Science Courses: Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus, Placements

Mandavi Shukla

Mandavi Shukla

, Nov 27, 2023

Science is one of the most pursued majors in the country. Several prestigious colleges and universities offer the best science courses. The nation's development is the focus of the science courses, which also offer a variety of job opportunities in the public and private sectors.

Science is a combination of PCBM which the candidate should have in the 12th grade so as to qualify for the bachelor's course for further studies. India has some of the best science programmes available thanks to its numerous prestigious institutions that offer Certificate, Diploma, and Degree (Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate) programmes. The science course duration ranges from 3 to 5 years.

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Science Courses List

The country grants many different science degree courses, including diplomas, B.Sc. degrees, and even PhDs. Some of the best science colleges, including IITs, VITs, BITS, and NITs, provide a wide range of additional science-related courses and certifications. The majority of science degree courses are entrance exam-based, so any candidate choosing to study for one should be aware of this. One can read the science course details below to find out more about their choices and options.

Here is the list of science courses in the country broken down as follows:

Undergraduate Courses

The science undergraduate courses are full-time courses for a span of three years to four years with integrated science courses leading up to five years. B.Sc has the most popularity among students pursuing science.  Some of the undergraduate courses are:

Postgraduate Courses

After completion of a bachelor's students can desire to pursue postgraduate courses to advance their skills in the field of science and research. The pg science course is available in all fields across the country. Here are some of the Postgraduate courses available in the country:

Diploma Courses

Following high school graduation, candidates have access to a number of courses that can be taken to earn diplomas. The candidate can enrol in a variety of science stream courses after 12th including a diploma in yoga, a food and nutrition diploma, and a computer science diploma. For those looking for short-term, professionally oriented courses after receiving their bachelor's degree, post-graduate diploma programmes are an option.  Below are the diploma and postgraduate diploma for scene courses:

Certification Courses

Science certificate courses are also available. There are numerous certifications available in the fields of yoga, cosmetology, food and nutrition, etc. These are short-term science courses that teach the students the basics. The courses are basically professional in nature. Here is list of professional courses in science which can be pursued online or offline:

Offline Courses:

  • Certificate in Food And Nutrition
  • Certificate in Nutrition
  • Certificate in Fashion Design
  • Certificate in Cosmetology

Online Courses: 

  • Data Science
  • Physics - Kinematics for High School and AP Physics 1
  • Essentials of Nutrition & Food
  • Introduction to Bioelectricity
  • Becoming Aquaculture Expert (Part 1)

Doctorate Courses

After graduation, science majors can enrol in doctoral degree programmes. Food science, nutrition, agriculture, and many other fields are among them. Below is a list of the doctorate courses available for candidates to pursue:

Best Courses After 10th in Science Best Courses After 12th Science

Eligibility for Science Courses

An individual may be qualified for science stream courses depending on the course type to which they are applying. To enrol in undergraduate programmes, students must have a minimum GPA of 50% in their 10+2 from a recognised board with PCBM. To be admitted to postgraduate programmes for science courses, students must focus on their undergraduate grades.

Nearly all students must take entrance exams in order to enrol in prestigious colleges that offer science programmes. Let's take a quick look at the science courses eligibility criteria according to degrees:

  • Diploma: For Candidates wishing to pursue a diploma, they can either enrol in the law course after the 12th. They must secure 45% in the 12th graduate to be qualified to pursue Diploma courses in law. 
  • Certificate: The certificate courses have the same eligibility as a diploma. The candidate should’ve passed at least 12th grade with a 45% minimum aggregate. For working professionals too, the criteria are the same.
  • Undergraduate: Students must sit for entrance examinations conducted by the centre, state or university to qualify for science courses. Apart from this, they should meet the qualifying requirements set by the universities and colleges.
  • Postgraduate: A candidate wishing for pg science courses must have performed well in the undergraduate course. They must also qualify for the entrance examination to be able to pursue a PG course. 
  • Doctorate: Students must qualify for the national entrance examination to be able to sit for a PhD course. They also should be able to secure a minimum of 50% in their postgraduate course. 

Science Courses Admission

Admission to science courses can be obtained through entrance exams or merit-based selection. The universities that have been selected/opted for may request that candidates for the science degree submit their scores from the pertinent entrance exam boards. Both offline and online admissions applications are available to students.

Listed below are the admission links to the most popular science colleges in India:

Colleges Admission Link
Government Holkar Science College Government Holkar Science College Admission
Baba Farid University of Health Science Baba Farid University of Health Sciences Admission
IISc Bangalore IISc Bangalore Admission
BITS Pilani BITS Pilani Admission
Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Science Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Science Admission
RUHS RUHS Admission
Sri Krishna Arts and Science College Sri Krishna Arts and Science College Admission
TISS Mumbai TISS Mumbai Admission

For information on the online application process, students must visit the colleges' official websites. For offline methods, they would need to visit the college's admission office in person.

