B.Sc Industry Chemistry subjects helps students learn and gain experience to enable them to venture into the industrial filed and public sectors. This course also allows the students to pursue postgraduates’ studies in chemistry and related areas. They can become a teacher in private schools and after having passed the masters degree plus NET and can become a lecturer at college or universities.

Successful candidates of the course are employed across fields of chemistry and mathematics in colleges, schools, government and private organizations, and a variety of industries. Industrial chemicals are mostly used in every synthetic product of daily use whether it is medicines, food, or electronics. Students can be able to work as like: pharmaceutical industries, research institutes, schools, government laboratories, food manufacturing and processing industry, private clinics, senior physicist, and so on.

The Syllabus and Subjects of Industry Chemistry are designed to provide maximum job opportunities for the graduates of this course by various companies.

B.Sc(Industrial Chemistry) Jobs:

The graduate of B.Sc(Industry Chemistry) has various job opportunities that are available not in specific domain but also in the various domain that is linked to Industrial Chemistry. Some of the job opportunities that are available are listed below:

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Research Institutes 
  • Schools
  • Government Laboratories
  • Food manufacturing 

Salary Scale for B.Sc (Industrial Chemistry):

Other Related Course:

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