B.Sc Fashion Designing syllabus aims at teaching the aspirant the design of garments, jewelry, footwear, etc. Throughout the course, the students are taught the study of creating innovative designs. The curriculum ensures the presence of projects and theoretical examinations so the aspirants can learn and understand better.

Semester Wise B.Sc Fashion Designing Syllabus

B.Sc in Fashion Designing has six semesters, with each semester lasting for six months. The subject names might vary depending on the college, but the core concepts do not change. Here are the B.Sc Fashion Designing subjects that an aspirant might encounter in his course:


Sewing Technology

Draping and Basic Sewing Techniques

Textile Science

Elements Of Design

History of World Art and Culture

Visualization and Representation

Environmental Science

Computer Application-I



Fashion Study

Pattern Making-I

Fabric Studies

Garment Construction-I

World Textiles and Costumes

Computer Application-II

Value Education

Fashion Illustration-I

English For Fashion Industry

Manufacturing Process



Costing And Lean Manufacturing Process

Entrepreneurship Development

Industrial Pattern Making

Professional Development

Sustainable Study

Fashion Styling and Photography

Fashion Accessories 

Creative Pattern Making


B.Sc Fashion Designing Subjects

B.Sc in Fashion Designing subjects are categorized into core subjects and elective subjects. These subjects focus on teaching topics like garment designing,manufacturing processes etc. Here is a list of subjects:


  • Fashion Study
  • Fabric Studies
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Sewing Technology
  • Computer Application
  • Elective:
  • Environmental Science
  • Value Education
  • Communication Skills

B.Sc Fashion Designing Course Structure

B.Sc Fashion Designing course syllabus lasts for three years consisting of six semesters. The core subjects are taught in detail every semester, and there are also projects done in the course. The aspirants learn how to create designs and the manufacturing process of producing them. The course includes the following things:

  • Core and Elective Subjects
  • Six Semesters
  • Projects
  • Computer Applications

B.Sc Fashion Designing Teaching Methodology and Technique

B.Sc Fashion Designing has various teaching techniques that focus on providing a better understanding of concepts to the students. These techniques include giving projects and explanations through demonstrations and visiting the factories where production takes place. Here is a list of some of the most popular teaching methodologies adopted by the institutes:

  • Live Demonstrations
  • Product Development
  • Project Evaluations
  • Factory Visits

B.Sc Fashion Designing Projects

Fashion Designing students have to work on projects on the basis of which they are evaluated. These projects are meant to put all the theoretical knowledge to use and make products that are saleable. Here is a list of projects that aspirants can work on:

  • Hand painted garments
  • Pattern cutting and illustrations
  • Home decor designing
  • Jewelry Design

B.Sc Fashion Designing Reference Book

Fashion Designing subjects in B.Sc have only the basic knowledge and principles. There are several reference books for the true connoisseurs of the fashion industry.Here is a list of some of the best reference books for aspiring fashion designers:

Books Author

The end of fashion

Teri Agins


Christopher Breward

The Beautiful Fall

Alicia Drake

Girl Boss

Sophia Amoruso

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