M.Sc Anatomy: Course Details, Eligibility, Admission, Fees

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹5K - 3 LPA
Roumik Roy
Roumik Roy

Updated on - Jan 4, 2023

M.Sc Anatomy is a 2-year postgraduate programme in anatomy that deals with the scientific study of the human body's morphology. It is divided into 2 parts: gross and microscopic anatomy. M.Sc Anatomy graduates may pursue careers as Research Assistants, Medical Scientists, or Medical Coders, among other alternatives.

M.Sc Anatomy Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Science in Anatomy
Duration 2 Years
Subjects Required B.Sc with Physics, Chemistry, Biology as compulsory subjects
Minimum Percentage Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks.
Average Fees ₹5K - 3 LPA
Average Salary INR 2 to 6 LPA
Employment Roles Research Assistant, Medical Scientist, Medical Coder, etc.

About M.Sc Anatomy

M.Sc Anatomy full form is Master of Science in Anatomy and it is a postgraduate course. This course is a complete guide to understanding the physiology and related important concepts of the human body. M.Sc Anatomy duration is 3 years and through this course, students can understand the minute nuances of human anatomy which they can apply in their future endeavours. This course falls under the umbrella of M.Sc.

According to Wikipedia, “Anatomy is the branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure of organisms and their parts. Anatomy is a branch of that science that deals with the structural organisation of living things. It is an old science, having its beginnings in prehistoric times.”

Table of Contents

Eligibility Criteria for M.Sc Anatomy

Students must understand the M.Sc Anatomy eligibility requirements as well as the course requirements before applying for admission. A bachelor's degree from a recognised university is required for entrance to this programme. Entrance exams like AIIMS, NEET-PG, and MCAT are also used for admission to this programme. There is no maximum age requirement to apply for this course.

How To Get Admission for M.Sc Anatomy?

M.Sc Anatomy admission is possible in two ways. The admission can be granted on a merit basis as well as based on entrance exams. If the students have performed extremely well in their undergraduate degree then they may secure admission based on those scores themselves. However, many colleges take into consideration the entrance exam scores of the students and admission is granted based on ranks secured by them in the entrance exams.

How to Apply?

Aspirants must apply together with all necessary documents, such as identification proofs and copies of their relevant mark sheets from all the previous exams. Different forms for various colleges may be required to be filled out online or offline by visiting the appropriate campus, depending on the candidates' preferences.

Selection Process

Following the announcement of the entrance exam results, the applicants are assigned a rank depending on their performance. They can pick the college to which they want to apply based on their rank. If they pass the college's threshold, they will be considered for the next step in the admissions process.

Who Should Pursue an M.Sc Anatomy?

An M.Sc in Anatomy is an excellent choice for anybody interested in working in the anatomical sciences. This course is suggested for people who desire to pursue a career in medicine or improve their professional skills.

When to do M.Sc Anatomy?

Applicants for the M.Sc Anatomy should apply as soon as they finish their bachelor’s degree or have gained experience in the anatomy field for 1-2 years.

Types of M.Sc Anatomy

M.Sc Anatomy is a course that requires the students to dedicate a significant amount of time. As a result, this course is mainly offered in two modes in India namely: full-time M.Sc Anatomy and distance M.Sc Anatomy.

Full-Time M.Sc Anatomy

Students must attend courses, submit work, do practicals, and take tests on campus during their full-time M.Sc Anatomy programme, which lasts 2 years depending on the university. This course makes a student an expert in this field as the nature of the full-time M.Sc Anatomy is exhaustive.

Part-Time M.Sc Anatomy

At present part-time M.Sc Anatomy courses are not offered in India. The course is based on continuous assessment and requires the students to submit coursework promptly. Thus, this course is not offered in part-time mode currently.

Distance M.Sc Anatomy

Several Indian universities offer M.Sc Anatomy distance learning courses. Many colleges offer an online M.Sc Anatomy course that spans anywhere from 2 to 5 years, depending on the candidates' pace.

Students interested in pursuing an M.Sc in Anatomy can apply to top colleges and universities by qualifying for national and state-level admission exams. Admission will be given based on the candidate's merit list position in the entrance test.

