M.Sc in Clinical Research Subjects:

Master of Science in Clinical Research provides both theoretical and practice education. These practical sessions provide hands-on experience to students. They acquired many job opportunities. Master of Science in Clinical Research Salary will range between INR 20,000 to 45,000. Master of Science in Clinical Research subjects are listed below:

M.Sc in Clinical Research Semester-1
Sl.No Subjects
1 Fundamentals of Clinical operations
2 Clinical data management
3 Statistics for Clinical Research
4 Basic of pharmacy, drug discovery and development
5 Lab course 1 and 2


M.Sc in Clinical Research Semester-2
Sl.No Subjects
1 IPR and data exclusivity, bioethics in clinics research
2 pre-clinical studies
3 pharmaceutical biotechnology
4 basics of molecular biology and biotechnology
5 Lab course 3 and 4 


M.Sc in Clinical Research Semester-3
Sl.No Subjects
1 Regulatory affairs
2 Human biology
3 Special regulatory processes
4 pharmacogenomics
5 Lab course 5
6 case studies and seminar


M.Sc in Clinical Research Semester-4
Sl.No Subjects
1 Project management and business development
2 audit and inspections
3 pharmacovigilance and safety monitoring
4 reporting and medical writing
5 project work

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