Science Courses Entrance Exam

Entrance exams have a significant impact on the final merit list of applicants selected for admission to colleges. Entrance exams are used as a screening tool by colleges to determine whether applicants are a good fit for the programme.

At the college, state, and federal levels, these exams are administered. Students must therefore thoroughly research the appropriate exam before enrolling in all science courses.

The following is a list of some of the best exams for admission to various science programmes in India according to their degree:

Undergraduate Entrance Exams

Postgraduate Entrance Exams

PhD Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams After 12th Science Science Exams in India

Types Of Science Courses (Branches)

Choosing a specific field can be difficult because science courses can cover a wide range of topics. The main objective of science streams courses is to draft, design, and implement new concepts for machines, structures, and devices. The nation as a whole enjoys science programmes very much because of their variety of uses. The science course fees also vary according to the universities and colleges.

All science courses are regarded as lucrative fields for school graduates to study because math and science are stressed, and candidates can anticipate finding a well-paying job in both the public and private sectors after graduation. Let's examine a few different courses in the science field:

Computer Science Courses

Computer science is the study of computer networks, operating systems and programming languages. The importance of computer science has risen over the years due to the development of IT sectors in the country. Below mentioned is the computer science course fee and duration:

Courses Duration Average Fees (INR)
Diploma in Computer Science 3 Years 13,500 - 57,000 PA
B.Sc Computer Science 3 Years 10,000 - 1 LPA
Certificate in Computer Science 6 months to 1 year 10,000-50,000 PA
PG Diploma in Computer Science 1 year 70,000- 1.1 LPA

The demand for computer science graduates has also increased with the advancing technology. There are many B.Sc Computer science colleges in India that the students can choose to study from.

Top BSc Computer Science Colleges in India Top MSc Computer Science Colleges in India

Forensic Science Courses

Forensic Science Courses is the branch of science that use scientific methods to investigate or discover any source of evidence. It covers a wide variety of areas in science and technology, including biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, social sciences, and so on. Below mentioned is the Forensic science course fee and duration:

Courses Duration Average Fees (INR)
B.Sc in Forensic Science 3 Years 10,000 - 1 LPA
M.Sc in Forensic Science 2 Years 10,000 - 2 LPA
Certificate in Forensic science 6 months 2,000 - 45,000 PA

Forensic Science is that one career you should go for if you have a passion for solving or investigating crimes as it is an interesting and adventurous domain to opt for.

Forensic Science Courses After 12th Popular Jobs in Forensic Science

Data Science Courses

One of the most pursued courses in the field of science after the computer is Data. While a Diploma aims at imparting candidates with basic knowledge and technical skills, an undergraduate degree is more focused on the in-depth study of big data corporations, technical output and tabulation. One can also go for certification to develop their skills in the IT industry.

Courses Duration Average Fees (INR)
B.Sc in Data Science 3 Years 10,000 - 1 LPA
M.Sc Data Science 2 Years 1.7 - 3.5 LPA
Certificate in Data Science 6 months to 1 year 10,000-50,000 PA
PG Diploma in Data Science 1 year 70,000- 1.1 LPA

The Data Science subjects deals with knowledge about big data corporations, tabulation and coding. There are many B.Sc Data science colleges in India that the students can choose to study from.

Top BSc Data Science Colleges in India Top MSc Data Science Colleges in India

Home Science Courses

Home Science deals with the idea and implementation of home furnishing, modelling and designing everything related to households. The course can be pursued as a diploma for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Below mentioned is the Home science course fee and duration:

Courses Duration Average Fees (INR)
B.Sc in Home Science 3 Years 9,000 - 1.8 LPA
M.Sc Home Science 2 Years 2 - 10 LPA
Diploma in Home Science 1 year 10,000 - 50,000 PA
PG Diploma in Home Science Management 1 year 70,000- 1.1 LPA

 The Home Science subjects touches on various aspects of interior design, food and nutrition, fashion and design. There are many B.Sc Home science colleges in India that the students can choose to study from.

Home Science Courses After 12th Top BSc Home Science Colleges in India

Agricultural Science Courses

The main focus of the subject is to introduce students to the agricultural economy, technologies in agriculture, methods and procedures, advancement in agriculture and research. There are specializations in which students can pursue diplomas in subjects such as horticulture, sericulture, and soil conservation to bachelors in agriculture. Below mentioned are the agricultural science course fee and duration:

Courses Duration Average Fees (INR)
Diploma in Horticulture 2 years 50,000 - 1.5 LPA
Diploma in Agriculture 2 Years 50,000 - 1.5 LPA
B.Sc in Agriculture 4 Years 2 - 2.5 LPA
M.Sc Agriculture 2 years 50,000 - 1.5 LPA

After completion of a bachelor’s, higher studies are available in masters and doctorate degrees. Colleges such as BHU, OPJS University, Annamalai University, etc.

