University of Trier, Rhineland- Palatinate

Universitätsring 15, 54296 Trier
Estd 1473

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The University of Trier campus is built on the high plateau overlooking the Moselle River and surrounded by luscious green nature. Its campus is known as the most beautiful campus in Europe. The University of Trier is developed into a high-performance, research-active, and internationally networked university. It also holds a great history on its establishment, which makes it old and young at the same time. 

When was the University of Trier Established?

The University of Trier was founded in 1473. The Jesuits acquired the University in 1560 when the university fought financial problems for decades. The president of the university was Peter Binsfeld in the 1580s.

University of Trier Highlights

 The University of Trier is a public research institution is known for its top-class research and globally networked. Some of the highlights at the university are:

Type Public
Campus Setting Urban
Application Mode Online
Number of Campuses 2

Where is the University of Trier?

The University of Trier is located in Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Trier City is designated a UNESCO World Patrimony site as a part of the Roman Monuments, St. Peter's Cathedral, and Our Lady's Church in Trier. The city resembles many Roman cities.

University of Trier Accreditation and Affiliations

The University of Trier has been affiliated with Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Weiterbildung und Kultur des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz. 

Education at University of Trier

The University of Trier is strongly focused on the humanities, social sciences, and economics, but also steadily strengthening its environmental sciences programs. It has collaborated with more than 300 institutions particularly from Belgium, France, and Luxembourg in studies and research.

Why Choose the University of Trier?

The University of Trier is known for top-class research and a globally networked institute. It provides a wide range of programs to students. The departmental coordinators can help students choose the right classes in the field of study. Some of the reasons to choose the University of Trier are mentioned below:

  • The University of Trier is located in the heart of Europe.
  • It is the first to provide the EU certificate on European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS).
  • The University of Trier provides minor subjects like Egyptology or Papyrology, which are offered at very few places. 
  • It has tied up with more than 300 institutions globally. 

Faculties and Departments at University of Trier

The University of Trier offers a great range of programs for international students. It comprises 6 faculties in various fields of study like law, business, computer science, and more. The following are the faculties under the University of Trier:

  • Faculty of Pedagogy, Philosophy, Psychology
  • Faculty of Linguistics, Literature, Media 
  • Faculty of Egyptology, Papyrology, History, Archeology, Art history, Politics 
  • Faculty of Economics, Business, Sociology, Mathematics, Computer Science 
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Geography, Geosciences 

Financial Aid & Scholarships at University of Trier

The University of Trier provides financial aid & scholarships to international students. The students can apply for scholarships while submitting applications. The financial aid provided by the university are mentioned below:

  • Confucius Institute Scholarship
  • DAAD Scholarship
  • ERASMUS Scholarship

Student Services

The University of Trier is one of the most vibrant institutions. The city of Trier is itself so magnificent. The city became the residence city of Roman Emperors, saw the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, and is the birthplace of philosopher Karl Marx. It has a lot to offer. Some of the student services offered at the University of Trier are mentioned below:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Exchange Programs
  • Research Centres
  • Placement
  • Gym

University Stats

Student Population at the University of Trier

The University Of Trier has a large uniRank enrollment of students and so has a huge student intake from all around the world. A total 15,000 of students are enrolled in bachelor's, master's, Ph.D., and doctoral programs. The percentage of international students at the University Of Trier is 13%. 

University of Trier Rankings

The University Of Trier is one of the highly regarded and prestigious universities of Germany and offers quality courses to students from all over the world. It has been ranked by several ranking agencies such as Best Global Universities Rankings, Center for World University Rankings, etc. Given below are some other University Of Trier rankings:

  • It was ranked 38th nationally and 744th globally by uniRank.
  • The University Of Trier was globally ranked at 1009th by Best Global Universities Rankings.
  • Ranking web ranked it at 53rd position.

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Total Enrolment


Admission Details

How can I get into the University of Trier?

The University of Trier admissions applications for both bachelor's and master's programs are accepted directly through the website. The admissions are accepted online during the summer and winter semesters. The online portal of admissions is the PORTA application portal. For admission, online portals are also available. Admission requirements for the University of Trier are listed below:

  • For admission requirements, students have to submit a printed application.
  • Submit the proof of previous academic documents.
  • Submit the certificate proof of English or German language. 
  • Submit the cover of health insurance.
  • Submit a copy of your passport.


Acceptance Rate

Minimum Score
TOEFL Requirements

Min. 80

Minimum Score
IELTS Requirements

Min. 6

Application Website

Accepts Direct Application


Total Applications


Average Tuition Fees

The University of Trier doesn't charge any tuition fees from its students. There is no tuition fee for European students as well as international students. It is a non-profit educational institution. The students have to pay only the student organization fee that is common for all students and courses.

Degree Type Tuition Fees
Diploma -
Undergraduate -
Post Graduate -

Application Details

The University of Trier applications are accepted in the Summer and Winter sessions through the PORTA application portal. There is an application fee which is the same for all the students. The online applications have certain deadlines and the students at the University of Trier have to submit the applications before the end date. Given below are the University of Trier application deadlines:

Events Dates
Application Deadline

Other Fees

What is the Annual Average Cost to attend the University of Trier?

The University of Trier charges other fees from both international and national students. But students are instructed to pay some other annual expenses that help them to find their living costs.The other University of Trier fees for international students are shown below: 

  • Student ID: 15 Euro
  • Student organization Fee: 12 Euro
  • Application Fee: 50 Euro
Average Annual Tuition Fees
Average Accommodation
Application Fees

Courses Fees

The University of Trier provides a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses for international students. Students can also opt for diploma, state examination, doctoral, and postdoctoral. The courses are offered in fields like pedagogy, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, literature, media, egyptology, papyrology, history, archeology, art history, politics, economics, business, sociology, mathematics, computer science, etc. Find below some of the popular University of Trier courses along with their fee details for international students:

Master Courses:

Bachelor Courses:

Master of Science [M.Sc]

Course Fees: $

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]

Course Fees: $

Master of Arts [M.A]

Course Fees: $

Bachelor of Education [B.Ed]

Course Fees: $

Bachelor of Arts [B.A]

Course Fees: $

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Contact Information

The University of Trier address is Universitätsring 15, 54296 Trier. The location and other contact details of the University of Trier are shown below:

Trier, Rhineland, Palatinate



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