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The University of Edinburgh Business School offers 14 graduate programs for almost 83 nationalities. Following are some of the popular courses offered by the Edinburgh Business School:

Joint Degrees at Edinburgh Business School

  1. MA in Business and Economics
  2. MA in Business and Geography
  3. MA in Business and Law
  4. BSc Computer Science and Management Science
  5. BSc Mathematics and Business
  6. LLB Law and Business
  7. LLB Law and Accountancy
  8. MA in Arabic and Business
  9. MA in Economics and Accounting
  10. MA in French and Business
  11. MA in German and Business
  12. MA in Psychology and Business
  13. MA in Spanish and Business

Postgraduate Courses at Edinburgh Business School

  1. Master in Accounting and Finance
  2. Master in Banking and Risk
  3. Master in Business Analytics
  4. Master in Carbon Finance
  5. Master in Entrepreneurship and innovation
  6. Master in Finance
  7. Master in Finance, Technology, and Policy
  8. Master in Human Resource Management
  9. Master in International Business and Emerging Markets
  10. Master in International Human Resource Management
  11. Master in Management
  12. Master in Marketing
  13. Master in Research
  14. Master in Marketing and Business Analytics

Tuition Fees at Edinburgh Business School

The tuition fees of the master's and doctorate programs differs for both the domestic and international students. The tuition fee for international students enrolled in UG programs ranges between £20,950- £27,550. Find below the average tuition fees at Edinburgh Business School for international students:

Master Programs $21,469 - $45,676
Doctorate Programs Around $775

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Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]

Full Time
Degree Level
Duration 1 Year
Tuition per year £ 21355
Application Dead Line -

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