ICSE 10th Board Exam

 ICSE 10th Board Exam Time Table, Registration, Exam Date, Syllabus, Results 2019


1. Admit card for the class 10th has been released. The 2019 board exam admit card will be provided from the school itself. The school examination authority will login and download the admit which is to be distributed. 

2. The time table of the board examination of the class 10th ICSE has been published. The board examination will commence by 22 Feb 2019.

3. The ICSE 10th board examination result will be issued by June 2019 through the Conveners to the Heads of Schools


 Introduction ICSE 10th Board Exam 2019:

  • About: CISCE stands for Council For The Indian School Certificate Examination. It Conducts the ICSE Examination across India. ICSE 10th Board Exam Time Table, Exam Date, Syllabus, Registration, Results, Admit Card has its head office situated in New Delhi India.

  • Background: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) has been intended to give an examination in a course of general training, as per the proposals of the New Education Policy 1986 (India), through the medium of English. It was associated with French Board of Examination before 1986. 

  • The ICSE 10th Board Exam present secretary is Mr Gary Arthoon who with is mission and vision statement has made the ICSE 10th Board Exam the second most sought-after board after CBSE.

  • Repute: It is one of the esteemed boards in India and its examination is viewed as the hardest in India. Though its pass percentage ICSE 10th Board Exam has a wide syllabus where students can choose whether to take Science or Commerce stream. ICSE 10th Board Exam gives the option to choose between Mathematics and Economics in class 9 itself. An option is also given to choose an optional subject between Computer Applications, Economic Application, Art and commercial studies. 

  • The Council is prepared to give special consideration and make necessary arrangements in respect of candidates who are handicapped in any way, which might affect their performance in the ICSE 10th Board Exam.

  • When a candidate suffers some injury or bereavement or dire unforeseen circumstance which may adversely affect his or her performance in the examination, the Special Difficulty procedure is used.

  • A form is forwarded to the Council by the Head of the candidates’ school and the candidates’ examination answer script is then given special consideration by a committee before the issue of the ICSE 10th Board Exam results. The Council’s committee does not give a "blanket" concession but treats every case on its merit,

  • Frequency: ICSE 10th Board Exam is conducted once a year usually in the last week of February. Exam gets completed in the first week of May where the last exam is generally optional subject from the date of the commencement of the exam.

  CISCE / ICSE 10th Board Exam Highlights 2019:

ICSE 10th Board Exam 2019 Highlights: Exam Overview   

Board name

Council for The Indian School Certificate Examination



Exam Name

ICSE 10th Board Exam




in New Delhi, INDIA


ICSE 10th Board Exam, Pragati House, 3rd Floor, 47-48, Nehru Place, 
New Delhi – 110019



Contact Reach

Phone No: (011) 26413820, 26411706, 30820091/94
Email: council@cisce.org

 ICSE 10th Exam Time Table 2019:

  • Declaration: The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination has declared the ICSE 10th Board Time Table examinations on their official site. The Time Table is subject to change as per the notifications are given to the council. 

  • Span: The ICSE 10th board Time Table exams will be led in the long stretches of February to April this year that is 2019. According to the timetable distributed on the web, the ICSE 10th board exams will be held from February 22nd.

  • The updated ICSE 10th Timetable 2019 released. The theory as well as for practical exams the schedule is published.
  • Time Slot: The Students can get to the timetable at the official site. The tenth exams will be directed in one movement, from 11:00 am to1:00 PM except for two or three papers which shall be of 2.5 or 3 hrs duration. This includes the 3 hour Hindi paper too. School authority should make sure that the proper facility is given to the students writing the ICSE 10th board Time Table examination.

  • Routine Distribution: Routine or date sheet will be made available to every one of the students. So all the Students who are going for ICSE 10th board examination has to be aware of ICSE 10th timetable 2019.  

 ICSE 10th Board Exam Registration 2019:

  • Registration: ICSE 10th Board Exam Registration 2019 Application Form will be available online at the official site of the board. The students of the 10th class are required to fill the ICSE 10th Board Exam 2019 at the earliest before the last date arrives.

  • Official Site: Students can read more about ICSE 10th Board Exam Registration 2019. Get the procedure by going through the registration section.

  • No Delay: The Class 10th ICSE Board Exam Registration form for 10th class board exam will be available by CISCE online at their official site. It is obligatory for the present students in the 10th class to fill the ICSE 10th Board Exam Registration at the latest the last date. The students who neglect to do as such won't be permitted to sit for the ICSE 10th Board Exam 2019.

 ICSE 10th Board Admit Card 2019:

  • Issue: The ICSE Board will issue ICSE Class 10th Admit Card in February, 2019.This year the Updated Admit Card ISCE 10th 2019 will be available from the school.

  • Mandatory: Keep in mind that the hall ticket is the evidence of your qualification to take the examination and carrying it to all examinations is obligatory. Without the ICSE 10th board Admit Card, access is denied to the examination corridor.

