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Assam (AHSEC) HS Syllabus 2020

Assam (AHSEC) HS Syllabus 2020

All affiliated institutions, including government and private schools, follow the same syllabus given by Assam HS board. Candidates can refer to the syllabus given here for the preparation of board examination. Question paper for the board examination will also be set as per the new updated syllabus. Find out more about HS 2nd year English syllabus that is common for all the streams.

The AHSEC HS syllabus provides detailed information about the topics that are to be covered in each subject and the mark distribution for the same. The data provided in the syllabus booklet is crucial for students to ease their preparation for the Assam HS Final Exams. The syllabus is provided in English and Assamese languages for students across Science, Commerce and Arts streams as three different PDFs. Therefore, students can download both the HS 2nd year english books as well as HS 2nd year Assamese books.

Assam HS Sample Question Paper  Assam HS Admit Card 2020 

Assam (AHSEC) HS Syllabus PDF


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AHSEC HS/12th Science Syllabus


AHSEC HS/12th Commerce Syllabus


AHSEC HS/12th Inductory Macroeconomics Syllabus 

Unit  Title  Marks Periods
Unit 1 National income and Related Aggregates 10 24
Unit 2 Determination of Income and Employment 12 25
Unit 3 Government Budget anf Economy 06 12
Unit 4 Forms of Market & Price Determination 06 12
Unit 5 Balance payment 06 12

AHSEC HS/12th Indian Economic Development Syllabus

Unit   Title  Marks  Periods
Unit 6 Development Policies and Experience (1947-90) 07 13
Unit 7 Economic Reforms since 1991 05  10 
Unit 8 Current Challenges facing Indian Economy  22  55 
Unit 9 Development Experience of India: A Comparison with Neighbours 06 07

Assam 12th Syllabus

New syllabus of MIL Assamese, MIL Bengali, & Accountancy



MIL Assamese, MIL Bengali, & Accountancy Syllabus


<<Click here for AHSEC Routine 2020>>

How to Download Assam (AHSEC) HS Syllabus 2020?

Students can also visit the board's official website to download the latest AHSEC syllabus by following the detailed steps given below. They can also find HS 2nd year Assamese books and English books online.

Step 1: Visit AHSEC official website-

Step 2: Select the Syllabus option from the homepage. AHSEC HS Syllabus 2020

Step 3: Under ‘Syllabus and Curriculum’ section, click on the relevant link to download the syllabus for that stream.AHSEC HS Class 12th 2020

Step 4: Download and save the AHSEC syllabus for further reference.

AHSEC HS/12th Core Subjects

The two core subjects of HSEC syllabus that are common for every student across all the streams are

1. English 

2. Modern Indian Language (MIL)

A student is required to pick one of the following options as part of Modern Indian Language. Language options are common for all students across all streams.

  • Assamese

  • Bengali

  • Bodo

  • Hindi

  • Nepali

  • Urdu

  • Khasi

  • Garo

  • Mizo

  • Manipuri

  • Hmar

  • Alternative English

Note: HS 2nd year English syllabus is very important for the candidates preparing for the board exams. Students can also select the optional subject Alternative English from the optional languages. 

AHSEC HS/12th Science Subjects

Elective Subjects

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Biology Geography Geology
Statistics Anthropology Computer Science and Application
Home Science Economics Engineering Drawing
Logic and Philosophy Multimedia & Web Technology Biotechnology
Entrepreneurship Development Sanskrit  

AHSEC HS/12th Commerce Subjects

Elective Subjects

Business Studies Accountancy Economics
Salesmanship & Advertising Banking Insurance
Mathematics Geography Computer Science and Application
Commercial Mathematics and Statistics

Entrepreneurship Development

Multimedia and Web Technology



AHSEC HS/12th Arts Subjects

Elective Subjects

Political Science Economics History
Education Logic and Philosophy Geography
Mathematics Advanced Assamese Advanced Hindi
Sanskrit Arabic  


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