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Universitätsstraße 31, 93053 Regensburg
Estd 1962

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Overview Content

The University of Regensburg (UR) is an open public research university that has a partnership with the Compostela Group of Universities. It is an internationally reputed university and is well-known for teaching and education. UR was originally designed as a regional university and over time, it has developed international cooperation. It also focuses on cross-disciplinary subjects and project orientation. 

When was the University of Regensburg Established?

The University of Regensburg was established on 18th July 1962 by the Landtag of Bavaria and was recognized as the fourth full-fledged university of Bavaria. But it opened its door for the students during the 1967-1968 winter session. 

University of Regensburg Highlights

The University of Regensburg is known for its research education and has certain highlights that a student must consider for opting for the institution. Some of the University of Regensburg highlights are tabulated below:

Type Public
Campus Setting Urban
Application Portal Online for Undergraduate Admissions,
Offline for Graduate Admissions
Academic Calendar Semester-Based
Intake Session Summer/ Winter
Cost of Attendance No Tuition Fees
Total No. of Students 21,167
Financial Aid Grants, Scholarships

Where is the University of Regensburg?

The University of Regensburg has a centralized campus and is located to the south of Regensburg’s inner city (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and is directly adjacent to the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences. It covers an area of 150 acres.

University of Regensburg Accreditation

The University of Regensburg is officially recognized by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art. It also gained affiliation from the European University Association (EUA) and Compostela Group of Universities (CGU).

Education at the University of Regensburg

The University of Regensburg offers modulated degree programs in the fields of arts, science, law, business, economics, philosophy, medicine, and many more. It offers all degree courses including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Why Choose the University of Regensburg?

The University of Regensburg is known for its cutting-edge research and high-quality education. It offers comprehensive services to its international students and is ranked amongst the top 400 universities in the world. Some other reasons to opt for the University of Regensburg are mentioned below:

  • Total Students : 21,000
  • Location: Regensburg (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Partner Universities: Kanazawa, Seoul University, Korea University, Latin American University, Merida Venezeula, Universidad de Guanajuato
  • Overseas Campuses: Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Korea, and Latin America 
  • University of Regensburg Notable Alumni: May Ayim, Pope Benedict XVI, Elli Erl, JS Henrich, Werner Jeanrond, Theophilos Kuriakose, Karl Stetter, Udo Steiner, and many more.
  • Point of Interest: Botanical Garden and Museums
  • Placements (University of Regensburg PhD vacancies): 11 job titles
  • Job Salary: €1K per month with additional pay of €48K per month.
  • University of Regensburg Ph.D. Salary: €3K with an additional amount of €52K

University of Regensburg Departments and Faculties

The University of Regensburg started with two faculties and one philosophy school in 1962 but later it expanded to twelve faculties in 1967. The Physics faculty is the first faculty in entire Germany to come into force. The most famous University of Regensburg faculty member is Pope Benedict XVI. The University of Regensburg departments are listed below:

  1. Catholic Theology
  2. Faculty of Law
  3. Business, Economics, and Management Information Systems
  4. Faculty of Medicine
  5. Philosophy, Art History, History, and Humanities
  6. Faculty of Physics
  7. Faculty of Mathematics
  8. Psychology, Education, and Sport Science
  9. Language, Literature, and Cultures
  10. Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy 

Financial Aid and Scholarships at the University of Regensburg 

The University of Regensburg does not offer financial assistance to its students but the international students can get external financial help through various funding options like grants and scholarships. The scholarships are awarded to talented and high-achieving students who score excellent grades in their academics. The main German scholarships for international students at UR are:

  • DAAD Scholarships (Largest Scholarship Organization)
  • Germany Scholarships
  • myStipendium
  • German President’s Scholarship
  • The Deutschlandstipendium 
  • Germany PhD scholarships 

Student Services

The University of Regensburg offers various facilities to its students that help them to live a comfortable campus life. It has a Career Center and Services to offer guidance regarding their higher education and placements. The student services offered at UR are mentioned below:

Computer Center Dining Hall and Cafeteria
University Library Sports and Recreation Center
Gym and Fitness Adventurous Activities
German Courses Research Centers

