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Adolph-Roemer-Straße 2A, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Estd 1775

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The Technical University of Clausthal (TUC) is an institute of technology and is among the top-ranked universities in Germany. Most of the communication and courses take place in the German language. It also focuses on research areas to develop its students and teaching faculties. The University of Technology Clausthal has strong traditions of quality education which is valued by many companies.

When was the Technical University of Clausthal Established?

The University of Technology Clausthal was founded in 1775. Initially, it was a pitmen and smelters school, in 1810, the ministry of Westphalia, Count Hans von Bülow, brought it to the status of a mining university. After World War II it was named was Technische Hochschule and then named TUC.

University of Technology Clausthal Highlights

The University of Technology Clausthal is one of the oldest universities in Germany. Apart from these, the university has certain highlights that increase the credibility of the research institution. The highlights are tabulated below:

Type Public
Campus Setting Rural
Admission Process Offline
Total Number Enrollment 4,460
Percentage of International Students 30%
Semester Session Summer and Winter

Where is the University of Technology Clausthal?

The University of Technology Clausthal is located in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Lower Saxony, Germany. Initially, there were two towns in Clausthal-Zellerfeld that had been merged into an administrative unit in 1924. The largest town in the area in the mountains is Clausthal-Zellerfeld and not on a rim.

University of Technology Clausthal Accreditation and Affiliation

The University of Technology Clausthal is affiliated with Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur and European University Association EUA. 

Education at the University of Technology Clausthal

The University of Technology Clausthal currently focuses on research and studies in the areas like energy and raw materials, natural science, materials science, economics, mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering, and process engineering.

Why choose the University of Technology Clausthal?

The University of Technology Clausthal is internationally recognized for its practice-oriented education. Since 1968, it has been active as a technology university and runs 36 institutions under 3 faculties. Some other reasons to opt for TUC are mentioned below:

  • It has 3 research centers for which people come from around the world.
  • TUC aims at building a sustainable industrial society.
  • It was ranked 78th in Germany by 4icu.

Faculties and Departments at University of Technology Clausthal

The University of Technology Clausthal offers a great deal for international students. The university comprises 3 faculties. The faculties of the University of Technology Clausthal are listed below:

  • Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Sciences and Engineering
  • Faculty of Energy and Economic Sciences
  • Faculty of Natural and Materials Sciences

Financial Aid & Scholarships at University of Technology Clausthal

The University of Technology Clausthal provides financial aid & scholarships to international students who demonstrate outstanding academics. Some of the financial aids are mentioned below:

  • Deutschlandstipendium
  • Bayer Foundation
  • RWE Power

Student Services

The University of Technology Clausthal focuses on developing the students and not just in the academic field but in other fields too. It makes sure that students feel like they are at home. It offers various services to its students, some of the services have been listed below:

  • Housing
  • Dining
  • Sports
  • Culture 
  • Music

University Stats

Student Population at the University of Technology Clausthal

At the University of Technology, Clausthal is famous for its research centers which attract students. A total of 4,754 students are enrolled in different programs. The percentage of international students at the TUC is 30%.

University of Technology Clausthal Rankings

The University of Technology Clausthal is one of the best institutions in Germany and offers quality courses to students from all over the world. It also comes under the top 100 universities of the world and has secured high rankings. It has been ranked by several ranking agencies such as the 4icu ranking. Given below are some other TUC rankings:

  • The University of Technology Clausthal was ranked 70th in Germany by the 4icu.
  • The 4icu also ranked the TUC at 1608th position globally.

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Student-Faculty Ratio


Total Enrolment


Admission Details

How can I get into the University of Technology Clausthal?

The University of Technology Clausthal admissions is accepted in the Summer and Winter terms. Students applying for TUC admissions are suggested to apply at least 2 months before the expiry of the application deadlines. For admission, online portals are also available. Admission requirements are listed below:

  • The first admission requirement is to fill up the application form and submit proof of it.
  • Proof of certified copy of German language translation.
  • Students have to submit a certificate of university examination.
  • Candidates have to submit academic records and have to send all the documents through the post. 

Acceptance Rate

Minimum Score
IELTS Requirements

Min. 6.5

Application Website

Accepts Direct Application


Total Applications


Average Tuition Fees

The Clausthal University of Technology charges tuition fees from its EU and international students. The tuition fee can be different for degrees and will also differ from course to course. Other than tuition fees students only have to go through application fees. There is no other fee that EU and international students have to pay.

Degree Type Tuition Fees
Diploma -
Undergraduate €897
Post Graduate $1136.17

Application Details

The University of Technology Clausthal applications are accepted in the Summer and Winter sessions. The application form is available online, and the fee is 75 Euro for international students and 55 Euro for students from China, Vietnam, and Mongolia. The online applications have certain deadlines. Given below are the TUC application deadlines:

Events Dates
Application Deadline

Other Fees

What is the Annual Average Cost to attend the University of Technology Clausthal?

The University of Technology Clausthal charges fees for facilities other than tuition fees from both international and national students. Students have to pay administrative fees. The other TUC fees for international students are shown below:

  • Administration Fee: 55-75 Euro
  • Cost of Living: 578-1,115 Euro
Average Annual Tuition Fees
Average Accommodation
Application Fees

Courses Fees

The University of Technology Clausthal offers bachelor's, master's, and mid-career degree programs to both international and national students. It offers bachelor's degrees in 16 fields and a master's in 15 fields. The University of Technology Clausthal focuses on building a sustainable society. Find below some of the popular TUC courses along with their fee details for international students:

Master Courses:

Bachelor Courses:

Master of Science [M.Sc]

Course Fees: $

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]

Course Fees: $

Bachelor of Arts [B.A]

Course Fees: $

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Contact Information

The University of Technology Clausthal address is Adolph-Roemer-Straße 2A, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld. The location and other contact details of the TUC are shown below:

Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Lower Saxony



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