Cegep Vanier College, Saint-Laurent, Quebec

821 Avenue Sainte Croix, Montreal, Quebec H4L 3X9 Canada
Estd 1970

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Overview Content

Vanier College is a publicly-funded third largest English Language Cegep. The student population numbers are 6,700 full-time diploma students with additional 2,000 students attending Continuing Education Program. It encompasses 300 interdisciplinary research centers, classrooms, laboratories, and programs. Cegep Vanier has an Omnivox portal that helps students during the application process. The athletic team of Vanier college has fielded competitive teams in ten collegiate sports. 

When was Vanier College Established?

Vanier College was established in 1970 and is one of the 48 public CEGEPs in the province of Quebec. 

Where is Vanier College?

Cegep Vanier College is located in Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is situated on an oasis of green in the Borough of Saint-Laurent.

Vanier College Affiliation

The Vanier College is affiliated with SRAM (Service Regional Admissions Montreal Metropolitan). 

Education at Vanier College

Vanier college offers pre-university programs and technical career programs. Students of pre-university and technical programs obtain a degree in Diploma of College Studies (DCS). 

Why Choose Cegep Vanier College?

The academic life of the Students in Vanier college is enhanced by a multitude of student services, resource centers, and social and cultural activities. The hallmark of Vanier College is its diverse student body with students from all cultural backgrounds and nations being represented in the College community. Some of the reasons to choose Vanier College are listed below:

  • Apart from academics, Vanier College focuses on athletic, extra-curricular activities also. The Vanier college athletes won many National and Provincial Championships.
  • It is renowned for developing 300 interdisciplinary research centers.
  • Cegep Vanier College offers more than 1000 courses under 100 academic departments on its campus.
  • The college is offering courses which help gain valuable communication and interpersonal skills which are required in the job market
  • Vanier College offers pre-university, career, and attestation programs to students from 90+ countries around the world.

Student Enrollment at Vanier College

The enrollment of students at Vanier College has increased from 1,400 when college started to more than 7,000 students in 2018-2019. The enrollment of students in different specializations is given below:

Number of Full-time Students


Number of Part-time Students


Programs at Cegep Vanier College

Vanier College offers programs under pre-university, technical, and attestation specializations. Listed below are the different types of programs offered to students at Cegep Vanier College:

Vanier College Programs

  • Diploma Programs
  • College Majors
  • General Studies
  • Preparatory Session
  • Career Programs
  • Pre-University Programs

The DCS (Diploma of College Studies) programs majorly include:

  • Health Sciences
  • Arts
  • Computer Sciences
  • Mathematics

Vanier College offers 4 General Studies programs under:

  • English
  • French
  • Humanities 
  • Physical Education

Faculties and Departments at Vanier College

Cegep Vanier College offers a wide range of programs in the form of pre-university and technical career programs. These programs are offered in both full-time or part-time duration. All programs and courses at Vanier College are provided to students through over 100 academic departments that are a part of the three faculties of Vanier College. The faculties and departments of Cegep Vanier College are given below:


  1. Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)
  2. Faculty of Arts, Business and Social Sciences
  3. Faculty of General Studies

Academic Departments

Architectural Technology


Business Administration


Computer Engineering Technology




Information Technology


Financial Aid and Scholarships at Vanier College Canada

Cegep Vanier College does not offer scholarships to international students. International students can avail themselves of external scholarships to be able to pursue studies at Vanier College. Some of the scholarship options at Vanier College are:

  • Schulich Leader Scholarships
  • Meg Sircom Memorial Scholarship
  • Ad Standards Scholarship

Student Services at Vanier College

Cegep Vanier College offers a wide range of support and services to all its students on-campus. Students can get assistance at both personal and academic levels through the many support channels available. Some of the student services available at Vanier College are listed below:

  1. Housing
  2. Financial Aid and Scholarships
  3. Career Counseling
  4. Employment Services
  5. Health Services
  6. Mental Health and Wellness
  7. Library Databases
  8. Student Employment
  9. Students with Disability Services
  10. Counseling and Mentoring

University Stats

Student Population at Vanier College

The student population numbers over 6,700 full-time diploma students with an additional 2,000 students attending through the Continuing Education Department. Started with 1,400 students, Vanier College has leaped many miles welcoming numbers over 6,700 full-time diploma students, and 2,000 students attending through the Continuing Education Department today.

Vanier College Rankings

Vanier College is one of 48 public Cegeps in Quebec. It has been ranked by several national and international ranking agencies based on ranking factors such as program availability, effectiveness, student satisfaction, and more. Some of the Vanier College rankings are listed below:

  • Ranked #102 in Canada by UniPage Rankings
  • Ranked #4058 in the world by UniPage World University Rankings
  • Ranked #94 in Canada by Webometrics
  • Ranked #1708 in the world by Webometrics
  • Ranked #6922 in the continent by Webometrics

Student-Faculty Ratio


Male-Female Ratio


International Students


Total Enrolment


Admission Details

How can I get into Vanier College?

Vanier College will consider students for admission who have attended schooling systems outside of Canada if their certificates are equivalent to the Quebec Secondary V Diploma, including specific program requirements. Following is the eligibility criteria for applying for Vanier College:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • For science programs, math and science must be taken in Grades 11 and 12
  • Submit detailed course descriptions to get assessed to conclude whether the course content is comparable to that taught in Quebec high schools or not
  • Applicants from outside Canada whose mother tongue and language of instruction is not English- submit recent results of TOEFL
  • Minimum acceptable score- 80 Internet-based/ 213 computer-based/ 550 paper-based
  • If the paper-based test is done, then the Test of Written English (T.W.E.) is also recommended. A minimum score of 4.5 is expected
  • IELTS(International English Language Testing System) results are also accepted with a band score of 6.5 or above
  • Canadian student visa

Acceptance Rate

Minimum Score
TOEFL Requirements


Minimum Score
IELTS Requirements


Application Website

Accepts Direct Application


Accepts Common Application


Total Applications


Average Tuition Fees

The Vanier College tuition fees will be charged according to a government-regulated scale for international students on a visa or refugee claimants. The average tuition fee range is from $6119-$9486 per semester. Given below are the Vanier College tuition fees for international students at both undergraduate and graduate levels:

Degree Type Tuition Fees
Diploma $6,000
Undergraduate $9,301
Post Graduate $6,000

Application Details

For Vanier College admissions, the applications for full-time study must be made to a specific program. The application form is available on the official website. International students are required to pay an application fee of $85. Vanier College applications are assessed based on:

  • Compulsory secondary school qualifications and academic performance
  • Certain programs also require other criteria such as English proficiency, a letter of intent, audition, interview, or test as part of their specific admission requirements
Events Dates
Application Deadline

Other Fees

What is the Annual Average Cost to attend Vanier College?

Other Vanier College fees include the cost for residence, food, books & supplies, and monthly expenses. Rental costs for furnished rooms in private homes range from $300 to $425 per month. Apartments range from $450 to over $850 per month depending on the number of bedrooms, facilities, etc. Some of the other fees for Vanier College international students are given below:

  • Personal Expenses: $160- $357
  • Meal Plan: $258- $433
  • Housing: $212- $301
  • Room and Board: $6,000 per annum
  • Books: $500 - $1,000
Average Annual Tuition Fees
Average Accommodation
Application Fees

Contact Information

Cegep Vanier College is located at 821 Avenue Sainte-Croix, Montreal, Quebec, H4L 3X9 Canada. Find the location and other Vanier College contact details below:

Saint-Laurent, Quebec



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