B.Sc Forestry Jobs, Scope, Salary in India

Duration: 4 Years
Avg Fees: ₹35K PA

B.Sc Forestry Jobs opens the door to a wide variety of jobs for the graduate to choose from. The course is designed to impart the basic foundational knowledge to the aspirant, which helps them become skilful professionals and contribute their best at whatever they choose.

Career Prospects and Job Scope For A B.Sc Forestry Graduate

It is usually easy for forestry graduates to get a job in the private sector, and there are government job openings as there are plenty of B.Sc Forestry job opportunities. A B.Sc in Forestry graduate can appear for the Indian Forest Services(IFS) examination conducted by UPSC to work for the central government. The salary for a fresher is around INR 2.4-3 LPA, and for government jobs, the salary depends on the pay band. B.Sc Forestry course helps students build a rewarding career for themselves. Factors such as the person's skills and the designation of the job also affect the salary. Forestry graduates can easily work for firms as a fresher or can prepare for higher studies. Here are the roles that a fresher can apply for:

  • Forester
  • Research Assistant
  • Forestry Technician
  • Forestry Staff

Some roles that an experienced individual can apply for are:

  • Foresters Silviculturist
  • Operations Forester
  • Forestry Staff
  • Silviculturist
  • Recreation Technician
  • Forestry Consultant

Areas Of Recruitment For B.Sc Forestry

There are several different areas where a forestry graduate can work, such as Quality Assurance, Researcher, Forestry Officer, Forestry Loan Officer, Logistics Manager, and Farm Manager.Forestry graduates can find work as consultants in manufacturing firms to help abide by the regulations and policy. The average salary in such firms is about INR 4-5 lakhs per annum, and with experience, the individual can expect a surge in salary.Besides this, the aspirant can pursue a Master's field and work as a professor or Researcher.

The following sectors offer jobs to forestry graduates:

  • Defense Sector
  • Journalism
  • Forestry-related Industry
  • NGOs

Salary Packages For B.Sc Forestry Graduates

The B.Sc Forestry job salary graduates depend on the scope in B.Sc Forestry, designation, skills and expertise of the aspirant. A fresher can expect a B.Sc Forestry job salary in India of around INR 2.4- 3 lakhs per annum. An estimated general trend of B.Sc forestry jobs and salary graduates on completion of the course is given below along with the scope of B.Sc Forestry in India:


Average Salary

Bank Manager

INR 5.75 LPA

Program Coordinator ( NGO)


Project Manager


Research and Teaching Assistant

INR 3.74 LPA

        Source: Payscale

Government Jobs For B.Sc Forestry Aspirants

Upon the completion of the course, there are job opportunities after B.Sc Forestry in India in both the public and private sectors. The B.Sc Forestry jobs in India are available to the students owing to the relevance of the education that they receive. There are several jobs after B.Sc Forestry that the aspirants can do. Some of the Government jobs after B.Sc Forestry along with their salaries are listed below:

Department Name



Shimla HPPSC

Range Forest Officer


Kerala PSC

Beat Forest Officer


Source: Glassdoor 

Private Jobs For B.Sc Forestry Candidates

The average salary of a forestry graduate is INR 2-4 LPA. There are plenty of jobs after completing B.Sc Forestry in the private sector. The scope after the B.Sc Forestry in India is very high for the graduates as there is a need for them in both the public and private sectors. Some of the industries which provide a scope of B.Sc Forestry in India are listed below:

  • Teak Industry
  • Bamboo Industry
  • Print Media
  • Forest Goods Marketing
  • Professional Photographer
  • Consultant

Job Opportunities Abroad For B.Sc Forestry

Forestry jobs are restricted to the forest sector, and the graduates have plenty of other sectors such as marketing, sales, customer support, consultant etc., to apply abroad. Some of the top companies that hire forestry graduates are as follows:

  • Weyerhaeuser Company
  • Masco
  • Stora Enso Oyj
  • West Fraser Timber Co Ltd.
  • Canfor Corporation
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Universal Forest Products

Best Countries

For conservation-related fields, it's better to look for countries with good laws and policies regarding the same. Some of the top countries offering jobs to forestry graduates are listed below:

  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Sweden
  • United States
  • Finland

Various Career Designations Abroad For B.Sc Forestry Student

Here is a list of the various designations that are given to B.Sc Forestry graduates abroad:

  • Conservation and Resource Forester
  • Forest Ranger
  • Forestry Science Technician
  • Procurement Agent
  • Urban Forester

Best Forestry Professionals

Forestry is a sector that helps maintain the resources to ensure the survival of life on earth. Here are a list of individuals who have dedicated their life for this purpose:

  • Aldo Leopold, Pioneer in wildlife conservation
  • Gifford Pinchot, former governor of Pennsylvania
  • Brian Goldberg, Environmental planner
  • William B. Greeley, Third Chief of the Forest Service

B.Sc Forestry Fee Structure