Norquest College Courses: Tuition Fees & IELTS Requirements

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Norquest College programs for international students are job-oriented and offered across a broad range of specializations, taught by excellent faculty and instructors who are connected in their industry. NorQuest College is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which offers post-secondary education. It has employed about 19,000 students from around the world every year. The college is ranked among the most prestigious and prestigious colleges in Canada for offering unique and multicultural learning experiences. It offers diplomas and certification programs in various fields such as health, business, social studies, environment, educational development, employment programs, open courses, and English language training.

Key Facts

  • It begins accepting applications a year before the start of the semester.
  • It does not require any standard scores such as SAT or ACT.
  • Applicants with a language other than English must provide proof of English language practice.

Courses Offered at Norquest College

NorQuest College also provides training of English language training simultaneously through the curriculum. With the most relevant skills from around the world and a professional curriculum, It prepares the student for the opportunity to choose the perfect career.

Norquest College Admission Requirements and Tuition Fees

Norquest Colleg is known for its unique approach to the learning experience and enriches your skills. It has links with industry, business, and the public sector, helping to provide employee-friendly programs, designed specifically to meet market needs and thereby finding good job opportunities in Canada. Educational opportunities are provided so that students can utilize academic expertise and help their financial needs to develop leadership and community service by contributing to their future college life. Bursaries were made available to pay off loans to students to claim benefits. Tabulated below are details for a few popular courses offered at Norquest College:

Program Fee Deadline Scores accepted
Diploma in Environmental Protection Technology 809,798 Jun 10, 2022 TOEFL 84|IELTS 6.5
Certificate in Health Care Leadership
Jun 10, 2022 TOEFL 94|IELTS 7.5
Certificate in Mental Health Recovery Practitioner 687,287 Jun 10, 2022 TOEFL 84|IELTS 6.5
Certificate in Medical Device Reprocessing Technician 857,657 Jun 10, 2022 TOEFL 84|IELTS 6.5

Tuition Fees at Norquest College Canada

Norquest College international students should pay a non-transferable tuition deposit of $1,000 to hold a seat in the respective program. This tuition deposit is applied to the tuition fee of the first term and should be paid before the deadline mentioned in the admission offer letter. The tuition and fee are reviewed annually at Norquest College Canada and are accessed on a per-credit basis and vary for both domestic and international students. The tuition fees for some of the popular Norquest College programs are given below:

  • Arts and Sciences: $485 per credit
  • Business Administration: $571 per credit
  • Justice: $420 per credit
  • Practical Nurse: $456 per credit
  • Therapeutic Recreation Diploma: $390 per credit

Norquest College, Edmonton, Edmonton FAQs on Programs and Tuition

Norquest College, Edmonton, Edmonton FAQs on Programs and Tuition


What are the various faculties and academic departments at Norquest College?

The following are the faculties at Norquest College:

  • Faculty of Skills & Foundational Learning
  • Faculty of Health & Community Studies
  • Faculty of Business, Environment & Technology

What are the various programs offered at Norquest College?

The following programs are offered at Norquest College:

  • Business
  • Health
  • Community Studies
  • Environment
  • English Language Training
  • Academic Upgrading
  • Open Studies
  • Employment Programs
  • Dual Credit
  • Continuing Education

What are the financial aid and scholarships offered at Norquest College?

The following scholarships are offered at Norquest College:

  • The New Questers International Entrance Scholarship is awarded to academically excellent international students graduating from international high schools and entering studies at NorQuest College. The scholarship amount of $1,000 is awarded to eligible international students. 
  • The International Student Integrity Award is offered to international students who are registered in a full-time career program that is a minimum of eight months or longer at NorQuest College and are attending Norquest on a study permit.
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students in Business or Community Studies is awarded to international students attending NorQuest College on a study permit and are enrolled in a full-time Business or Community Studies program that is a minimum of eight months or longer, and have completed at least one term.

What are the admission requirements at Norquest College?

The following documents must be submitted as part of the admission requirements at Norquest College:

  • Official transcripts should be submitted electronically or mailed directly to the address in a sealed envelope.
  • Original documents/ certified copies to be submitted directly in person.
  • English translation of all the documents in the same format.
  • English proficiency scores sent directly by the testing agency:
    • TOEFL: 71
    • IELTS: 6.0 and above

What is the average cost of tuition at Norquest College?

The average cost of tuition for the diploma programs is CAD 10,640, and for the undergraduate programs, it is CAD 11,664.

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Diploma in Environmental Protection Technology

Full Time
Degree Level
Duration 2 Years
Tuition per year $ 10880
Application Deadline 2021-06-10

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