candidates various MBA colleges are offering a PGDM course which is equivalent to an MBA. 

The prominent MBA Entrance Exams are CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, MAT etc. These admission exams attract a huge number of applicants every year which creates heavy competition.

What is a competitive exam?

Competitive exams are simply those exams which are conducted to find the eligible candidates for a particular post or college admission. As a large number of candidates compete for a post/ a college (admission) which has limited vacancies it is commonly termed as a competitive exam.

  • SBI PO - Banks
  • CAT - MBA Admission
  • NEET - Medical Admission
  • RRB Exam - Banks

Mentioned above are well known Pan India Exams. We have worked extensively to cover up all the details of each and every test conducted in our nation to enlighten the student community.

Top Entrance Exams in India

Here below we have mentioned the list of top entrance exams in India. The list is given after arduous research on exams conducted in India. A student who clears these exams can ensure a bright future. This extensive list of entrance exams is intended for top-notch posts and courses in the country.

JEE Main Entrance Exam

This is yet another highly competitive exam for engineering courses. JEE Main opens the way for students aspiring to pursue their bachelor's degree in the most reputed IITs, NITs and even in the IISc. Around 13 to 14 lakh students appear for the test every year and the qualified candidates should attend the second level of exam which is JEE Advanced to get admission in an institute.

CAT Entrance Exam

This competitive exam CAT, often referred to as the mother of management exams is the most popular MBA admission exam conducted in India. Over 2 lakh aspirants apply for this test every year. CAT Exam opens the doors for a candidate to get admission into an IIM.

The percentile range set for admission into an IIM varies every year based on the competition and the level of difficulty of the paper.

GATE Entrance Exam

This is yet another engineering-related exam and is meant for students aspiring to do their master' programme in IITs & NITs. GATE also provides the opportunities to work in leading PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) like Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL),  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) etc. 

Apart from these, there are many more PSUs that accept GATE score. Because this exam offers a wide array of opportunities every year we witness a huge competition.

AIIMS UG Entrance Exam

AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the topmost medical colleges in India. AIIMS UG exam is for students who wish to pursue MBBS in any of seven campuses of AIIMS in India. The limited number of medical seats in our country makes AIIMS UG as one of the challenging exams.

NEET UG Entrance Exam

This is one another pre-medical entrance tests in India. The difficulty level of NEET PG Exam is way lower than AIIMS. But the competition in NEET poses big challenges. Over 10 lakh students take NEET every year. NEET score is accepted by all the colleges in India except JIPMER and AIIMS.

Candidates aspiring to pursue MBBS or BDS courses in India must have the NEET score to seek admission in a college. If you are looking for more information on MBBS admission, visit MBA Entrance Exams.

CLAT Entrance Exam

CLAT is a law-related exam conducted for candidates who desire to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses like LLB & LLM. The top 16 Law universities accept CLAT score for admission. Candidates with deep knowledge about the subject will be able to crack CLAT. This exam opens up the opportunities to pursue courses like 

  • BA LLB (Hons)
  • BSc LLB (Hons)
  • BA LLB (Hons)
  • BSW LLB (Hons)
  • BCom LLB (Hons)
  • L.M.

Apart from CLAT there are other LLB Entrance Exams too, that the candidates can attempt to pursue a LLB degree.

UPSC - Union Public Service Commission

This exam is conducted once in a year in three stages - Prelims, Mains & Interview. It is to select candidates for the post of IAS (Indian Administrative Sevice), IPS (Indian Police Service), IFS (Indian Foreign Sevice) and other administrative posts in the different departments related to the Central Government.

Over 9 lakh students appear for the test every year. The vast array of the syllabus, the large volume of the portions in each subject makes this one of the most challenging exams in India. Individual states in India also conduct PSC Exams for recruiting candidates state-level administrative posts.

Resourceful Information

Apart from these, there are a lot of other exams related to engineering, management, arts, pharmacy etc. Under every category, we have provided the relevant list of entrance exams. You can find all the necessary details for the intended exam in an elaborate way below. The exams category has been precisely divided based on the domain so that it helps students to easily navigate to a particular category and read about it.

Inside every category, strenuous efforts have been taken to cover all the exams in detail. The required information of the exams is given in a way to engage the intended user. All latest updates regarding an exam such as admit card and results release dates and download procedure with authentic information about the official website is provided.

Know Upcoming Entrance Exams

If you have decided to take up an exam for a particular job/ college admission then, the next step is to become aware of all the competitive exams and work towards them. For instance, if you are looking to get admission for MBA, then logically you can begin to apply from August as notifications for most of the MBA Entrance Exams are released from the months of August-September.

All the latest news regarding the upcoming exams you look for will be provided on our website. Knowing them will greatly help you to structure your preparation in a way to be exam ready on the day of the actual test.

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