B.Sc Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Science
Duration Course Duration of Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] is 3 Years.
Age No specific age limit
Minimum Percentage 50-55% in 10+2
Subjects Required Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics in 10+2
Average Fees Incurred INR 10,000 - 1 L per annum
Similar Options of Study BCA, BS, B.Sc+M.Sc
Average Salary Offered INR 5.5 L per annum
Employment Roles Anesthesiologist, Scientist, Lecturer, Biology Researcher, Scientist Assistant, Laboratory Technician, Chemist, Research Analyst, Professor, Technical Writer/ Editor, Pharmacist, Plant Biochemist etc.
Placement Opportunities TCS Limited, Wipro Technologies Ltd., HCL Technologies Ltd., Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, Techmahindra Ltd, InfoSys Limited, IBM India Private Limited, Mindtree Consulting, Atos Origin etc.

About Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]:

  • Bachelor of Science generally known as B.Sc is the shortened version of the Latin term, "Baccalaureus Scientiae".

  • B.Sc course is an undergraduate academic degree.

  • Biological and Life Sciences, Business, Engineering and Technology, and the Natural Sciences are the key academic fields of study that offer B.Sc degree course. B.Sc course list of syllabus and subjects also offer specialization courses.
  • The B.Sc course also offers Professional courses that give employment opportunities with B.Sc job salary ranging from 2 to 8 lakhs per annum.

  • The B.Sc course degree is awarded on the completion of courses that generally last three years.

  • The curriculum is divided into 6 semesters and universities like Gargi College, Delhi University, Jesus & Mary College, New Delhi, and others are providing the courses across the nation.

  • B.Sc is a degree awarded at universities around the world for completion of an undergraduate level study in a science or technology-related field.

  • Whether a student of a particular subject is awarded a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree can vary between universities. For example, an Economics degree may be given as a Bachelor of Arts [BA] from one university but as a B.Sc by another, and some universities offer the choice of either Degree.

  • The top colleges for B.Sc are IISc, Christ College, Gargi College, etc.

What is Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]?

What is B.Sc?

  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) is an Academic Degree which is awarded to students graduating in the field of Science.

  • Bachelor of Science is one of the most popularly pursued courses in India.

  • In India, the duration of the B.Sc course is 3 years.

  • In B.Sc courses list, there are many Science subjects offered to students according to their interests but it depends on the university and combinations offered, that students can choose from.

  • Though most universities refer to the degree as B.Sc, it is also sometimes referred to as BS.

  • Science course combinations include various branches of:

    • Physics

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Mathematics

    • Computer Science

    • Psychology

    • Statistic's

  • The B.Sc course involves a lot of practical experience as well as interdisciplinary theoretical practice.

  • Students are exposed to a vast range of Subjects and research in the field of their choice as a part of the B.Sc syllabus.

  • The B.Sc degree course is a graduate degree course in Science; this can be a part-time or full-time course as B.Sc course in IGNOU or B.Sc course in open university.

  • Graduates of B.Sc course are given employment opportunities in both core science industries and otherwise. There are also some Arts/Commerce subjects that are sometimes offered under B.Sc, like Economics or Statistics, depending on the university and other norms. 

  • B.Sc degree course is designed to develop graduates with the key practical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge.

  • Bachelor of Science degree programs is mostly meant for those students who have a strong background in Mathematics and the Sciences.

  • The subjects studied during the B.Sc course are both factual as well as application-based.

  • Most students, after obtaining the B.Sc course degree, prefer to further their specialization in the field of their choice by pursuing the Master of Science [M.Sc] course.

  • Only students who have a strong aptitude for Science and Applied Sciences must pursue the B.Sc course degree.

  • Since the Science degree is completely focused on factual information and practical knowledge.

  • There are Core B.Sc, Online B.Sc, and Part Time B.Sc to avail for those who desire to pursue this course but cannot due to other priorities.

Why Choose Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]?

Why choose B.Sc

  • Animation and Multimedia is one of the finest and the most number of employability creating jobs in the field of Science and Technology.

  • The growth rate of working in some of the acknowledged and finest workplaces like Intel, Freshworld, and GlaxoSmith is incredibly high and experience from such ventures will be a boost in an individual's career.

  • B.Sc job opportunities depend on the recruitment strategies opted by different organizations.

  • Enrolling in a B.Sc degree course translates to making a significant investment in one’s professional career.
  • B.Sc course graduates can study a variety of subjects including:

    • Mathematics

    • Chemistry

    • Forensics

    • Computer programming

    • Engineering

  • Therefore, job prospects for B.Sc course majors offer a similarly diverse range of professional fields to work in, such as:

    • Healthcare

    • Finance

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Forensic sciences

    • Consulting

    • Engineering

    • Education

    • Computer programming

  • Three high-paying positions one could obtain with a B.Sc course degree are a senior software engineer, chief financial officer, and senior professional service consultant.

