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Rahil Ahmed

Updated on Oct 3, 2022 by Rahil Ahmed

Rahil Ahmed

Updated on Oct 3, 2022 by Rahil Ahmed

M.Sc in Mathematics is a curated program that covers the intrinsic knowledge of advanced maths including calculus, geometry, and algebra, number theory, differential equation and many more. M.Sc Mathematics is two year course with a syllabus divided into four semesters. The course trains students to perform and solve complex mathematical questions to help formulate a definite answer. 

Some of the subjects include Algebra, Differential Equations, Number theory, Topology, etc. Owing to the vast dynamics of the subject, the M.Sc Mathematics job scope ranges from Banks to universities, to Space Program research and many more areas both in the public and private sectors.

Semester wise MSc Mathematics Syllabus

The MSc Mathematics course consists of core and elective subjects. Depending on the university/college, they may differ slightly. It has 2 parts -a compulsory set of courses covering all foundation areas in the subjects of mathematics and a set of elective courses that aims at building job-specific skills and knowledge. The semester-wise courses are as follows:

First year M.Sc Mathematics Syllabus



Algebra - I Algebra - II
Real Analysis Complex Analysis
Topology - I Topology - II
Ordinary Differential Equations Functional Analysis
Discrete Mathematics Partial Differential Equations
Mathematicians and the History of Mathematics Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis - I

Second-year M.Sc Mathematics Syllabus



Differential Geometry Measure And Integration
Mathematical Methods Elective IV
Fluid Mechanics Elective V
Numerical Analysis - II Elective VI
Elective I  
Elective II  
Elective III  

MSc Mathematics Subjects

The MSc Mathematics subjects taught in the Course are mostly similar for all the colleges, but at times it varies depending on the institution's course module. But, the overall subjects are quite similar, but put in a different order, depending on the method of teaching. The course overall makes them have a peculiar way of learning mathematics and giving an Experience in training in management, analytics and commerce.

Core Subjects

  • Algebra
  • Real Analysis
  • Topology
  • Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Eminent Mathematicians and the History of Mathematics
  • Complex Analysis
  • Functional Analysis
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Differential Geometry
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Measure And Integration

Elective Subjects

  • Electromagnetism in Special Relativity
  • Rings and Modules 
  • The Four-Vector Formulation of Special Relativity
  • Applications of Special Relativity 
  • Canonical Transformations
  • Fluid Mechanics

MSc Mathematics Course Structure

The MSc Mathematics course syllabus is designed in a way that the course mainly includes various systems of mathematics. All this includes algebraic geometry, probability theory, number theory, theoretical computer science and many more. This field sharpens a student's mind to tackle the daily obstacles that are faced in their workplace, studies & other similar aspects. The course involves subjects which include aspects like

  • Practical/Record
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Intern

MSc Mathematics Teaching Methodology and Techniques

MSc Mathematics is a course focusing on different aspects of mathematics and commerce. The course is designed based on requirements and helps with getting the most exposure regarding the field, and the MSc course subjects deal with the same. Learning strategies have varying implications for courses.

  • Assignments/Viva voce
  • Following course module books
  • Research work
  • Internships

When the course ends, the student would be a professional, with experience from the entire course.

MSc Mathematics Projects

Msc Mathematics project, which is known as a mini-thesis is a compulsory project for the students to complete at the end of their semester. As such, students should regard their projects as an ideal opportunity for integrating what they have learnt during the MSc program and applying the knowledge to their future working profession.

Some of the project topics are

  • A Study Of Mfuzzy Subgroups And Its Level Subgroups
  • A Study Of Common Fixed Point Approximations For Finite Families Of Total Asymptotically Non-Expansive SemiGroup In Hyperbolic Spaces
  • Images Of Mathematics Stakeholders In Teaching And Learning Mathematics At Secondary Schools In Sokoto State

MSc Mathematics Reference Books

MSc course is the one meant for the specialization in the field of mathematics. The topics taught in the course module are very much enough. But, to get a deep or in-depth knowledge, there are certain books published by -authors, who have opened up about their thought process, and thus helps in being more skilled and knowledgeable about Mathematics and writing which are a major part of MSc Mathematics Subjects.



Linear Algebra: Geometric Approach

S. Lang

Methods of Real Analysis

RR Goldberg

Differential Equations

GF Simmons

Foundations in Discrete Mathematics

KD Joshi

Complex Analysis


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