Top BSc Agriculture Colleges in India Top MSc Agriculture Colleges in India

Yoga Science Courses

Yoga Science is one of the recent developments in the field of science. Although the practice of yoga has been present for centuries, its incorporation as a study has been fairly recent. This is one of the most pursued certification courses in the country, although undergraduate study provides a field for in-depth study of yoga, its techniques and positions. Below mentioned is the Yoga science course fee and duration:

Courses Duration Average Fees (INR)
Diploma in Yoga 1 Year 2,000 - 45,000 PA
Certificate in Yoga 6 months 2,000 - 45,000 PA
B.Sc in Yoga 3 Years 10,000 - 1 LPA
M.Sc in Yoga 2 Years 10,000 - 2 LPA

Top 10 Science Courses in Demand

Since science is a popular stream in India, there is a high demand for the courses offered by the stream in the country. The popular courses range from diploma to postgraduate to even doctorate. The science courses in college are offered under various specializations for the candidate to choose based on their interest and qualifications.

Here are some of the best science courses in India that are in demand:

Courses Duration
B.Sc Mathematics 3 years
B.Sc Physics 3 years
B.Sc Biotechnology 3 years
B.Sc Zoology 3 years
B.Sc Microbiology 3 years
B.Sc Chemistry 3 years
B.Sc Computer Science 3 years
B.Sc Botany 3 years
B.Sc Agriculture 3 years
B.Sc Biology 3 years

If students have chose PCM or PCMB, there are many career and course choices available to them.

Courses After 12th Science PCM in India Courses after 12th Science PCMB

Science Courses Syllabus And Subjects

Science and its related fields are studied with a lot of emphasis in this course. The course covers many different topics, such as testing, consulting, and research. The incorporation of numerous research and design strategies.

The specific content and duration of the course will change depending on the type, of course, the student chooses to enrol in. For instance, a topic might not be covered as thoroughly in an undergraduate or diploma course as it is in a postgraduate course. There may be integrated science courses for certain subjects and syllabi.

In science courses, students may study the following general topics:

  • Communication Science
  • Agricultural Dynamics
  • Solid state Physics
  • Hardware Application Design
  • C++ Programming languages
  • Organic chemistry
  • Environmental science
  • Advanced Bioscience
  • Classical Mathematics
B.Sc Subjects and Syllabus M.Sc Syllabus and Subjects

Top Science Colleges in India

Science courses in colleges in India are in abundance from private colleges to government colleges. The country is host to many prestigious universities that produced notable alumni in the field of scientific research and development. The science course fee structure of the colleges is subject to the course candidates wish to pursue in the field of science.

Here is a list of colleges in India offering science courses.

Colleges Fees (INR)
Hindu College 61,380 PA
Madras Christain College 88,860 PA
Loyola College 1.4 LPA
Miranda House 68,910 PA
Christ University 3 LPA
Hansraj College 87,740 PA
Daulat Ram College 58,620 PA
Lady Shri Ram College 62,100 PA
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College 58,300 PA
Women’s Christain College 3 LPA

Science Courses Jobs and Salaries

The career options available to students who enrol in science programmes in India are extremely diverse. They are employed by both the public and private sectors. When developing the curriculum, the needs of the industry are taken into account. The most common job titles and their typical salaries are listed below:

Job Role Average Salary (INR)
Assistant Researcher 3 LPA
Jr. Program Developer 3.5 LPA
Researcher 6 LPA
Clinical Dietitian 4.5 LPA
Research Analyst 5 LPA
Data Scientist 8 LPA

Science is advancing at a rapid pace, and many of these jobs are expected to grow faster in the near future. A career in science can boast some consistently high-paying salaries. Using an associate degree, bachelor's degree or PhD in science can lead to a lucrative career.

High Salary Courses After 12th Science Popular Jobs in Forensic Science

Scope of Science in India

Science is fundamental to daily life in the vast majority of developing nations. Science majors need not worry about the breadth and depth of the course because they will be exposed to a variety of career options on a constant basis.

Because they have a thorough understanding of mechanics, structure, design, and implementation in addition to a variety of practical skills and work experience, graduates with science degrees are highly sought after by graduate employers and graduate training programmes.

Career Options after 12th Science PCM Career Options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering

Top Recruiters

Science courses in India provide students with ample job opportunities with a very bright future. Listed below are some of the top recruiters in India.

  • Government  of India
  • ISRO
  • NASA
  • SpaceX
  • Infosys
  • Cipla
  • Capgemini
  • HCL Technologies
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Center

Skills Required in Science Courses

The field of science courses calls for a certain set of talents. Candidates will benefit from these courses in terms of personality development and career success. Professional ethics and a better working atmosphere will also be introduced. The following are some necessary skills for science courses:

  • Explaining abilities
  • Skills in Communication
  • An acute sense of detail
  • Observational abilities
  • Classifying
  • Quantifying
  • Interpreting

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