University Stats

Student Population at the University of Regensburg

The University of Regensburg is recognized among the top 30 best universities in Germany. It has a high acceptance rate. These aspects have increased the student intake at UR. Out of the total population, 7.7% comprises foreign students from around 100 countries. Following is the student population at the University of Regensburg:

  1. Total Students: 21,167
  2. International Students: 1,600

University of Regensburg Rankings

The University of Regensburg has been a renowned institution for higher education and research. It has secured many world rankings as well as rankings in Germany by world-famous organizations. UR has also been given world rankings for many of its courses like Medicine and Science. The University of Regensburg world rankings are tabulated below:

Organizations Rankings
QS World University Rankings #601
Times Higher Education #486
US News World Report #419
CWUR #374
Academy Rankings of World Universities #401

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Student-Faculty Ratio


International Students


Total Enrolment


Admission Details

How can I get into the University of Regensburg?

The University of Regensburg follows a two-semester pattern and accepts admissions through entrance exams and DSH scores. The admission procedure differs for both undergraduate and graduate students. UR accepts admission forms for international students through an online portal on the official university website. Following are the University of Regensburg admission requirements:

  1. The university takes candidates based on their DSH scores and entrance exam scores. 
  2. The University of Regensburg IELTS requirement is 6.0 and TOEFL requirement is 88. 
  3. The students must complete the B1 level in their German proficiency.
  4. A candidate can also take English proficiency tests for English masters.
  5. Undergraduate admissions can take place online but graduate admissions are accepted only offline.
  6. For admissions in Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Molecular Sciences, students must complete C1 level of German proficiency tests.

The following are the documents required while taking admission at the University of Regensburg:

  • An acceptance letter from the university
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport photographs
  • A complete application form
  • Proof of German and English proficiency
  • Proof of financial aid and scholarships offered by the German government
  • Passport and Students’ visa for international students
  • Work experience proof for graduate students

Acceptance Rate

Minimum Score
TOEFL Requirements

Min. 88

Minimum Score
IELTS Requirements

Min. 6.0

Application Website

Accepts Direct Application


Total Applications


Average Tuition Fees

The University of Regensburg does not have any particular tuition fee for both European and international students. The students only have to pay an administrative fee differing according to the course of study which gives equal education opportunities to all the overseas students.

  • International Tuition Fee: €0
  • Domestic Tuition Fee: €0
Degree Type Tuition Fees
Diploma -
Undergraduate $300
Post Graduate $1,000

Application Details

The University of Regensburg accepts online applications for UG students and offline applications for PG students according to the Summer and Winter semesters. These application forms have to be submitted to the university website before the deadlines. The University of Regensburg application deadlines for undergraduate courses are as below:

Intake Term Application Deadline
Winter Intake 2022 15 July 2022
Summer Intake 2022 15 January 2022 (Closed)
Events Dates
Application Deadline

Other Fees

What is the Average Annual Cost to attend the University of Regensburg?

The University of Regensburg does not have any tuition fee but it has other annual expenses that include costs like housing, food, transport, health, and many more. These expenses help the international students to live a comfortable life and take out their annual budget. These expenses are supported by German scholarships. The other University of Regensburg fees for international students are listed below:

  1. Housing: €200 - €300 per month
  2. Health Insurance: €90 per month
  3. Food: €480 per month
  4. Student Service Fee: €150 per month
  5. Transport: €40 per month
Average Annual Tuition Fees
Average Accommodation
Application Fees

Courses Fees

The University of Regensburg offers courses in various fields of study. These courses have a different fee structure. UR does not have any tuition fee but the candidates have to pay a course fee that depends on the course that the student is enrolled in. The course fee also differs for graduate and undergraduate degrees. Some of the popular University of Regensburg courses and their fee details are given below:

Master Courses:

Bachelor Courses:

Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]

Course Fees: $

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]

Course Fees: $

Master of Science [M.Sc]

Course Fees: $

Bachelor of Arts [B.A]

Course Fees: $

Bachelor of Education [B.Ed]

Course Fees: $

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Contact Information

The students at the University of Regensburg are allowed to contact them for admission-related queries or they can visit the University of Regensburg address. Find below the University of Regensburg contact details:

Regensburg, Bavaria



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