Applied Psychology Science is one of the most sought after courses due to its high popularity in the jobs sector and increase in popularity. However, in order to broaden their learning vision and manage several domains under Applied Psychology. There are several elective subjects that are provided and pursued in-depth so as to equip the graduates with the required skills to manage various organization scenarios and analyze the situations also involve actively in implementing several new methods to enhance psychological mood and ensure the proper functioning of the organization.

The following subjects are included in the curriculum which provides basic understanding into various factors under Applied Psychology science and a deeper understanding of techniques employed in psychological analysis, understanding, and mental health correlation that are used in various domains to understand human nature.

M.Sc Applied Psychology Subjects:

The following subjects are pursued in M.Sc Applied Psychology Course


M.Sc Applied Psychology Syllabus
Semester I
SI No Subjects
1 Advanced Social Psychology
2 Child Development
3 Theories of Personality
4 Psychological Research Methodology
5 Clinical Training: Experimental Psychology
6 General Psychology
7 Basic Psychopathology


M.Sc Applied Psychology Syllabus
Semester II
SI No Subjects
1 Positive Psychology
2 Medial Psychology
3 Statistics in Psychology
4 Environmental Psychology
5 Psychology of Interpersonal Relationship
6 Elective-1
7 Clinical Training


M.Sc Applied Psychology Syllabus
Semester III
SI No Subjects
Group-1 (Elective Study)
1 Advanced Psychopathology
3 Psychological Remedies and therapy
4 Community Psychology
5 NeuroPsychology
6 Health Psychology
Group-2 (Elective)
1 Human Resource Management
2 Industrial Psychology
3 Organizational Behaviour
4 Training and Development in Organisations
5 Industrial Relations
6 Practical Training: HRD Psychology
Group-3 (Elective)
1 Counseling Skills
2 Counseling Psychology
3 Counseling Psychology
4 Theories and Approaches to Counselling
5 Counseling in Educational Settings
6 Practical Training


M.Sc Applied Psychology Syllabus
Semester IV
SI No Subjects
1 Consumer Behaviour & Marketing
2 Psychological Experiments and Testing
3 Practical Training
4 Stress Management
5 Research Project
6 Elective-4
7 Internship

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects:

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