Some popular M.Sc Anatomy entrance exams for the candidates are given below:

A Quick Glance at the M.Sc Anatomy Entrance Exams

If you want to become a knowledgeable specialist in this field of human psychology, M.Sc Anatomy is one of the greatest courses to pursue. The following is the typical entrance exam pattern used by testing agencies:

  • The duration of the exam is 1.5 hours.
  • A total of 90 questions are to be solved in the given time.
  • The questions are of MCQ type.
  • Negative marking is applied for every incorrect question

Study M.Sc Anatomy in India

India has some of the finest colleges offering M.Sc Anatomy programmes in the world. Aspirants have a variety of alternatives when it comes to choosing the ideal M.Sc Anatomy programme as per their choice. Some of India's best universities for obtaining an M.Sc in Anatomy are listed in the table below:

Top 10 M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in India

Below is the list of the 10 best colleges for M.Sc Anatomy in India:

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in India
Sl.No. Name of the College
1 Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad
2 AFMC, Pune
3 Dr D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Pune
4 AIIMS, New Delhi
5 R G Kar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata
6 Jaipur National University
7 Government Medical College, Patiala
8 Dr NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada
9 University of Madras, Chennai
10 Sai Tirupati University, Udaipur

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in New Delhi

Delhi is home to some of India's best M.Sc Anatomy institutions. The table below lists the top colleges for M.Sc Anatomy in Delhi:

Sl.No. Institution
2 Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
3 Lady Hardinge Medical College
4 Hansraj College
5 Vardhman Mahavir Medical College

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in Pune

Pune also has some of the best institutions for M.Sc Anatomy in India. Check the table below for the top institutions of M.Sc Anatomy in Pune:

Sl.No. Institution
1 Department of Anatomy, BJGMC
2 Armed Forces Medical College
3 Symbiosis Medical College for Women
4 Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College
5 MIT World Peace University

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in Chennai

India's best M.Sc Anatomy colleges are located in Chennai. The finest M.Sc Anatomy institutes in Chennai are listed in the table below:

Sl.No. Institution
1 Queen Mary's College
2 Apollo Institute Of Hospital Management and Allied Sciences
3 Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research
4 Stanley Medical College
5 MMM College of Allied Health Sciences

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in Bangalore

Bangalore is known for being a home to top colleges offering top M.Sc Anatomy programmes. Check the table below for the best M.Sc Anatomy colleges in Bangalore:

Sl.No. Institution
1 St. John’s Medical College
2 Ramaiah Medical College
3 Mvm College Of Allied Health Sciences
4 BGS Global Institute of Medical Sciences
5 Swapnil International Institute Of Medical Sciences

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in Kolkata

West Bengal’s capital city, Kolkata, has some of the best colleges for M.Sc Anatomy courses in India. Check the table below for the best M.Sc Anatomy colleges in Kolkata:

Sl.No. Institution
1 Medical College
2 KPC Medical College
3 Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital
4 R G Kar Medical College and Hospital
5 Rammohan College

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in Hyderabad

The Telangana state capital has some premier institutions in the country for M.Sc Anatomy Courses in India. Check the table below for the top M.Sc Anatomy colleges in Hyderabad:

Sl.No. Institution
1 Deccan College of Medical Sciences
2 Osmania Medical College
3 A.V. College
4 Care Institute Of Medical Sciences
5 Kamineni Academy of Medical Sciences and Research Centre

Top M.Sc Anatomy Government Colleges

M.Sc Anatomy programmes are offered by several top government colleges around the country. The following is a list of famous M.Sc Anatomy government colleges in India:

Government colleges for M.Sc Anatomy
Sl.No. Institution
1 Government Medical College, Patiala
2 University of Madras, Chennai
3 Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital
4 Queen Mary's College, Chennai
5 AIIMS, New Delhi

Top M.Sc Anatomy Private Colleges

In India, the number of good M.Sc Anatomy private institutions has expanded dramatically, with some of the country's best programmes. The below lists the top M.Sc Anatomy private colleges in India:

Private colleges for M.Sc Anatomy
Sl.No. Institution
1 Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad
2 Dr D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Pune
3 St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore
4 Stanley Medical College, Chennai
5 R G Kar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

Study M.Sc Anatomy Abroad

Students can pursue an M.Sc Anatomy degree in another nation with the appropriate financial ability and guidance. Outside of India, an M.Sc Anatomy programme takes roughly the same length of time as one in India, ranging from 2 to 4 years depending on the coursework, institution, and region.