 ICSE 10th Syllabus 2019:

  • Subjects: CISCE has presented all the syllabus for the ICSE 10th Board Exam Syllabus 2019. The syllabus and the part astute imprints circulation are accessible on the official site of CISCE. The syllabus is also accessible at our Syllabus Section

  • Subjects: The following is the list of subjects.

Group I includes compulsory subjects


History, Civics and Geography

Second Language 

Group II includes any two or three subjects from


Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)


Environmental Science

Commercial Studies

Modern Foreign Language  

Classical Language

Group III has any one of the subjects from

Computer Applications

Economic Applications 

Commercial Applications


Performing Arts

Home Science


Fashion Designing

Physical Education


Technical Drawing Applications

Environmental Applications

A Modern Foreign Language


 ICSE 10th Board LICR Sheet 2019:


  • LICR: The (CISCE)  ICSE 10th Board is using LICR i.e Live Ink Character Recognition (LICR) innovation for recent years to render CISCE ICSE 10th Board Result in a swifter way. Since the combination of the LICR innovation, the CISCE ICSE Result has been announced in record time.

  • Aiming to be more accurate in collating and publishing ICSE and ISC results, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) will introduce a digital pen and tablet-based technology for the examiners to evaluate answer scripts from next year. This is known as the ICSE 10th LICR. This will help in the tabulation of the ICSE 10th Board Result faster

  • Arthoon stated, “The Council is planning to introduce the Live Ink Character Recognition (LICR) Solution technology while evaluating answer scripts by the examiners,”. “LICR is a technology which incorporates a re-purposed digital pen and tab used by examiners to evaluate answer scripts and help publish results in a shorter time.”

  • The technology will be accurate and would reduce recheck requests. It has been introduced from 2016. This has resulted in the faster tabulation of ICSE 10th Result.

  • While examiners would use normal pens to evaluate answer scripts, they would use the ICSE 10th LICR pen to fill in slots on the top sheet of answer scripts containing a summary of marks obtained. They would be required to write the individual marks obtained for each question as well as the total, Aarathoon said.

  • The examiner would then click a check mark on the tab to verify the input. The ICSE 10th LICR would then scan the entire top sheet and send it to the Council’s system, he explained.

  • Once the checked mark is clicked via cloud computing, the scores for each question and the total marks obtained by a student will be stored in the Council’s cloud computing system.

  • The council has already had a successful pilot run of the system last year. The Council is also eyeing to introduce video-conferencing between heads of schools and other educational agencies on regular basis soon.

  • “We had a pilot run of video-conference in February and it was quite successful. It will be done on regular basis and at short intervals between the heads of schools and help them to understand their problems,” Aarathoon added.

ICSE 10th Board Results 2019

  • Past Trend: Taking a look at the perfect reputation of the ICSE 10th Board Result timeframe, it appears that the CISCE Board will figure out how to pronounce the outcomes on-time in 2019 also.

  • Result Date: The experts are presuming that the results will be declared on time, as per the academic calendar.  Approximately, the ICSE 10th Result is expected to be announced by the second week of May. 

  • Keep Track: The students can stay updated through this page and will be able to access ICSE 10th Board Result here. Read more about the exact date and how to check the ICSE 10th Board Results.

  • The Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination ICSE 10th board Exam was first established by the Local examinations syndicate of the University of Cambridge.

  • Under ICSE 10th board Exam, great emphasis is laid on the English language and this helps most students do good in exams like TOEFL, IELTS and SAT. 

  • Certification under ICSE 10th board is recognized around the world, particularly foreign schools and universities.

  • The syllabus under ICSE being extensive facilitates a deeper understanding of the subject.

  • Total of 1,83,387 students appeared for ICSE 10th board 2019.

  • ICSE 10th board 2019 had 98.51 % Pass Percentage.

  • A total of 61 subjects were offered through ICSE 10th board 2019.

  • Past 3 years ICSE 10th board statistics say girls have a better pass percentage than boys.

  • ICSE 10th board offers the widest choice in terms of subjects in class 10th.

  • Many personalities like Dr Cyrus S. Poonawalla, Sunil Bharti Mittal, Altamas Kabir former chief justice of India, Neerja Bhanot are some of the many alumni who have studied the CISCE board.

ICSE 10th Board Online Duplicate Documents 2019

Users already registered with the Council can go to http://cisce.org and click on the Plus symbol on the SERVICES tile, and then click on the Login to CISCE Service Portal link below. This will open the Services login screen where they can enter their login credentials to go to the Services Homepage.

In the Services Home Page, they can click on the Document Duplicate tile. This will take them to the Duplicate Requests landing page. They can use the Add New Request link at the top right corner of this page, and follow the instructions provided from No: 2 below, to submit a verification request.

