University of British Columbia Admissions: Acceptance rate

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Updated on - May 06th, 2022 | 10:40 AM By Venushree Agarwal

The University of British Columbia also famously known as UBC is located in one of the famous international student attraction cities in Canada. It offers over 200 different undergraduate and graduate programs through the 12 faculty departments that function from the university. Some of the most famous courses at UBC are Engineering, Medicine, Management, Geography, and Forestry among many others. The admissions at UBC are conducted in the Fall for the next academic year. Although the acceptance rate is at 50%, UBC allows all the students to gain a seat most fairly and transparently possible. Different requirements are general and course-specific which need to be met by the candidate. Any candidate applying to UBC should have qualifications that are not just limited to academics but more than that. 

University of British Columbia Admission Requirement

The University of British Columbia is ranked among the top 3 universities in Canada and one of the top 40 in the world. The admission requirement by the university depends on more than just school or college grades. The university looks into GRE/GMAT scores, language efficiency scores, work experience, internship experience, and motivational essay writing capability to support their claim to the course of study. We have given detailed information on the admission process and the eligibility criteria below:

Undergraduate Admission at the University of British Columbia

Undergraduate students' admission at UBC is highly competitive and you will be assessed on your application which will be based on academic scores, English language test scores, and personal essays in the profile section of the application. There are general requirements and degree-specific requirements that a student is required to meet to secure a seat at UBC. Below are some of the eligibility criteria for international students.

Eligibility Criteria for International Students

  1. An Indian student needs to have a Higher Secondary School Certificate awarded on completion of Standard XII. 
  2. Official transcripts need to be verified and translated by an authorized education services organization
  3. All documentation must be official. Photocopies are acceptable if certified by the school principal, head, or counselor and received in a sealed school envelope.
  4. A valid passport holder
  5. A portfolio may be needed for some courses 
  6. English language test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, and equivalent)

Post Graduate Admission at the University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia offers its graduate degree programs on two campuses. Most of the time the requirements are the same but you need to meet the general and degree-specific requirements as well. Graduate students need to meet the below eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for International Students

  1. An undergraduate degree from a recognized university.
  2. Transcripts need to be uploaded on the website while applying to the programs
  3. Two letters of recommendations from the current university
  4. A valid passport
  5. A statement of interest or an essay
  6. GMAT/GRE scores
  7. CV/Resume
  8. English language test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, and equivalent)
  9. Criminal record check
  10. Proof of citizenship

University of British Columbia Application Process for International Students

Admission to the University of British Columbia is one of the most competitive and tough processes but they provide equal opportunity to everyone to prove their qualification and claim a seat at UBC. With your academic records, you would need to have a good GMAT/GRE score, English language test scores, statement of interest and prior work experience would be an extra benefit to support your application. You would require the following documents while applying to UBC.

Required Documents

  • High school transcripts with 85% mark and bachelor degree with above 75% mark
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Valid passport
  • Letter of recommendations
  • CV/Resume
  • Statement of Interest
  • GMAT/GRE scores
  • SAT/ACT scores if applicable
  • Criminal Record Check report
  • Proof of Citizenship

How to Apply?

  • Every student need to apply on the university website online application portal
  • Before you start your application, check the degree provided by the university and look at the requirements and the eligibility criteria
  • There are general requirements and degree-specific requirements and you need to fulfill both to meet the criteria of selection
  • You need to furnish documents like transcripts, GMAT/GRE score, English language score, proof of citizenship, finance statement, etc
  • Once you submit your application with the necessary details, you need to pay a non-refundable amount of 168.25 CAD and this is a one-time fee.
  • After the submission of your application, you will need to upload all the supplementary documents to support your application like a letter of recommendation. Statement of interest
  • Once everything is done, you shall receive a response within 4-5 weeks.

University of British Columbia Application Deadlines

University of British Columbia admissions are highly competitive and 1000s of students apply every year to secure a seat. Therefore, it is important to note the deadlines before you apply so that you have ample time to figure out the necessary document details and submit them within time. As an international student, you should not wait until the end to apply if you need a scholarship. It is advised to apply by December itself if you’re a scholarship-seeking student. Undergraduate applications are closed by January 15 and you can submit your documents by May 15 as per the university website. Given below are some of the application deadlines of graduate courses: 

Courses Deadline
M.Sc Computer Science December 15, 2022
Master of Business Analytics March 16, 2022 (Closed)
Master of Economics December 1, 2022
Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering March 1, 2022 (Closed)
MBA April 6, 2022 (Closed)

Admission Procedure of University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the top universities in Canada and due to its world-class education stature, admission becomes overall very competitive. But, if you get selected for your course of choice, you need to follow some steps and apply for your travel documents and scholarship. Approval of travel documents takes a long time and you should never wait till the end moment. Below are the next steps after you receive your admission offer.

  • Accept and acknowledge the mail and pay any advance amount if required to book your seat within the stipulated time
  • Apply for scholarships if you would require one
  • Apply for your visa or travel document 
  • Arrange the declaration of finance certificate which would show that you can finance your studies in Canada
  • Provide your biometrics after you apply for the travel document
  • The acceptance letter from the university is a very important document to get your visa approved

Acceptance Rate at University of British Columbia

The acceptance rate at the University of British Columbia is over 50% but even then the competition is pretty much high. The selection of students is based on numerous criteria that need to be met by the students. Your application will be assessed on the GPA, GRE/GMAT score, English language scores, work experience, leadership experience, and your statement of interest along with any other degree-specific factors.