Some of the finest M.Sc Anatomy colleges in the world, along with their expenses, are listed below:

M.Sc Anatomy Colleges Abroad
Institution Fees
Saint Louis University USD 24,750
University of California USD 32,160
University of Cambridge GBP 25,670
Virginia Commonwealth University USD 26,000
New York University USD 52,538
University of Edinburgh GBP 32,160
University of Missouri USD 22,400
Wright State University USD 15,300
Montpellier Nimes College of Medicine USD 25,758
University of Portsmouth GBP 30,212

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in the USA

In the United States, several of the world's best institutions and colleges offer top-notch M.Sc Anatomy programmes. The top M.Sc Anatomy colleges in the United States are as follows:

Sl.No. Institution
1 Stanford University
2 Arizona State University
3 Western Washington University
4 University of Missouri
5 Wright State University

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in the UK

The United Kingdom has a long history of producing some of the best medical and physiological specialists in the world. The best M.Sc Anatomy UK colleges are as follows:

Sl.No. Institution
1 University of Oxford
2 University of Manchester
3 University of Edinburgh
4 University of Cambridge
5 Cardiff University

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in Canada

Canada is one of the top places in the world for obtaining a high-quality education. The following are the best schools for an M.Sc Anatomy in Canada:

Sl.No. Institution
1 Memorial University
2 McGill University
3 University of Montreal
4 Carleton University
5 University of Toronto

Top M.Sc Anatomy Colleges in Australia

As a consequence of its advantageous educational legislation, Australia has become one of the top places for aspirants seeking higher education. The following are Australia's best M.Sc Anatomy schools:

Sl.No. Institution
1 University of Melbourne
2 Deakin University
3 University of Sydney
4 Australian National University
5 University of South Australia

Fee Structure for M.Sc Anatomy

M.Sc Anatomy fees are determined by a variety of criteria rather than predetermined norms. Geographical location, availability, amenities, learning centres, and other factors all influence the cost of M.Sc Anatomy. In India, the fee of a two-year M.Sc Anatomy programme ranges from INR 5000 to 3 LPA.

Fee Structure for M.Sc Anatomy
Sl.No. Name of the College Total Fee Structure
1. Sai Tirupati University INR 1.25 LPA
2. Deccan College of Medical Sciences INR 65,000 PA
3. Maulana Azad Medical College INR 15,000 PA
4. Dr NTR University Of Health Sciences INR 16,000 PA

Syllabus and Subjects for M.Sc Anatomy

The most common M.Sc Anatomy course details are shown here. With a few minor exceptions, most colleges across the country follow the core of the syllabus. The M.Sc Anatomy programme lasts two years and covers the whole course. The following are a few of the subjects available to students:

  • Microscopic Anatomy
  • Developmental Anatomy and Genetics
  • Gross Anatomy with evolution
  • Neuroanatomy
  • Cytology

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Why Choose M.Sc Anatomy?

Students should study the course prerequisites before enrolling in the M.Sc Anatomy programme to ensure that they comprehend the course they will be taking. "What is M.Sc Anatomy?" and "Why M.Sc Anatomy?" are common questions among students. We can answer the questions above by splitting them down into smaller chunks:

What is M.Sc Anatomy All About?

M.Sc in Anatomy is primarily concerned with the scientific study of the human body's anatomy. It's further broken down into gross and microscopic anatomy. Basic medical sciences such as anatomy, human physiology, and biochemistry are frequently studied in combination by students pursuing medical sciences.

What Does an M.Sc Anatomy Graduate Do?

Graduates of the M.Sc Anatomy programme have a broad awareness of the human body and the details associated with it. They become experts in this subject, dealing with the different problems and finding out solutions for them using their physiology knowledge.

