MPT or Master of Physiotherapy is a postgraduate physiotherapy course, which focuses on the well-being of an individual. MPT course duration is 2 years. MPT course is one of many paramedical courses which is gaining value in the job market. MPT course focuses on training students in physiotherapy with different techniques, by using both modern technology and natural means. MPT course values the importance of physical fitness of the patients and MPT course graduates are trained accordingly. MPT course is gaining momentum and is available in almost all the medical colleges in India. Minimum eligibility for MPT course is to have a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy. MPT course has a pretty good job scope and is recruited in almost all the hospitals and a few companies as well. MPT course graduates also earn a pretty good salary compared to other paramedical courses.

MPT Course Fee in India:

As MPT is a postgraduation course, fees charged by the colleges and universities might be a bit high compared to bachelor's degree courses. The average MPT course fee in India ranges from INR 35,000 to 3.1 Lakh per annum.

MPT Course Salary in India:

MPT course has a very good job scope and jobs are available pretty easily in hospitals and companies. The average MPT course salary in India is INR 3.7 Lakh per annum.

MPT Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Physiotherapy
Duration Course Duration of Master of Physiotherapy [MPT] is 2 Years.
Age No minimum age limit
Minimum Percentage 50% in relevant Bachelor Degree
Subjects Required Bachelor Degree in any health science discipline
Average Fees Incurred The average MPT course fees in India range from INR 35,000 to 3.1 Lakh per annum.
Similar Options of Study DPT, BPT
Average Salary Offered The average MPT course salary in India is INR 3.47 L per annum.
Employment Roles Physiotherapist, Chief Physiotherapist, Senior Executive Assistant, Assistant Manager - Customer Service, Therapy Manager, Researcher, Research Assistant, Lecturer etc.
Placement Opportunities Hospitals, Healthcare Centres, Sports Teams, Old Age Homes etc.

MPT Course:

Master of Physiotherapy which is abbreviated as MPT is a post-graduate academic degree awarded to students in the field of Physical Therapy, more popularly known as Physiotherapy. MPT course will allow an individual to work on certain healthcare aspects such as improving muscle strength, bone strength, recovering from accidents, operations, etc.

MPT course is usually available in medical colleges. Below mentioned are some of the top MPT colleges in India:

MPT course provides both practical and theoretical learning experience which enables knowledge gain, skill and the required behaviour expected from an expert physiotherapist. The MPT syllabus is based on case studies and clinical practice to encourage students in critical thinking. MPT course enables an individual to learn the important aspects of the physiotherapy in various fields.

The eligibility criteria for the course is to have a degree of BPT course with a minimum of 50% in the corresponding subjects.  The applicants have to qualify the entrance exams conducted by individual universities/colleges following the admission procedure. There are many MPT jobs available for graduates in different sections.

MPT Quicklinks:

What is MPT Course?

What is Master of Physiotherapy [MPT]?

Master of Physiotherapy or MPT is what it is abbreviated as, is a paramedical masters degree. MPT course is available for students who have completed their BPT course with minimum marks. MPT course focuses on the physical wellbeing of an individual. MPT course trains students to treat patients who are not physically fit, or having strained muscles, fractured any of their body parts, etc.

MPT course is offered in the following streams:

  • MPT Cardio-pulmonary Sciences
  • MPT Community Physiotherapy
  • MPT Neurosciences
  • MPT Orthopedics
  • MPT Pediatrics and Women Health

Master’s in Physiotherapy aims to offer high-class physiotherapy care for the patients. Physiotherapists engage in restorative and rehabilitative practices in areas such as gross motor development, postural management, hydrotherapy, orthotic assessment and monitoring, sensory integration, respiratory conditions, orthopaedic issues for people suffering from these problems.

Why Choose MPT?

Why Choose Master of Physiotherapy [MPT]?

MPT course is a postgraduate program where the students learn various aspects of physiotherapy. Masters program always tends to teach students the theoretical and mostly practical knowledge about MPT course. MPT course gives a solid platform for future physiotherapists and tends to train them to be the best in the field.

The following are some of the subjects which are included in the syllabus for MPT course, which helps the students to understand more about physiotherapy:

  • Research Methodology & Bio-Statistics
  • Physiotherapy Practice & Education Technology
  • Applied Biomechanics and Kinesiology
  • Exercise Physiology, Health & fitness
  • Advanced Electrotherapy

Below mentioned are some of the specialised fields for MPT course graduates to work on:

  • Physiotherapy Practice & Education Technology
  • Research Methodology & Bio-Statistics
  • Applied Biomechanics and Kinesiology
  • Exercise Physiology, Health & fitness
  • Advanced Electrotherapy

Rather than being called an employee of an organisation, the professionals also can opt to be a consultant to several institutes and organisations which require the same.

