BSc Optometry Jobs, Scope, Salary in India

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹60K - 2 LPA
Sakshi Chaudhary
Sakshi Chaudhary

Updated on - Dec 22, 2023

BSc Optometry salary in India for freshers is INR 2.60 LPA (Source: Ambition Box). Numerous factors, including experience, location, demand, specialization like neuro optometry, pediatric optometry, contact lenses optometry, orthokeratology, etc., market trends, credentials/education, and specialization, influence a graduate's pay scale.

The average starting salary for an Optometrist is INR 3 LPA, whereas the salary for a Contact Lens Specialist ranges between INR 2.50 - 4.50 LPA. A Low Vision Specialist with over three years of experience can earn in the range of INR 5 - 8 LPA, compared to an Optical Lab Technician who earns between INR 4 - 6 LPA.

The BSc Optometry course graduates can work in both the private and public sectors in roles like vision care consultant, optometric technology specialist, vision therapist, public health researcher, armed force optometrist, etc. The graduates are recruited by top companies like Lenskart Solutions, Titan Eye Plus, Essilor, John Jacobs, etc.

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BSc Optometry Salary in India

The average entry-level BSc in Optometry salary in India is around INR 2.60 LPA [Source: Ambition Box]. After gaining more than 3 years of work experience the salary can be more than INR 6 LPA. The table below shows the salary breakdown of BSc Optometry graduates in India:

BSc Optometry Salary

Amount (INR)

Highest Salary

More than 6 LPA

Average Salary

2.60 LPA

Lowest Salary


BSc Optometry Salary Based on Job Designations

The jobs after BSc Optometry include roles like optical sales associate, ophthalmic technician, contact lens specialist, low vision specialist, optometry researcher, etc. Below are the BSc Optometry job opportunities and their average salary:

Job Role

Average Salary for Freshers

Average Salary for 3+ Years of Experience 



INR 5 - 8 LPA

Clinical Research Assistant

INR 2.80 LPA

INR 4 - 5 LPA

Optometry Educator

INR 2.50 LPA

INR 4 - 6 LPA

Paediatric Optometrist

INR 3.80 LPA

INR 5.10 - 7 LPA

Eye Care Program Manager

INR 2.14 LPA

INR 4 - 7.30 LPA

Optical Sales Manager

INR 3.20 LPA

INR 5.30 - 7 LPA

B.Sc Optometry Salary Based on Sectors

BSc Optometry scope is vast as graduates can work in various fields in private and public sectors like special education centers, community health centers, public health policy, eyewear design industry, vision therapy clinics, etc.

Below is the list of top recruiters and the average salary of BSc Optometry graduates in the government and private sectors:

Recruiters in the Private Sector for BSc Optometry Graduates

BSc Optometry salary per month in private companies for graduates ranges between INR 19,000-38,000. Below is a list of top private recruiters for BSc in Optometry along with average salary:

Top Recruiters

Average B.Sc Optometry Salary

Lenskart Solutions


Vasan Eye Care

INR 2.67 LPA

Eye Q Vision

INR 3.67 LPA

Manipal Hospitals




Recruiters in the Government Sector for BSc Optometry Graduates

There are various B.Sc Optometry jobs in the government sector with an average salary ranging between INR 2-5 LPA. Below is a list of top government recruiters for BSc in Optometry graduates along with average salary:

Top Recruiters

Average B.Sc Optometry Salary

HLL Lifecare

INR 3.20 LPA

Indian Army


National Institute of Homeopathy

INR 3.10-3.50 LPA

Government of Andhra Pradesh

INR 2.90 LPA

BSc Optometry Jobs in India

The global optometry industry market size is expected to grow at a rate of 4.3% between the year 2019-2027, leading to demand for skilled optometrists and other related roles. Below is the comprehensive overview of jobs available to BSc Optometry graduates in India:

Entry-Level Jobs for BSc Optometry Graduates

The freshers after completing BSc in Optometry course can start their career with roles like refractometry technician, vision screening technician, low vision specialist assistant, eyewear consultant, etc. Below listed are a few job roles for freshers after BSc Optometry course and entry-level salary of BSc Optometry in India:

BSc Optometry Job Role 

Job Description

Average Entry Level Salary

Optometry Researcher

They research advanced knowledge in eye care and vision by performing clinical trials, data collection, laboratory work, etc.

INR 2.80 LPA


They understand and interpret eye prescriptions written by optometrists along with measurement and fitting of lenses.