They may be used in several situations, such as primary care, general medicine, health care centres, etc. A career as a Medical Coder is one option available to graduates.

Medical Coder: Graduates who work as medical coders must review a patient's medical history and assign codes to diagnoses and treatments. They'll work with hospitals, clinics, doctors, and other medical institutions on-site. Coders use three main sets of codes: CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10.

Reasons Why M.Sc Anatomy Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

The M.Sc Anatomy programme offers a rewarding and demanding educational experience. The true worth of a DM in Gastroenterology is characterised by the fact that it opens up a wide range of work opportunities once the doctorate is completed.

Diversity in job roles: As very few individuals are associated with the discipline, the field of work for M.Sc Anatomy applicants is continually increasing and exciting. Graduates will be able to utilise their knowledge and obtain important experience in a variety of employment roles after completing the course.

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M.Sc Anatomy Course Comparison

The M.Sc Anatomy programme educates students on the physiology of the human body, as well as the many organs and tissues that are involved. The M.Sc Anatomy programme is compared to other courses in the table below.

The table below showcases M.Sc Physiology vs M.Sc Anatomy key points:

M.Sc Anatomy vs Physiology: Course Comparison
Course M.Sc Anatomy M.Sc Physiology
Full-Form Masters of Science in Anatomy Masters of Science in Physiology
Stream Science Science
Course Duration 2 Years 2 Years
Eligibility Bachelor's degree from a recognised university with a minimum of 50% marks. Bachelor's degree from a recognised university with a minimum of 50% marks.
Top Colleges Armed Forces Medical College, Government Medical College, Kasturba Medical College The University of Madras, University of Calcutta, AIIMS New Delhi
Fees INR 5000 to 3 LPA INR 2 to 6 LPA

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Preparation Tips for M.Sc Anatomy

The most important thing to remember is to practise and develop healthy habits in preparation for the course. Students must prepare to get a complete grasp of the domain from all angles to succeed in the M.Sc Anatomy programme.

While pursuing the M.Sc Anatomy programme, aspirants should follow the following preparatory suggestions:

Revision of Important Topics: As the M.Sc Anatomy course is the next step in the anatomy domain after graduation which requires a solid foundation, it's vital to go over the ideas taught at graduation from time to time if you want to be successful in anatomy.

Reading Books: Aspirants in the M.Sc Anatomy programme will learn basic to advanced anatomy concepts. If one wants to work in the field of physiology, one should make it a habit to read books and get information from the internet to remain up to date on all anatomy news from around the world.

Mental Preparation: Working hard and putting in the necessary effort not just physically but also mentally will ensure that the candidate would be ready for the numerous challenges in the field of anatomy that he/she will face after the completion of the course.

Scope For Higher Education

Students can choose from a range of options after finishing their M.Sc Anatomy. Graduate students with an M.Sc in Anatomy have a variety of possibilities for further study that may aid in their understanding of the topic. Students that are eager to pursue a career in research will be able to do so. They can enrol in programs such as:

  • PhD
  • MD
  • Data Science Courses

Salary of an M.Sc Anatomy Graduate

M.Sc Anatomy graduates are regarded as highly qualified anatomy experts. On average, M.Sc Anatomy salaries range from INR 2-6 LPA. (Source: Glassdoor)

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Career Options After M.Sc Anatomy Course

Knowledge acquired from an M.Sc Anatomy may be applied to a multitude of fields to give real-time answers to a variety of anatomical problems. This stream is crucial in medical careers and can help improve the area.

After earning a DM in Gastroenterology, you could be able to work in one of the following positions:

  • Medical Scientist
  • Gene Consultant
  • Medical Coder
  • Research Assistant

Skills That Make You The Best M.Sc Anatomy Graduate

To be successful in their careers, M.Sc Anatomy graduates must have a thorough grasp of the physiology and anatomy domain. These skills aren't always possible to teach in a classroom setting. These are abilities that can only be acquired via practice. Some of the necessary skills for M.Sc Anatomy are as follows:

  • Multitasking Skills
  • Pressure Handling Skills
  • Clinical Skills
  • Innovation Skills

M.Sc Anatomy Fee Structure

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