MPT Entrance Exams:

Enrollment in the course necessitates qualifying the entrance examination conducted by the different institutes located all over the country. To name a few of the entrance examinations in India here is a list:

MAHE OET: Manipal Educational Institutions conducts the Manipal Academy of Higher Education Online Entrance Test for students willing to do higher education at Manipal University. MPT course aspirants can apply for the exam which is conducted every year.

NEET PG: National Eligibility Entrance Test for Post Graduation is conducted by the National Board of Education every year for students who are willing to do postgraduation degree in any of medical and paramedical course anywhere in India. Students can choose the college of their choice once they qualify the exams with minimum marks.

IPU CET: Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University conducts entrance exam for MPT aspirants called Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Physiotherapy Entrance Exam. Students interested in MPT course can apply for the exam.

CMC Vellore PG: Christian medical college, Vellore conducts an entrance exam for students interested in MPT course. Christian Medical College Vellore Postgraduation Entrance Exam is conducted for students with BPT degree and is willing to continue education with a masters degree in physiotherapy.

MPT Course Preparation Tips:

Course preparation tips are very important and some of the course preparation tips for MPT course is mentioned below:

Practice: Practicing is the key for any course and MPT course, practising should be involved in both theory as well as practical. With more practical work involved, students should work on their practical skills of treating the patients.

Revision is the Key: Revising is very important for theory subjects. Revising regularly helps the students to know different concepts of physiotherapy and score good marks in their exam.

Understanding the Subject: Key to know the subjects lies in understanding them. Understanding the necessity of the subjects and knowing ways of implying them can help students to become a good physiotherapist.

Working on the Treatment: As MPT course is a part of paramedical courses, it involves more of hand-in treatments. Practising the way to treat patients and learning different ways to treat different kinds of patients makes the physiotherapy practitioner best in their field.

MPT Subjects:

Many subjects are followed in the MPT curriculum. Year-wise MPT course syllabus is mentioned below:

 MPT Subjects - First year
Sl.No Main Subjects
1 Principles of Physiotherapy Practice
2 Research Methodology and Biostatistics
3 Biomechanics
4 Exercise Physiology
5 Electrophysiology
6 Physical and Functional Diagnosis


 MPT Subjects - Second year 
Sl.No Main Subjects
1 Physiotherapeutic
2 Elective
3 Musculoskeletal Disorders and Sports
4 Neurological and Psychosomatic Disorders
5 Cardio-Respiratory Disorder
6 Community Rehabilitation
7 Paediatrics

MPT Course Fees:

MPT course fees vary with colleges. As MPT is a postgraduate degree, the course fee is much higher than a bachelor's degree. The average MPT course ranges from 35,000 to 3 Lakh per annum.

MPT Course Syllabus:

MPT syllabus covers various topics related to basic and advanced physiotherapy. Below mentioned is the MPT syllabus year-wise:

MPT Syllabus - First year
Sl.No Syllabus
1 Development of the Physiotherapy Profession
2 Introduction to Biostatistics and Research Methodology
3 Biomechanics of Tissues and Structures of the Musculoskeletal System
4 Basic Probability and Sampling Distributions
5 Responses and Adaptations of various systems to Exercise and Training
6 Instrumentation for Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
7 EMG and Biofeedback


MPT Syllabus - Second year 
Sl.No Syllabus
1 Maternal and Childcare in General Physiotherapy
2 Clinical Symptomatology, Pathophysiology and Pathomechanics of Musculoskeletal Conditions
3 Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System
4 Anatomy and Physiology of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
5 Health and Illness; Levels of Healthcare & Fitness
6 Normal Motor Development

MPT Course Eligibility:

Eligibility Criteria for Master of Physiotherapy [MPT]

Indian nationals can apply under the General/ SC/ ST/ OBC categories. Foreign nationals or Non- Resident Indians or Indian nationals supported by NRI relatives can apply under the Foreign/ NRI Category. The minimum MPT course eligibility criteria are that candidates aspiring for the course need to be qualified in BPT from a recognized university with a minimum aggregate score of 50% marks and 6 months of internship in the same field.

MPT aspirants need to have completed their bachelor's degree in a college/university recognised by the Indian Physiotherapy Association. Candidates currently pursuing their final year BPT internships are also eligible to apply, but their admission to the program is subject to the timely completion of an internship.

Some of the colleges conduct an entrance exam for the students to be eligible for admissions.

MPT Course Admission:

Admission Procedure for Master of Physiotherapy [MPT]

The aspirants of the MPT course can either take the entrance exam conducted by the particular university or college or go for direct admissions provided by the colleges. The colleges require students to have scored a minimum eligible marks in their Bachelor's degree.

Students who clear entrance exams are eligible for admissions in that particular college. Colleges providing direct admissions take in students on merit basis.

