B.Sc Hons. Botany: Course Details, Eligibility, Admission, Fees

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹10K - 1 LPA
Roumik Roy
Roumik Roy

Updated on - Feb 22, 2023

B.Sc Botany Hons. is a 3 years full-time undergraduate course that deals with the study of plant science and plant biology. The students of B.Sc Botany have the benefit of a balanced, carefully crafted pedagogy taking care of different aspects of plant life namely molecular biology, biochemistry, anatomy, taxonomy, economic botany and physiology. Upon the completion of the course, the graduates can opt for various positions to begin their careers such as Botanist Biological Technician, Environment Consultant, Ethnobotanist and Farming Consultant.

B.Sc Botany Honours Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Science Honours in Botany
Duration 3 Years
Age 19-23
Subjects Required Subjects corresponding to (10+2) schooling
Minimum Percentage 50%
Average Fees ₹10K - 1 LPA
Similar Options of Study B.Sc (Computer Science) [Hons], B.Sc (Chemistry) [Hons], B.Sc (Mathematics) [Hons], B.Sc (Physics) [Hons] etc.
Average Salary INR 6.12 L per annum
Employment Roles Biology Researcher, Scientist Assistant, Anesthesiologist, Scientist, Chemist, Lecturer, Laboratory Technician, Research Analyst, Teachers, Technical Writer/ Editor, Pharmacist, Plant Biochemist etc.
Opportunities Wipro Technologies Ltd, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, TCS Limited, HCL Technologies Ltd, Tech Mahindra Ltd, Infosys Ltd, IBM India Private Limited, Atos Origin etc.

About B.Sc Hons. Botany 

B.Sc Botany Honours or Bachelor of Science Honours in Botany is an undergraduate program which entails providing students with a scientific study of ‘plant life.’ Merriam-Webster dictionary defines botany as a ‘branch of biology dealing with plant life.’ Over the duration of the course, the study will extend into various branches such as palaeobotany, ethnobiology, horticulture, plant cytology, phycology and palynology. As a biological study of plants, the B.Sc course offers a wide range of research into the taxonomy, anatomy and physiology of plant life. 

Table of Contents

Eligibility For Bsc Hons.Botany 

B.Sc Hons. Botany admission is offered to those students who meet the eligibility criteria. B.Sc Hons. Botany eligibility is, that students must pass 10+2 or any equivalent examination in the science stream with an aggregate varying between 55-60%. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are the main subjects that the student must have completed in order to be selected for an undergraduate course in Botany.

The minimum age for B.Sc Hons. Botany eligibility is 17  years for any aspiring candidate for the course. The selection criteria are merit-based with most colleges setting cut-off marks while some colleges may hold an entrance exam for the same. 

How To Get Admission For Bsc Hons. Botany?

For pursuing B.Sc Hons. Botany, students must ensure they satisfy the basic eligibility criteria. B.Sc Hons. Botany. In addition to that, students must ensure they have a good performance in 10+2 examinations for merit-based selection and sound performance in the entrance examinations-based admissions. The admissions for B.Sc Hons. Botany can be based in two ways.

While some colleges offer merit-based admissions, some colleges conduct entrance exams for the same. Applications for the admission process may be availed both from college portals or directly by visiting the admission office of the colleges.  

How To Apply?

The application for B.Sc Hons. Botany admission to colleges is available through both online and offline procedures. Most colleges offer admission based on merit while some colleges may choose to conduct entrance exams.

The candidates would also be required to fill out an application, either through online or offline mode where they have to provide valid documents during the admission process. The minimum eligibility criteria may vary within different institutions, ranging from 55% to 60%. 

Selection Process

The selection process for admission in B.Sc Hons. Botany is mostly based upon the candidate’s performance in the 10+2 examinations. Few institutions provide admissions on a meritorious basis while others conduct relevant entrance examinations such as BITSAT, WBJEE AND BHU UET for the same procedure.

