MHM (Masters in Hotel Management): Course Details, Eligibility, Admission, Fees

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹20K - 1.5 LPA
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Kripal Thapa

Updated on - May 29, 2023

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  • 15 April 2024 :

    LPUNEST 2024 exam is ongoing from Apr 15 - 30, 2024.

MHM or Masters in Hotel Management, is a two year postgraduate management course that deals with management and hotel administration. Every year, the hospitality industry creates many job opportunities such as Hotel Manager, Hotel Supervisor, Marketing Executive, and many more.

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MHM Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Hotel Management
Duration 2 Years
Age 22-27
Minimum Percentage 55%
Average Fees ₹20K - 1.5 LPA
Similar Options of Study BHM, BHSM
Average Salary INR 3 - 8 LPA [Source: Glassdoor]
Employment Roles Office Assistant, Head Chef, Regional General Manager, Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Catering Supervisor/Assistant, Hospitality Executive, Manager

About MHM Course

MHM full form stands for Masters in Hotel Management. Many graduates choose to pursue an MHM as it has a good scope. The important subjects for MHM course are Principles & Practices of Management, Accommodation Management, Financial Management, Hospitality Law, Food & Beverage Management, etc. For those with high management skills, the MHM course is a highly rewarding career. Graduates with an MHM have a high job scope.

Eligibility Criteria for MHM

Eligibility for Masters in Hotel Management includes having a minimum of 55% aggregate marks in bachelors in any reputed University or Institution. A passing score is required on NCHMCT JEE, CUCET, MAH HM CET, or the necessary entrance exams. MHM course is open to all ages.

Currently, MHM in India is a very popular and highly in-demand course and offers a high job scope for aspirants after immediately passing out. Admission for the MHM Course in India begins with checking the course's eligibility criteria, 

Who Should Pursue MHM Course?

The MHM course seeks to develop effective leaders for the hotel sector. It concentrates on the growth of managerial aspects associated with hotels. For individuals that want to stand out in their industry, the following things should be taken into consideration while choosing an MHM programme.

  • Candidates must sincerely care about the topic.
  • If a student has a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, they should be able to enrol in the course.
  • Candidates can enrol in the course to hone and expand their management abilities after at least a year of relevant experience.

When To Do MHM Course?

Both nationally and internationally, MHM course offers a variety of professional opportunities. Any time is a good time to pursue MHM. The following are a few variables that impact MHM:

  • Before pursuing a career in MHM, it is best to have at least a year of experience as a General Manager in the industry. Even if it is not necessary, gaining weight while being welcomed is an excellent thing.
  • Candidates must have three to five years of professional experience if they plan to study MHM course overseas.
  • Due to the high expense of the programme, it is advised to have some resources on hand and work experience before enrolling in MHM.

Admission Process for MHM?

MHM admission process begins with the student having a minimum aggregate score of 55% in a bachelor's degree in any reputed University or Institution. Students are also admitted to private colleges through management quota, seats of which are limited in numbers. Though the admission process varies from college to college, below mentioned are the steps that one should go through generally to get admission:

How to Apply?

Students must use the online portal/offline network to get the application form first. Then, it has to be filled. Because of covid, online is the only option available right now. Once done, the aspirant has to upload/attach the required documents per the guidelines and the specifications mentioned. Then, apply for a loan if necessary and pay the fee if selected.

Selection Process

The selection is based on the MHM eligibility criteria for the listed exams' minimum scores. Once that is done, there might be an entrance test in colleges. After passing those with a decent score, the aspirant is selected. Then, with/without the loan, the fee has to be paid depending on the ones quoted by the institution.

Types of MHM Courses

Aspirants can pursue the course in full-time or part-time mode. Below are the types of MHM courses in detail:

Full-Time MHM

A two-year, full-time MHM is available. Practical knowledge is more important than theoretical understanding in this line of work. A full-time course provides the benefit of allowing students to connect closely with teachers and other students, thus expanding their exposure, experience, and knowledge.

Part-Time MHM

There is a part-time MHM. In this line of business, practical expertise supersedes theoretical comprehension. The advantage of a part-time MHM is, it allows candidate flexibility to work while studying.

Distance MHM

When pursuing an MHM course after having a bachelor's degree but lacking the time to attend traditional sessions, distance learning is the ideal option. Depending on the candidate's schedule, it takes two or three years to finish.

Some universities and institutions or even states may conduct their entrance examinations for MHM admissions. The exam includes topics like management, mathematics, aptitude, logical reasoning, general knowledge, and many more subjects, helping them get an overview of the course. The exams are:

A Quick Glance At the MHM Entrance Exams

The students must qualify for the national or state-level MHM entrance exams such as NCHMCT JEE, CUCET, MAH HM CET etc. Aspirants can choose B- schools or coaching institutes that prepare students for the entrance exams. The MHM entrance exam gives a glance at the entire course, thus giving an overview of the topic.

