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Kripal Thapa

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Kripal Thapa

Kripal Thapa

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Kripal Thapa

B.Sc IT Course objectives are to provide advanced instruction in the theory and practice of information management, processing, and assessment in a variety of contexts in the field of information technology.B.Sc IT syllabus includes subjects like computer architecture and organization, database systems, operating systems, electronics, computer networking, foundations of a computer system, java programming, website design, etc. The extensive B.Sc IT job scope also ensures that the students will land a high-paying job after graduation.

Semester Wise B.Sc IT Syllabus

The format of conducting exams in different institutes is very different from each other. In contrast, in B.Sc IT course, the exams are conducted semester-wise from 1-6 semesters. As mentioned below are some Information Technology B.Sc syllabus.

B.Sc IT First Year Syllabus

B.Sc IT First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Technical Communication Skill Data Structure Using C Language
Problem Solving Methodologies & Programming in C Web Programming
Computer Fundamentals and Emerging Technology Computer Organization and Architecture
Networking and Internet Environment Mathematical & Statistical Foundation of Computer Science

B.Sc IT Second Year Syllabus

B.Sc IT Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

SAD, Software Quality Assurance & Testing Programming with Java
C++ and Object-oriented Programming Programming with C#
RDBMS Using Oracle Network Technology & Administration
Content Management System Using Joomla Operating Systems Concepts with Unix/Linux

B.Sc IT Third Year Syllabus

B.Sc IT Third Year Syllabus

Semester V

Semester VI

Programming with C#.NET Programming with ASP.NET
Advanced Java Programming MS SQL Server Database Administration
Software Testing and Project Management Network Management and Information Security
Project Development Project Development

B.Sc IT Subjects

B.Sc IT subjects deal with very different kinds of subjects and syllabus which are very important for the aspirants to pick up during 3-year for the final examination which is conducted for the eligible aspirants at the end of the final year, here are a few crucial subjects regarding the information technology like software, databases, and networking, syllabus of B.Sc IT is awarded for completing programmed learning. B.Sc IT all subjects list which includes core and elective subjects as:

Core Subjects

  • Basics of Computer Science
  • Basics to Digital Electronics
  • Mathematics I
  • C Programming
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Computer Organization

Electives Subjects

  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Systems
  • Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Engineering 

B.Sc IT Course Structure

The course of B.Sc IT is structured to cover all six semesters under the due course of a 3-year time-lapse. The course specially focuses on programming and numerical language. The students can choose electives based on their specialization and areas of interest and submit research-based practical projects at the end of the VI semester. Overall, the subjects in the B.Sc IT course structure consist of:

 The course structure is:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core and Elective subjects
  • Internship
  • Project Submission

B.Sc IT Teaching Methodology and Techniques

BSc IT has very different methodology and techniques in teaching the subjects in completely different methods as a comparison to any other subject related to any course, hereafter every lecture and teaching a particular lab class is adjacent to the teaching so the aspirants can get a clear view of information that what is exactly is being taught to them and can practice it at college or home the remaining work as to clear one's knowledge about information technology. In a nutshell, the teaching methodology and techniques B.Sc in Information technology subjects are:

  • Practical sessions
  • Group projects 
  • Workshop
  • Authority Style
  • The Delegator 
  • The Facilitator 
  • Demonstrator 
  • The Hybrid 

B.Sc IT Projects 

Projects of B.Sc IT are very sophisticated when it comes to the aspirant's knowledge point of view, so the teaching staff forms a group of 3-5 member in it so the work could be distributed equally among each other, this process complete not only the project but also forms abound between them and teaches them that team effort pay in the long term, the projects not only finds the way to get complete but the aspirants learn a lot regarding the project given to them. Some of the popular B.Sc IT projects are:

  • Face recognition
  • Development of an app for android, windows, and iso
  • Ad server
  • Payroll system
  • Management system for a lab
  • Electronic signature implementation
  • Information system for human resource

B.Sc IT Reference Books

Here are the top books are written by expert genius minds for the fields of B.Sc IT syllabus. They have contributed their knowledge to society by leaving their most significant efforts on the piece of paper, from home and abroad. 

B.Sc IT Books



Basic of computer & information Technology

Dr. K. Venkataraman

Data structure and algorithms 

Dr. Ms. Manisha Bbharambe


Dr. Anthony Xavier

Information Technology Concepts

Dr. Madhukala Jain

Principle of information

Dr. Miche E Whiteman

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