MPT Specialisations:

There are many specialisations under MPT course. Below mentioned are some of MPT specialisations:

  • MPT Orthopedics
  • MPT Neurological sciences
  • MPT Cardiopulmonary Sciences
  • MPT in Health Promotion & Disability Rehabilitation
  • MPT Sports science
  • MPT Musculoskeletal science
  • MPT Community physiotherapy
  • MPT Paediatrics physiotherapy
  • MPT Geriatrics physiotherapy

MPT Job Opportunities:

There are many job opportunities for MPT course graduates. Some of those MPT jobs are mentioned below:

  • Chief Physiotherapist
  • Lecturer
  • Research Assistant
  • Sports Physio Rehabilitator
  • Self Employed Private Physiotherapist
  • Therapy Manager

MPT Course Salary:

MPT course is one of the top courses and MPT course graduates are recruited in both hospitals as well as companies. MPT course graduates earn higher than the bachelor's degree holders in the same field. The average MPT course salary is INR 3.47 Lakh per annum.

List of MPT Colleges:

Many colleges provide education in MPT course. Some of the top MPT colleges in India are as follows:

Name of the College
Manipal University, [MU] Manipal
Chitkara University, [CU] Patiala
Punjabi University, [PU] Patiala
Lovely Professional University, [LPU] Jalandhar
RV College of Physiotherapy, [RCOP] Bangalore
Bethany Navajeevan College of Physiotherapy
Jaipur Physiotherapy College and Hospital, [JPCAH] Jaipur
ITS Physiotherapy and Biotechnology College, [IPABC] Ghaziabad
Padmashree Dr DY Patil University, [PDDYPU] Mumbai
Dolphin PG Institute of Biomedical & Natural Sciences, [DPIB&NS] Dehradun

Difference between MPT and BAMS:

1 Master of Physiotherapy Master of Ayurvedic Medical Science 
2 MPT course is a postgraduate paramedical course which trains students to treat patients with deformities, accident survivors to regain their body strength. MAMS course is a postgraduate medical course which trains students in Ayurveda and the significance of Ayurveda in treating patients.


  1. Is MPT graduate a doctor?
    - Though originally not considered doctors, due to the importance of the course and its values in the medical field, MPT graduates are allowed to use the prefix Dr. in their name.

  2. Is NEET necessary to join the MPT course?
    - NEET is not so necessary as some of the colleges take in students directly according to their marks in BPT. Some colleges and universities conduct their entrance exams for admissions of MPT course in their colleges.

  3. Is MPT a good career?
    - There has been a lot of demand for physiotherapists in the recent past. With the rise in the number of accident cases and physical injuries, the demand for physiotherapists has gone high. They also earn a pretty good salary with the experience.

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Fee Structure of Master of Physiotherapy [MPT] in India

(In Lakhs)

Fee Structure by State for Master of Physiotherapy [MPT]

All Over India

Interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 6,000 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 4 Lakh
₹ 1.20 Lakh (Average Fee)
Private Colleges
₹ 1.64 Lakh (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 3.33 Lakh
₹ 3.33 Lakh (Average Fee)


interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 2.30 Lakh ₹ 4 Lakh
₹ 4 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 2 Lakh ₹ 5.45 Lakh
₹ 2.30 Lakh


interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 1.04 Lakh ₹ 2.31 Lakh
₹ 2 Lakh


interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 1.50 Lakh ₹ 5.74 Lakh
₹ 3 Lakh

Madhya Pradesh

interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 81,000 ₹ 1.05 Lakh
₹ 1.05 Lakh


interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 1.20 Lakh ₹ 2.06 Lakh
₹ 2.06 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 1.31 Lakh ₹ 6.95 Lakh
₹ 6.95 Lakh


interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 1.95 Lakh ₹ 2.18 Lakh
₹ 2.18 Lakh


interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 80,000 ₹ 1.60 Lakh
₹ 1.20 Lakh

Tamil Nadu

interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 50,000 ₹ 2.50 Lakh
₹ 1 Lakh

Uttar Pradesh

interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 1.04 Lakh ₹ 2.40 Lakh
₹ 1.60 Lakh


interested cta gif
Private Colleges
₹ 1.24 Lakh ₹ 2.72 Lakh
₹ 2.72 Lakh

Master of Physiotherapy [MPT] Reviews

Master of Physiotherapy [MPT] (Neurology), batch of 2016
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

Degree in bachelor of physiotherapy admission eligibility by entrance exam conducted by University.The entrance exam for a government job. As per the vacancy required.

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Master of Physiotherapy [MPT], batch of 2019
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

Eligibility criteria: 50% in BPT and 50% in MHTCET Entrance exam: PGP CET Cut off: 60%

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Master of Physiotherapy [MPT], batch of 2017
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

The entrance examination for my course in this university held a place in somewhere July. It's an all India level entrance examination i.e PGCET for which your basics from undergraduate level should be very clear.

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