  • The B.Sc graduate salary depends on the employment area and the job profile in the organizations.

  • In addition to the enhanced career prospects that can be gained by taking a Bachelor of Science, students also develop valuable personal skills and fulfill a crucial prerequisite to Master studies.

  • BSc students are not only restricted to a field of science-related jobs and they have the flexibility to explore other fields like that of management, engineering, law etc both for higher education and employment opportunities.

Top Colleges for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]:


Name of the College


Gargi College, Delhi University


Jesus & Mary College, [JMC New Delhi]


Miranda House, Delhi University


Hans Raj College, Delhi University


Delhi Technological University, New Delhi


Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Delhi University, New Delhi


St. Stephen's College, New Delhi


St. Josephs College, Bangalore


Presidency University, Kolkata


St. Xavier's College, Mumbai


Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]:

Eligibility Criteria for B.Sc

  • The admission to the B.Sc courses is based on Class 12th percentage which is generally 50-55%.

  • Students aspirants of B.Sc course have to complete their 10+2 secondary and higher secondary schooling.
  • Some universities also conduct their entrance exam for admission. Each college has different admission procedure for this program. They give admission on the basis of merit.

  • Some public and private college also conduct examinations for the admission to various B.Sc degree course.
  • There are various colleges which offer 3 to 5 years B.Sc degree course.

Admission Procedure for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]:

 Admission Procedure for B.Sc

  • Admission to B.Sc degree course is through both entrance examination and merit-based.

  • Certain universities offer both direct admission and entrance based admission to the program. However, few Universities require Candidates to have given any of the applicable Entrance Exams for B.Sc course list.

  • Candidates are advised to have a look at the list of Entrance Exams applicable for B.Sc courses list, for various Universities.

  • Candidates should also make sure they qualify in the Education Eligibility criteria with the minimum required marks. 

  • Candidates who are applying for the B.Sc degree course should beforehand have their results from the respective Entrance Exams required by the selected/opted Universities.

  • Applications for admissions can be availed either from the University website or by visiting the Admissions Office of the same. Candidates will have to fill out the required details in a match with the existing documents. 

Entrance Exams for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]:

  • Banaras Hindu University Entrance Exam

  • Jamia Mallia Islamia University entrance exam

  • Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) entrance exam

Syllabus & Subjects Summary for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]:

  • The B.Sc course in India is for 3 years which is divided into 6 semesters. B.Sc course is an undergraduate course which is offered by almost all universities in the country but the B.Sc course syllabus list in India varies from other countries.

  • As there are advancements in this field of science and technology, the B.Sc course has become one of the highly chosen courses in the colleges.

  • The B.Sc course list has basic courses like Physics, Maths, Home Science, Statistics etc that are offered for the students.

  • The other Professional courses offered in B.Sc course are :

    • B.Sc Agriculture course

    • B.Sc Engineering course

    • B.Sc Pathology course

    • B.Sc Statistics course

    • B.Sc Sonography course

  • The UG B.Sc courses list also have some specific specialization subjects that can be chosen by students according to their interests.

  • After B.Sc which course is best can be decided by the students who want to take up higher education like M.Sc or any other inter-disciplinary science careers. 

Jobs, Scope, Salary, and Placements Summary for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]:

  • After the B.Sc course completion, students can choose different areas to work which includes both science and non-science fields.

  • The other professional B.Sc courses list that includes Animation And IT also have vast job opportunities.

  • In some colleges, the B.Sc course graduates are recruited directly by Big companies for a good pay package with the initial annual salary ranging between Rs. 1,80,000 and Rs. 9,00,000.

  • Apart from the research and government jobs, B.Sc course graduates can also work or get jobs in Marketing, Banking, Technical writing, and Aviation etc.

  • The Key employment areas for the B.Sc course graduates are Biotechnology Industry, Agricultural Industry, Genetic Research, Space Research Institutes, Forensic Crime Research, and Educational Institutes.

  • The top 3 high-paying positions one could get with a B.Sc course degree are a senior software engineer, chief financial officer, and senior professional service consultant.
  • The B.Sc course graduates are offered job roles like Biology Researcher, Clinical Research Manager, Technical Writer/ Editor, Marine Geologists and many other.