  • The aspirant needs to learn time management to be able to attempt all the questions.
  • Time management and aptitude knowledge are required for the generalized section.
  • The exams are held only in English, and thus language proficiency is a must.
  • Study the entire syllabus for the entrance exams, covering each topic and studying in detail about them
  • Skills to prepare for include Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning, maths, Analytical Reasoning, and Data Interpretation.

Top MHM Colleges in India

India has a variety of colleges offering an MHM course. Since it's a form of specialization, it requires a practical and theoretical study which helps them get in-depth knowledge on the course. These are the top 10 colleges in India, according to the updates given in 2021.

 Top MHM Colleges in India
SI.No. Name of the College
1 IHMCT, Pune
2 IHM Chennai
3 IHM Bangalore
4 National Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, Bhubaneswar
5 Shri Balasaheb Tirpude College Of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Nagpur
6 GD Goenka University, Gurgaon
7 Uttarakhand Open University, Nainital
8 SGT University, Gurgaon
9 NIMS University, Jaipur
10 People's University, Bhopal

Top MHM Colleges in Bangalore

Below is the list of colleges which are the top MHM colleges in Bangalore:

SL.NO. Institutions
2 The Oxford Educational Institution

Top MHM Colleges in Delhi

Below is the list of colleges which are the top colleges for a MHM in Delhi:

SL.NO. Institution
3 Jamia Millia
5 Sun Rise University

Top MHM Colleges in Mumbai

Top colleges for MHM in Mumbai are given below:

SL.NO. Institution

Top MHM Colleges in Hyderabad

Check the Table below for the top colleges in Hyderabad:

SL.NO. Institution
5 Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management

Top MHM Colleges in Kolkata

Check the Table below for the top MHM colleges in Kolkata:

SL.NO. Institution
4 BNG Hotel Management

Top MHM Colleges in Government Colleges 

Government Colleges that offer MHM are affordable and cater to the economically backward and financially despondent section of society. Here is a table of government colleges offering MHM:

Sl.No Institution
1 IHM, Bhopal
2 IHM, Shimla
3 IHM, Punjab
4 IHM, Dehradun
5 IHM, Kovalam

Top MHM Colleges in Private Colleges

Numerous prestigious universities in private universities offer a range of MHM programmes. Numerous famous schools and universities are located throughout the country. The top universities that offer an MHM are listed below:

SL.NO. Institutions
1 IIHM, Kolkata
2 IIHM, Mumbai
3 IIHM, Delhi
4 IIHM, Chennai
5 IIHM, Gangtok

Study MHM in Abroad

Students may decide to enrol in an international programme at MHM if they can afford it. The length of an international MHM programme can range from one to two years, depending on the course, the college, and the nation.

Students may access some of the best facilities, lecturers, and resources, as well as a global perspective on the subject and various cultures when they study for an MHM abroad.

Top MHM Colleges Abroad

The table below contains the list of some of the best colleges abroad for MHM:

Institution Fees 
University of Toronto, Canada CAD 78,533.02
University of British Columbia, Canada CAD 81,034.07
Technical University Munich, Germany EURO 20,474.12
Teesside University, UK GBP 16,407.95
University of Alberta, Canada CAD 40,350.30
Coventry University, UK GBP 31,100.03
University of Texas, USA USD 51,190.40
London Business School, UK GBP 24,022.10
University of Greenwich, UK GBP 46,742.32
University of East London, UK GBP 24,448.80

Top MHM Colleges in the USA

The USA is home to some of the greatest organisations and colleges in the world that provide the best programmes in MHM. The following table lists the top American colleges and universities that offer an MHM:

SL.NO. Institution
1 Harvard University
2 Texas A&M University
3 Northeastern University
4 Arizona State University
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Top MHM Colleges in the UK

One of the most sought-after degrees offered by UK universities is an MHM. The best universities offering an MHM in Germany are shown in the table below:

SL.NO. Institutions
1 Coventry University
2 London Business School
3 Teesside University
4 University of East London
5 University of Liverpool

Top MHM Colleges in Canada

Canada is a fantastic alternative to think about for your MHM courses, giving a plethora of research opportunities to help you enhance your skills. Here are the top universities in Canada for MHM:

SL.NO. Institution
1 University of Toronto
2 University of British Columbia
3 University of Alberta
4 McGill University
5 York University

Top MHM Colleges in Australia

Gaining knowledge and skills through an MHM in Australia can ultimately improve your chances of finding a job both in Australia and abroad. The best universities in Australia offering an MHM are shown in the table below:

SL.NO. Institution
1 University of Melbourne
2 University of Sydney
3 RMIT University
4 Victoria University
5 Deakin University

Fee Structure for MHM

MHM fees may vary based on college. A government-based institute charges less than a private institute because of its infrastructure and facilities. The average MHM course fees in a private institute is about INR 30K - 1.5 LPA.