INR 2.40 LPA

Optical Sales Associate

They are responsible for assisting the customer with eyewear purchases along with providing recommendations and product knowledge on single-vision, bifocal, progressive, and specialty lenses.

INR 2.40-2.60 LPA

Vision Therapist Assistant

They assist patients in vision therapy sessions along with record keeping, monitoring the progress, setting up the required equipment such as computer-based programing, etc.


Optical Lab Technician

They are accountable for the creation and setup of contact lenses such as lens cutting, frame lens insertion, lens verification, etc.

INR 2.60 LPA

Ophthalmic Technician

They help optometrists and ophthalmologists to identify and treat eye diseases, carry out initial eye exams, and run different diagnostic procedures and tests.

INR 3.10 LPA

Government Jobs for B.Sc Optometry Graduates

The BSc Optometry govt jobs are available for graduates in domains like public health, government vision care facilities, armed forces, state, and central health departments, etc. Below listed are a few job roles in the government sector for BSc Optometry graduates:

BSc Optometry Job Role

Job Description

Public Health Coordinator

They are in charge of organising and carrying out community-wide initiatives and programs that support eye health and ward off eye disorders.

Optometry Educator

They offer clinical training to students along with curriculum development, community engagement, and academic advising.

Occupational Health Optometrist

They evaluate and control vision-related risks at work, doing eye exams, and suggesting safety precautions to guard against eye strain or injury.

Clinical Optometrist

They identify and treat common diseases and ailments of the eyes, including cataracts, glaucoma, astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia.

Vision Care Specialist

They perform functions like eye health assessments, assist patients with low vision, conduct programs for visual rehabilitation for individuals with issues with their binocular vision, etc.

Private Jobs for BSc Optometry Graduates

The BSc Optometry can find jobs in top private companies like LensKart Solutions, Titan Eye Plus, GKB Opticals, Reliance Vision Express, etc. Below listed are a few BSc Optometry job opportunities in the private sector for graduates:

BSc Optometry Job Role

Job Description

Retail Optometrist

  • They conduct eye examinations for customers.
  • Prescribe corrective lenses, such as contact lenses or eyeglasses, to treat astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia.

Contact Lens Specialist

  • They evaluate the health of patients' eyes, deciding whether contact lenses are appropriate, and giving instructions on how to wear them.
  • They resolve issues regarding contact lenses such as discomfort, dryness, redness, etc.

Sports Vision Optometrist

Perform thorough visual evaluations on athletes to pinpoint their individual visual assets and deficiencies.

Corporate Wellness Optometrist

  • They perform ergonomic assessments, perform eye safety training.
  • They conduct vision acuity tests, eye health assessments, and basic refractive error checks.

Optometric Technology Specialist

They maintain optometric tools and devices, including phoropters, autorefractors, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), and electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Areas of Recruitment for BSc Optometry Graduates

The BSc Optometry graduates can work in a number of areas like optometry clinics, low vision rehabilitation centers, corporate wellness programs, etc. Below listed are a few common areas where BSc Optometry graduates are recruited along with the job roles:

Area of Recruitment

Job Roles for BSc Optometry Graduates

Optical Retail Chains

Optometrist, Retail Associate, Store Manager, Contact Lens Specialist, Sales Consultant.

Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

Clinical Optometrist, Ophthalmic Technician, Low Vision Specialist, Hospital Administrator, Optometry Educator.

Research and Development

Research Optometrist, Clinical Researcher, Product Development Specialist, Optometric Research Associate, Clinical Trial Coordinator.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry

Medical Affairs Specialist, Clinical Research Scientist, Regulatory Affairs Analyst, Medical Sales Representative, Product Manager.

Public Health Organizations

Public Health Coordinator, Vision Care Specialist, Community Outreach Manager, Health Educator, Research Analyst.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Job

Before choosing a position in the industry, graduates in optometry should consider a number of aspects that fit with their personal interests and career objectives. A few things to think about when selecting a job are mentioned below:

  • Salary and Benefits: The job role and responsibilities should align with the salary and perks an individual receives. 
  • Career Advancement: The graduate should look for career progression opportunities in the field of optometry like salary, job scope, mentorship programs, etc.
  • Field of Specialisation: The graduate should decide in which field of optometry he/she wants to specialize such as contact lens, low vision, pediatric, etc.
  • State Licence Requirements: Individuals should understand particular state license requirements to open private clinics and comply with the rules and regulations.
  • Training Compliance: To efficiently perform the job graduates should understand what type of training will be required and how the organization has designed the training program that aligns with the job role.

