Syllabus & Subjects for Master of Science [M.Sc] (Mathematics):


Name of the Subject

Topics covered

Real Analysis

Basic topology, sequences and series, continuity, The Lebesgue Integral, Simple and Step Functions, the Lebesgue integral of step functions, Upper Functions, the Lebesgue integral of upper functions.


Permutations and combinations, Sylow theorems, groups of order p square, PQ, polynomial rings, matrix rings

Number Theory

Divisibility, Euclidean theorem, Euler’s theorem, Arithmetic functions, roots, and indices.


Order of topology, the base for a topology, connected spaces, compact space of the real line, countability axioms,

Probability Theory

Nature of data and methods of compilation, representation of data, measures of central tendency, measuring the variability of data, tools of interpreting numerical data, like mean, median, quartiles, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis, and correlation analysis

Differential Geometry

Tensors, curves with torsion, envelopes and developable surfaces, involutes, tangent planes, and fundamental magnitudes.

Linear Programming

Convex sets opened and closed half-spaces, sensitivity analysis, parametric programming, transportation problems.

Complex Analysis

Geometric representation of numbers, complex-valued functions, power series, trigonometric functions, Cauchy’s theorem for the rectangle, in a disk and its general form.

Geometry Of Numbers

Lattices, Hermite’s theory of minima of positive definite quadratic forms.


Analysis of strain, analysis of stress, Equations of Elasticity, Inverse and semi-inverse methods of solution, General Equations of the plane problems in polar coordinates

Vector Analysis

Scalar and vector point functions, Green’s and Stoke’s theorems, Curi-linear coordinates, the equation of motion and first integral.

Field Theory

Fields, the theorem of Galois theory, Cyclotomic extensions, Lagrange’s theorem on primitive elements, degree field extensions and all other forms and applications of fields, and solvability of polynomials by radicals