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Brock University in Ontario, Canada offers a wide range of programs for students on both of its campuses. Every year 20,000 students enter Brock. Its Intensive English Language Program (IELP) offers the five-level English Language Program for students to prepare for Brock University undergraduate courses in English.

Brock University Admission Requirement

Brock University welcomes 2,500+ students from 100 countries. It offers more than 120 undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate study programs.

Undergraduate Admission at Brock University

International students seeking admission to Brock University must meet the eligibility criteria set by the University. Since the Brock admission rate is approximately 73%, students must meet the requirements set by the University. Documents like Academic Result, English Language Proficiency Test Result should be submitted.

Eligibility Criteria for International Students:

  • At least 75% marks in English, mathematics, biology, and chemistry. The minimum requirement to be considered is 75% of the average year of higher education.
  • Students must complete the qualifying process for the subjects of their choice.
  • Students must meet the qualifying criteria in the basic skills of the English language prescribed by the University.
  • Students must submit certified copies of their textbooks.
  • Passport size photo must be sent.
  • It requires an average GPA of 2.8.
  • Certified copies of limited examination schools must also be submitted.

Postgraduate Admission at Brock University

Brock University offers a number of 100+ international student programs from 100+ countries on 2 campuses. The most popular programs that many students are enrolling in are Biophysics, Accounting, Business Administration, Chemistry, Canadian Studies. The application fee for a student when applying to university is 100 CAD. Students can visit the official website of the University for the application process or contact the Consultant for any assistance in the application process.

Eligibility Criteria for International Students:

  • Requirements for graduate programs
  • Certified copy of Academic Transcripts.
  • Knowledge of the English language.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Students may also be required to submit their Course of Life (CV) for certain subjects.
  • If a student takes any prescribed test, they can display the same result. Some programs require students to take some accredited exams, so students are advised to check out the university website.
  • Passport size photo must be sent.
  • Certified copy of limited examination schools.

Brock University Application Process for International Students

Brock University get an application in huge numbers from more than 100 countries. An application for international admission can be found on the university's official website. Students who experience any issues while completing the application form can view the contact details available on the official Brock website. Students can seek help from agents while completing their online application or they can refer them if there is a problem/problem.

Required Documents

  • Proof of registration.
  • Passport.
  • Visa Money Application.
  • Passport size photo.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Health insurance policy.
  • Evidence of financial viability.
  • Record of academic results.
  • Students must meet the minimum requirements for a visa.
  • Certified copy of English Technical Skills.
  • Certified copy of Certified Test Schools.

How to apply?

  • complete the online application on the University's official website 
  • Students must have a median GPA of 2.8.
  • All students must offer English proficiency tests either IELTS or TOFEL.
  • Students are required to attach a certified copy of any standard exams they offer. For example, SAT, ACT. In some courses that offer limited tests such as MCAT are required, in such cases, students are advised to refer to the official website.
  • High school certification is eligible for admission to a university.
  • All learners must submit a statement of purpose. SOPs should
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from your teachers and professors.
  • Submit a certified copy of your passport.
  • All visa-related documents must be submitted.

Brock University Application Deadlines

The registration process for graduates and graduates ends on July 31. Students are advised to follow their applications on the official website of the University after completion of the admission process.



Summer 2022

January 13, 2022 (Closed)

Fall 2022

April 1, 2022 (Closed)

Admission Procedure of Brock University

Applying to Brock University is a multi-step process. Please read these instructions thoroughly before submitting your application. It is recommended that all parts of your application be completed within the specific application deadline of the program.

  • Once you have completed and submitted your application online, you will be notified that you have paid a non-refundable application fee. You must pay for each program you apply for. 
  • Application fees vary by program. a) 110 CAD - MA, MBE, MSC, MS, or PhD. b) 140 CAD - MADS, GD ADS, MBA, MAcc, MEd, MPH, MPH / MBA, MAG, or MPK programs.
  • Fees are payable to the Ontario University Application Center and may be paid by VISA or Mastercard.
  • after submission of the application fee, In one to two business days, you will need Brock to receive your application from the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC).
  • Within one week of submitting your application via OUAC, you will be contacted by email with your Brock Campus ID (2 characters, 2 numbers, 2 characters) and instructions on how to sign in to the Brock section to upload the required documents for your application. 
  • Check your app status and document in the Brock hole using your campus ID. Brock Web site is your most up-to-date source of information. Submission letters will be sent to their Brock Portal account.
  • Admissions decisions will only be posted on the site. Entry decisions are usually made 6 - 8 weeks after the application deadline.

Acceptance Rate at Brock University

Brock's admission rate is estimated at around 73%, students must meet the requirements set by the University. More than 85% of students who chose co-op education rated their overall satisfaction within their 8-term work experience at least 8 out of 10.