Career Scope of BSc Optometry Course

The BSc Optometry scope is diverse, and students get the opportunity to work in private optometry practice, geriatric care facilities, R&D, refractive surgery centers, telehealth, etc. Below is the overview regarding what to do after BSc Optometry course:

Career Options After BSc in Optometry Course

The job roles for BSc Optometry in India are vast in nature depending on the specialization like Pediatric Optometrists, Contact Lens Specialists, Neuro-Optometrists, etc. Below is a list of jobs after Bachelor of Science in Optometry in India:

  • Clinical Optometrist
  • Low Vision Specialist
  • Refractive Surgery Co-Manager
  • Sports Vision Specialist
  • Myopia Control Specialist
  • Public Health Educator
  • Vision Therapist

Courses After BSc Optometry

After completion of BSc in Optometry graduates can enrol in various higher education and certification courses to improve their domain expertise and skills. Below listed are a few courses that can be opted after B.Sc Optometry course:

  • MSc Optometry
  • PhD in Vision Science and Optometry
  • National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE) Course
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • Refractive Surgery Co-Management Course

Top BSc Optometry Recruiters

The BSc Optometry scope and salary for graduates can vary based on the type of organization, specialization, and job role. The graduates are hired by top companies in optical retail chains, academic institutions, public health organizations,  etc. Below listed are a few top recruiters for graduates along with their average salaries:

Top Recruiters

Type of Industry

Job Position Offered

Average Annual Salary

Lenskart Solutions

Optical Retail Chain

Optometrist, Retail Associate, Store Manager, Contact Lens Specialist, etc.


Titan Eye Plus

Optical Retail Chain

Optometrist, Sales Associate, Store Manager, Eyewear Consultant, etc.

INR 3.06 LPA

Lawrence and Mayo Opticals

Optical Retail Chain

Optometrist, Store Manager, Eyewear Consultant, Sales Executive, etc.

INR 3.95 LPA

Specs Makers

Optical Retail Chain

Optometrist, Store Manager, Eyewear Consultant, Sales Executive, etc.

INR 3.51 LPA

ASG Eye Hospital

Hospital and Clinic

Clinical Optometrist, Ophthalmic Technician, Low Vision Specialist, Hospital Administrator, etc.

INR 3.54 LPA

John Jacobs

Optical Retail Chain

Optometrist, Eyewear Consultant, Store Manager, Sales Executive, etc.

INR 2.72 LPA

Skills Required for BSc Optometry Jobs

BSc Optometry jobs are skill-oriented and require a good grasp of theoretical concepts and technical proficiency. Below listed are a few skills required by a BSc Optometry graduates to perform their job efficiently:

  • Clinical Skills: In order to perform comprehensive eye examinations and diagnose and treat various eye diseases and conditions.
  • Communication Skills: To be able to communicate complex medical terminologies to the patient in a simplified manner and address their questions.
  • Digital and Telemedicine Skills: To be able to treat patients remotely, knowledge of digital tools and telehealth technologies is required.
  • Analytical Skills: To be able to interpret complex patient data and diagnostics test analytical skills are required to make informed decision making.

BSc Optometry Fee Structure


Which is the highest-paying job in Optometry?

Some of the highest-paying jobs in Optometry include job roles like Ophthalmologist, Optometry Researcher, Ocular Disease Specialist, etc.

What courses after BSc Optometry are best?

After completion of BSc in Optometry graduates can pursue courses like Master of Science in Optometry, Doctor of Optometry, Clinical Research Courses, etc.

What is the average salary of a Clinical Optometrist?

The average salary of a Clinical Optometrist is INR 3.10 LPA (Source: Ambition Box)

What are the career advancement opportunities in the field of Optometry?

In order to accelerate their careers graduates can specialize in the field of Optometry, pursue a PhD to enhance their research and academic career, etc.

Can a BSc Optometry graduate work in Hospitals or Healthcare Institutions?

Yes, graduates can work in hospitals or healthcare institutions in roles involving with eye care team including primary eye care, vision evaluations, and support for the diagnosis and treatment of different eye disorders.

What are the field of specialization in Optometry where graduates can work?

Optometrists can specialize in areas like pediatric optometry, low vision, ocular disease, etc.