Falmouth College of Arts Courses Offered

Penryn Campus, Treliever Road, Penryn TR10 9FE
Estd 1902

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Falmouth College of Arts offers various programs in a wide range of courses covering many subjects that interest the students. It offers courses from acting to fashion to digital marketing as well. Some popular courses of Falmouth College of Arts are as follows:

Undergraduate Courses at Falmouth College of Arts

  1. Bachelor in Acting
  2. Bachelor in Animation and Visual Effect
  3. Bachelor in Architecture
  4. Bachelor in Business and Digital Market
  5. Bachelor in Business and Management
  6. Bachelor in Commercial Photography
  7. Bachelor in Computing for Games
  8. Bachelor in Costumes for Films and Television
  9. Bachelor in Virtual Reality
  10. Bachelor in Fashion Photography
  11. Bachelor in Film
  12. Bachelor in Music, Theatre, and Entertainment Management
  13. Bachelor in Journalism
  14. Bachelor in Photography
  15. Bachelor in Popular Music

Postgraduate Courses at Falmouth College of Arts

  1. Master in Architecture
  2. Master in Artificial Intelligence
  3. Master in Business Finance Innovation
  4. Master in Comedy Writing
  5. Master in Communication Design
  6. Master in Film and Television
  7. Master in Game Art
  8. Master in Photography
  9. Master in Marketing and Digital Communication
  10. Master in Professional Writing
  11. Master in Prosthetic Effects
  12. Master in User Design
  13. Master in Script and Screen

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Master of Arts [M.A]

Full Time
Degree Level
Duration 1 Year
Tuition per year £ 17760
Application Dead Line -

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Bachelor of Arts [B.A]

Full Time | Honours
Degree Level
Duration 3 Years
Tuition per year £ 17760
Application Dead Line -

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