The shortlisted candidates are called for the group discussion and personal interview rounds conducted by colleges like the IISER aptitude test. The admit card and other examination details are notified on the college website beforehand. Students would be able to view their results through an online process or receive it via email.

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Students need to ensure that they prepare themselves for the BSc. Hons. Botany entrance exams along all the lines of requirements. Some colleges conduct this exam as a screening process and a good score is mandatory for admission. Some of the popular exams conducted by universities are listed below-

A Quick Glance at the B.Sc Hons. Botany Exams

Candidates who wish to appear for the B.Sc Hons. Botany entrance exams should study the examination pattern and syllabus adequately beforehand. It would help the candidates to ensure timely preparation for the examinations. This would ensure that the students get admission to the colleges of their choice. The examination pattern is as follows-

  • The question paper is structured in an MCQ format
  • There is no negative marking for any questions asked
  • Questions are asked from subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths/English

Top 10 B.Sc Hons. Botany Colleges in India

The recognition of environmental and ecological awareness has made B.Sc Hons. Botany is one of the popular courses in India. Below is the list of the top 10 best B.Sc Hons. Botany Colleges in the country:

Sl no.  Name of the Institute
1. Hindu College, Delhi
2. Miranda House, Delhi
3. Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
4. Hansraj College,  Delhi
5. Jain University, Bengaluru
6. Nims University, Jaipur
7. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, Delhi
8. Ramjas College, Delhi
9. Shivaji College, Delhi
10. Maitreyi College, Delhi

Fee Structure for B.Sc Hons. Botany

B.Sc Hons. Botany fees in Indian colleges can range from INR 10,000 - 1 LPA. The fees charged by an institution may vary on several factors such as location, faculty and institutional facilities that can influence the fees that a university charges from students.

Sl No. Name Of The Institute Total Fee Structure
1. Christ University, Bengaluru INR 29,700 PA
2. Jyoti Nivas College, Bengaluru INR 30,000 PA
3. Fergusson College, Pune INR 12,000 PA
4. St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad INR 12,000 PA
5. National Post Graduate College, Lucknow INR 20,000 PA
6. University of Lucknow, Lucknow INR 10,300 PA

Syllabus and Subjects for B.Sc Hons. Botany 

B.Sc Hons. Botany syllabus offers core and elective courses incorporating the concepts of ‘plant science’ and ‘plant biology. The elective courses are provided to students in all 6 semesters in the 3 years duration of the course. The elective courses for the Undergraduate course in Botany honours are provided on the basis of discipline-specific, generic and ability enhancement. Listed below are a few courses offered in three years of B.Sc Hons. Botany:

  • Algae and Microbiology
  • Biomolecules and Cell Biology
  • Morphology and Anatomy
  • Economic Botany
  • Molecular Biology
  • Plant Systematics
  • Plant Physiology
  • Archegoniate

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Why Choose B.Sc Hons. Botany?

When students consider pursuing B.Sc Hons. Botany, it is natural for them to wonder about the course and ask  “Why choose B.Sc Hons.Botany?” To understand the answer to these questions, we can make it simpler by breaking it down into the following three questions.

What is B.Sc Hons. Botany All About?

B.Sc Hons. Botany course duration is of three years. B.Sc Hons. Botany subjects provide complete training in plant forms, geographical distribution and taxonomy of flora, molecular genetics, and cytogenetics, with special reference to Indian ecology, environment, commodities and forestry.

The course focuses on providing a comprehensive set of Research and Development skills that help the graduates offer solutions to environmental challenges. Upon the completion of the course, the students can opt for jobs in various fields such as Agricultural Research Services, Biotechnological Firms, Eco-Botany, Cosmetic Companies, Environmental Management and College/University Research. 

What Does a B.Sc Hons. Botany Graduate Do?