Entrance Exams For Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]

See Various Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Colleges in India

Fee Structure of Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] in India

(In Lakhs)

Fee Structure by State for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]

All Over India

Public Colleges
₹ 540 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 5 Lakh
₹ 29,625 (Average Fee)
Private Colleges
₹ 540 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 24.40 Lakh
₹ 2.01 Lakh (Average Fee)

Andhra Pradesh

Public Colleges
₹ 5,770 ₹ 5.40 Lakh
₹ 19,500
Private Colleges
₹ 2,420 ₹ 2.40 Lakh
₹ 18,000

Arunachal Pradesh

Public Colleges
₹ 39,000 ₹ 1.04 Lakh
₹ 50,000
Private Colleges
₹ 16,500 ₹ 1.05 Lakh
₹ 60,000


Public Colleges
₹ 17,820 ₹ 2.22 Lakh
₹ 21,250
Private Colleges
₹ 2,520 ₹ 6.40 Lakh
₹ 14,790


Public Colleges
₹ 3,750 ₹ 1.59 Lakh
₹ 37,000
Private Colleges
₹ 489 ₹ 88,150
₹ 6,819


Public Colleges
₹ 2,349 ₹ 1.33 Lakh
₹ 15,000
Private Colleges
₹ 4,599 ₹ 1.96 Lakh
₹ 42,100


Public Colleges
₹ 16,500 ₹ 7.50 Lakh
₹ 75,000
Private Colleges
₹ 2,061 ₹ 11.80 Lakh
₹ 9,000


Public Colleges
₹ 3,800 ₹ 2.34 Lakh
₹ 1.19 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 1,500 ₹ 8.66 Lakh
₹ 1.35 Lakh

Himachal Pradesh

Public Colleges
₹ 5,583 ₹ 2.70 Lakh
₹ 35,510
Private Colleges
₹ 2,175 ₹ 5.93 Lakh
₹ 90,000

Jammu And Kashmir

Public Colleges
₹ 7,320 ₹ 3.16 Lakh
₹ 18,000


Public Colleges
₹ 7,146 ₹ 36,000
₹ 10,140
Private Colleges
₹ 1,920 ₹ 2.15 Lakh
₹ 29,811


Public Colleges
₹ 2,100 ₹ 1.87 Lakh
₹ 9,700
Private Colleges
₹ 3,750 ₹ 9.06 Lakh
₹ 76,800


Public Colleges
₹ 3,000 ₹ 2.88 Lakh
₹ 10,815
Private Colleges
₹ 660 ₹ 6 Lakh
₹ 37,500

Madhya Pradesh

Public Colleges
₹ 2,300 ₹ 2.88 Lakh
₹ 15,000
Private Colleges
₹ 5,700 ₹ 3.20 Lakh
₹ 64,800


Public Colleges
₹ 9,000 ₹ 3.88 Lakh
₹ 33,771
Private Colleges
₹ 90 ₹ 16.35 Lakh
₹ 36,000


Public Colleges
₹ 42,000 ₹ 55,690
₹ 55,690
Private Colleges
₹ 60,000 ₹ 1.83 Lakh
₹ 1.23 Lakh


Public Colleges
₹ 18,125 ₹ 24,125
₹ 24,125


Public Colleges
₹ 5,005 ₹ 1.05 Lakh
₹ 28,400
Private Colleges
₹ 360 ₹ 4.40 Lakh
₹ 6,624

Pondicherry / Puducherry

Private Colleges
₹ 750 ₹ 1.46 Lakh
₹ 12,600


Public Colleges
₹ 1,400 ₹ 2.06 Lakh
₹ 65,580
Private Colleges
₹ 2,880 ₹ 9.60 Lakh
₹ 1.29 Lakh


Public Colleges
₹ 2,666 ₹ 2.40 Lakh
₹ 18,750
Private Colleges
₹ 3,060 ₹ 4.50 Lakh
₹ 1.05 Lakh


Private Colleges
₹ 53,600 ₹ 3.59 Lakh
₹ 2.01 Lakh

Tamil Nadu

Public Colleges
₹ 1,545 ₹ 6.75 Lakh
₹ 16,800
Private Colleges
₹ 733 ₹ 8.45 Lakh
₹ 39,000


Public Colleges
₹ 2,700 ₹ 2.43 Lakh
₹ 13,770
Private Colleges
₹ 4,080 ₹ 2.34 Lakh
₹ 39,000


Private Colleges
₹ 12,000 ₹ 71,000
₹ 45,000

Uttar Pradesh

Public Colleges
₹ 2,982 ₹ 2.80 Lakh
₹ 11,664
Private Colleges
₹ 1,200 ₹ 6 Lakh
₹ 36,000


Public Colleges
₹ 1,704 ₹ 1.20 Lakh
₹ 15,000
Private Colleges
₹ 25,000 ₹ 6 Lakh
₹ 2.10 Lakh

West Bengal

Public Colleges
₹ 1,429 ₹ 2.18 Lakh
₹ 7,200
Private Colleges
₹ 1,092 ₹ 4.25 Lakh
₹ 7,280

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Reviews

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Medical), batch of 2019
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

Eligibility criteria for admission were getting 60 percent or above in 12th with PCB OR PCMB.

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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Microbiology), batch of 2020
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

•Merit-Based, eligibility criteria are that you have to 10+2 Passed with 60% marks having physics, chemistry, Biology and English as compulsory subject including any other additional subject • No • Between 90-80% For General category.

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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc], batch of 2020
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

There is an admission on the basis of class 12 percentage. For zoology 50% must be there in class 12 There is no such entrance test for b.sc

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