Users who have not yet registered with the Council will first have to create an account to request for a duplicate document. Such users are advised to follow the step by step instructions provided below for submitting requests for duplicate documents.

 ICSE Board 10th Exam Steps to Get the Online Document

  •  Create an account ICSE 10th Board Exam portal.

  •  Go to http://cisce.org, click on the Plus (+) symbol on the SERVICES tile, and then click on the “Login to CISCE Service Portal” link. This will open the Services login screen 

  •  In the Services login screen, click on the link: Not yet registered? Register Now

  •  In the screen that opens, enter a valid email address and password, and click on the Register button. This will send a confirmation message to the email address that you provided  

  •  Access your mailbox and click on the activation link that was sent to you, or copies and paste the link in the address bar of your browse  In the screen that opens now, enter your password and click on the Submit button. This will open the User Profile screen.

  •  In the User Profile screen, enter the relevant details. Select Individual from the drop-down against Organisation Type 

  • After entering all the details, click on the Update button. This will take you to a new page with two tiles: Document Duplicate, and Verification & Enquiry.

  • Click on the Document Duplicate tile. This will open the Duplicate Requests Landing page. This screen has four tiles: Requests Drafted, Requests Requiring More Clarification, Requests Being Processed, and Completed Requests. The Add New Request link at the top right corner of the screen will now be enabled  

  •  Click on the Add New Request link. This opens the Terms & Conditions page.

  • Check the confirmation checkbox in the Terms & Conditions page and click on the Next button 

  • This will open the Applicant Information and Examination Details page. The details of the individual making the request will be visible on the left part of the screen.

  •  In the Applicant Information and Examination Details page, enter the Full Name used at the Time of the Examination, Date of Birth, Sex, Mother's Name, Father's Name, and Name of the School  

  • Select the Course from the drop-down.

  • Enter the Year of Examination in the field provided.

  • Enter the UID / Index Number in the field provided  

  • Select the document for which a duplicate is being requested by checking the checkbox against the document. Applicable charges are shown against each document type.

  • Two command buttons are provided to the bottom right of the screen: Save as Draft, and Save and Continue. Click on the Save as a Draft button if you want to save the details entered, and revisit the page later to proceed further. Click on the Save and Continue button if you want to proceed to the next step  This will take you to the Upload Supporting Documents screen.

  • Upload supporting documents where required. Click on the Choose File button to locate and upload the supporting document from your system. (Applications for issue of Certifying Statement of Examination Results must be accompanied by a notarized affidavit stating that the applicant's Pass Certificate has been irretrievably lost, as well as a newspaper clipping stating the same, both in the original. The newspaper clipping must clearly mention the name of the applicant, along with the Index Number, year of passing, and the name of the school.)

  • There are two command buttons to the bottom right of the screen. Back and Submit. Click on the Back button to go back to the previous page. Click on the Submit button to submit your request to the Council.

  • Clicking the Submit button will take you to the Payment Summary screen  

  • Click on the Proceed button in the Payment Summary screen to connect to the payment gateway to make the payment.

  • Follow the normal procedure for making payments to the Council.

  • Refund/Cancellation Policy Once the online application is submitted successfully, the transaction fees cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

  • If the transaction fails and the amount is debited from the concerned customer’s account, the amount will be refunded to the same bank account/credit/debit card account from which the transaction was initiated after due verification by CISCE  

  • Cancellation of any transaction which is approved is not possible under any circumstances 

ICSE 10th Board FAQ's and Answers

Q. The charge for preparing the qualified certificate is deposited in whose hand?

A. It is deposited in the hands of the board of examination

Q. Can a student take science as the main subject in class 9?

A. Yes, as a 6th elective subject

Q. How do I deal with exam-related stress?

A. The candidate must analyze their strengths and weaknesses and accordingly must prepare a timetable and start working on it. A well-prepared schedule of 6hrs a day can help the candidate in motivating the inner self and getting the outcomes.

Q. Which stream to opt for after class 10?

A. There are 3 streams mainly science, commerce, arts according to which a candidate must decide to keep in view about the future longterm goal. One should never opt for an easy stream as every domain is difficult in its own path.

Q.What are the courses I can opt for if I opt for commerce?

A. There are many career guidance centres from where one can grab the knowledge of choosing the right track but some of the common tracks are BBA, B.Com

Q. Can a student be detained from appearing the board examination?

A. According to rule 15 in the examination-bylaws in no case heads of affiliated schools can detain a student unless he/she is having attendance shortage

Q. When does the process of preparing the questions to start?

A. The preparation starts at least 6 months before the board examination

Q. Did Board fix any age criteria to appear for 10th board examination?

A. The board didn't fix any age criteria to appear for the examination.

Q. What if a candidate does not perform well in the exam?

A. One should stop criticizing themselves and start relating their pros with some other domain as all individuals cannot to same.