B.Sc Hons. Botany can be a fulfilling career for students who wish to explore the world of environment and biodiversity. B.Sc Hons. Botany is becoming one of the most sought-after careers offering a varying range of career opportunities. The completion of the course opens up many prospective career opportunities in the ecological industry along with an alternative to further continuing their research by working with industry giants.

Molecular Biologist: Molecular Biologists conduct research and academic research which involves the study of biological structures in order to explore complex molecular structures and their particular functions. They can also conduct academic work at various places such as conferences and governmental agencies. 

Reasons Why B.Sc Hons. Botany Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

B.Sc Hons. Botany can be an extremely rewarding career with the wide array of opportunities that become available after graduation. One can further opt for a master's if they wish to further continue their research in the field by working with experienced industry professionals.

The amount of specialisations that the course offers to conduct further research provides students with new avenues to explore. The graduates of B.Sc Hons. Botany is in demand from various fields such as research organisations, hospitality and tourism bodies. 

Diversity in jobs: The diverse opportunities provided by the B.Sc Hons. Botany makes it one of the most rewarding careers in India. Opportunities range from jobs in various botanical roles due to the high demand in Central and state governmental agencies.

The industrial sectors are always a high requirement for taxonomists and environmental consultants often resulting in a high scale payment employment opportunities. Apart from the industrial demand, the agricultural sector is also highly dependent on agronomists, plant pathologists, microbiologists and biotechnologists.

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Preparation Tips for B.Sc Hons. Botany 

Students should be well prepared in accordance with the different aspects of the B.Sc Hons. Botany entrance exams. They should start preparing well beforehand which would provide them with time management for their preparation. In order to get an upper hand in the admission process, students should follow some important tips:

Study About the course: Conduct detailed research into what the course offers which would help them a long way in selecting the best career path for themselves.

Time Management: One of the essential skills that a student needs to have in order to prepare themselves for all kinds of questions asked in the examinations.

Mock Practice: Going through previous years' papers would not only clear a lot of doubts but also help them in the mental preparation that is very essential for these entrances. 

Practice Regularly: Regular practice throughout the entire duration of their preparation would ensure that the students do not miss a mark with the subject and its demands. 

Scope for Higher Education

An ample number of career alternatives and opportunities are available for graduates of B.Sc Hons. Botany. They can choose to opt for various job opportunities in both the private and public sectors or choose to apply for higher education.

Higher education would help them in becoming more employable and earn a higher salary. Some of the popular Master's courses that B.Sc Hons. Botany graduates can apply for are :

Salary of a B.Sc Hons. Botany Graduate

According to Payscale, the average salary offered to a B.Sc Hons. Botany Graduate in India is 6.1 LPA. This figure can increase if the student opts for higher education bringing in a higher level of skills and experience. 

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Career Options after B.Sc Hons. Botany 

While conducting research for admission into B.Sc Hons. Botany course, the students should also look into the various career opportunities that are available after the completion of the course. B.Sc Hons. Botany is a relevant career for students who further wish to continue their research by opting for M.Sc Botany.

Academic Universities and Fellowship grants are other options available for students who incorporate practical approaches with a learning experience. After completing B.Sc Hons. Botany, the students can also explore the newer opportunities that are made available due to the ecological consideration being incorporated by various industries.

Listed below are some of the popular roles that are available to students after graduation:

  • Ecologist
  • Plant Biochemist
  • Researcher
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Park Ranger
  • Botanist
  • Nursery or greenhouse manager
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Florist
  • Geneticist
  • Forester
  • Molecular Biologist
  • Horticulturist

Skills That Make You The Best B.Sc Hons. Botany Graduate

B.Sc Hons. Botany demands a detailed study of the course but students should also possess a certain set of soft and hard skills in order to succeed in the course. These skills ensure that the students get a full-fledged understanding of the course and its prospects before entering any working organisation. Some of these skills are:

  • Understanding of Environmental Science
  • Time Management skills 
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • Proficiency in Research

B.Sc Botany Honours Fee Structure

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