MHM Fee Structure
College Name Fees Per Annum (INR)
CTIHMCT Jalandhar 50.85K
IHM Lucknow 1LPA
WGSHA Manipal 2.6LPA
HCMI Chandigarh 94K
IHM Kolkata 1LPA

Syllabus and Subjects for MHM

MHM course is a two-year program consisting of 4 semesters. It covers principles & Practices of Management, Accommodation Management, Financial Management, Hospitality Law, Food & Beverage Management etc. Depending on the course modules, each college may have its topics and subjects. A few of the subject topics are:

  • Management
  • Sales
  • Planning
  • Operation/Accommodation

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Why Choose MHM Course?

MHM is a very demanding course for aspirants trying to work in the hotel/ catering management field. It is a course that provides a wide range of opportunities. This program emphasizes the importance of practical work and ensures the development of excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills. It even offers a high job scope abroad because of the skills developed. The course itself is a highlight in one's CV, thus emphasizing its huge job scope.

What is MHM all About?

MHM or Masters in Hotel Management is a two years postgraduate course that mainly focuses on Hospitality Management, Hotel and Tourism Management, Hotel Administration, and Catering Technology. This course trains students in various services relating to hospitality, such as VIP services, the management of food courts, and fitness exhibits, to develop leadership and marketing skills.

What Does a MHM Graduate Do?

A MHM course graduate has a good job scope and a good future in the academic field. They have an opportunity to pursue further studies, though the course is valid enough to give a good scope.

Further studies: Graduates of the MHM course have several career options to choose from but even have an option to study further. For example, if they wish to pursue higher education, they can enroll in an MBA/MA, graduation, or other PhD courses.

Teaching Profession: Graduates can pursue teaching positions in educational and research institutions to share their knowledge and expertise with younger students.

Reasons Why MHM Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

MHM is a very professional and rewarding course. It provides a wide range of opportunities in the field of further education, research and even provides a good job scope. A few of the benefits are:

High Pay: The job offers a good starting salary for freshers and a well of ones for senior or experienced graduates, thus marking it as a good one in the economy.

Exposure: A MHM course gives a good vocabulary skill, thus having a good effect as a part of a CV and gives a good job scope even abroad, because of the language skills.

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MHM Course Comparison

The MHM programme covers a variety of subjects, including operations, administration, management, and communication. The table that follows compares other courses to the MHM programme.

MHM vs MBA in Hospitality Management

Below is a comparison between the MHM vs MBA in Hospitality Management:

Course MHM MBA in Hospitality Management
Full Form Master in Fashion Management Master of Business Administration Hospitality Management
Stream Management Management
Duration 2 years 2 Years
Eligibility Bachelor’s in relevant field with 50% total aggregate. BBA or Bachelor’s in relevant field with 50% total aggregate.
Top Colleges IIHM, IHM, GD Goenka University IIM, UPES, LPU, JMI
Fees INR 30,000 - 1.5 LPA INR 2 - 10 LPA

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Preparation Tips for MHM Course

Most MHM degree graduates find employment in the hotel or catering industry. Below are some preparation tips made by our experts for aspirants who want to pursue MHM course:

  • Time Management: The aspirant should be capable of answering all the questions in the specified time. Since it involves management and aptitude round, it would be lengthy.
  • Reading Newspapers: General knowledge and current affairs questions are often asked in entrance exams and sometimes in personal interviews and group discussion rounds.
  • Skills: Trying to focus more on Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Data Interpretation etc., which are all included in the questions.

Scope For Higher Education

Having a MHM degree opens up a wide range of career options., the most commonly followed path is the Doctorate degrees, which aspirants can obtain in different specializations involved in the course module. Depending on your choice of stream, there are many options in the field of hotel management. When higher education and the Master's are put together, it gives the students a high job scope. A few of the courses are:

Salary of a MHM Graduate

The starting salary of a MHM graduate would be around INR 3 - 8 LPA. As skills and experience increase, so will the salary increment. The salary varies depending on whether it's a private or a public sector and the firm's popularity. Even the job role of the aspirant is a factor that is noted while the salaries are discussed. For instance, a junior chef might get paid less than an HR Manager.

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Career Options After MHM

After completing a MHM course, the aspirant can work in public and private sectors depending on the type of work they prefer or their skills. They even have further specialization by doing a graduate/postgraduate degree like a doctorate or further extension by other full-time courses. 

Some of the best job designations for the graduates after the course of MHM in the government sector are as follows:

  • Teaching
  • Catering
  • Management Executive

Skills That Make You The Best after MHM

The MHM course provides a career boost for people seeking jobs in the hotel/ travel management industry. It opens a variety of career opportunities for the aspirants at various international agencies too.

Some of the skills required for the MHM graduates are as follows:

  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Research-Oriented
  • Management Skills
  • Patience

MHM Fee Structure

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