M.Sc Biomedical Science is a combination of biology and medicine in order to focus on human and animal health. M.Sc. in biomedical science course offers research on diseases on conduct tests to cure it. The course duration is 2 years divided into 4 semesters. A candidate who is aspiring to join should have completed his Bachelor's degree in B.Sc in (Biotechnology) (Microbiology)... etc. The course helps students in research by providing all the necessary data and resources. The study helps students to understand diseases affecting the human body and conduct medical research. This is a vast field of science and it is related to medicine. This course provides ample job opportunities in laboratory work, Managerial, Research, Education and many other fields. 

M.Sc Biomedical Science Course fee in India:

The course fees for M.Sc Biomedical Science may vary from college to college. The college fee is based on infrastructure and facilities like laboratories and research types of equipment provided by the college. The average course fee ranges from INR 25k - 2 lakh per annum.

M.Sc Biomedical Science salary:

A graduate in M.Sc. Biomedical Science based on experience and skillset individual posses. A candidate with effective research skills and knowledge have more chances of getting a high salary package. The average salary for the course is INR 4 LPA.

Master of Science in Biomedical Science Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Science in Biomedical Science
Duration Course Duration of Master of Science [M.Sc] (Biomedical Science) is 2 Years.
Age No age restriction as such
Minimum Percentage 55% in graduation level.
Subjects Required Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
Average Fees Incurred INR 25k - 2 lakh per annum.
Similar Options of Study M.Sc. (Life science), M.Sc (Medical Biotechnology), M.Sc (Molecular Biology)
Average Salary Offered INR 4 LPA.
Employment Roles Environmental engineer. Genetic counselor, Higher education lecturer, Medical sales representative, Nanotechnologist, and Science writer, etc.
Placement Opportunities Biocon, Ranbaxy, Avantor, Alcon, Matrix healthcare India, etc.

M.Sc Biomedical Science:

M.sc Biomedical Science is a Postgraduate Biomedical course. It is a medical course that applies natural sciences to medicine. Students will study treating disease by diagnosing and analyzing. This is 2 years course divided into 4 semesters offers a study on human health and diseases and hands-on training on the tools used in Biomedical Science.

The curriculum of the course includes,

  • human anatomy and physiology
  • molecular biology
  • Medical microbiology
  • Endocrine Pathology
  • Hormones and Reproduction
  • Skill Enhancement training

The Eligibility criteria for the course is 10+2 and Graduation level course in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with a minimum of 55% from a recognized university. Candidates need to take an entrance examination conducted by respected universities for admission. M.Sc. Biomedical Science is taught in universities like,

  • University of Calcutta, Kolkata
  • Nitte University, Mangalore
  • Amity University, Noida
  • University of Madras, Chennai

M.Sc Biomedical Science Quick links:

What is M.Sc Biomedical Science?

M.Sc. Biomedical Science is a postgraduate level course. M.Sc Biomedical Science is part of the technology used in health care.  This course curriculum is designed to introduce students to study related to human disease in order to train them for a career in advanced research in health science. The study of Biomedical Science develops an understanding of the human body and conducts medical research. M.Sc Biomedical Science is for those who want to be a Clinical psychologist, Genetic counselor, etc. The goal of the course is to drive science toward improving the human condition in any possible way. Biomedical Scientists work as a part of hospital departments such as operation theatre and ICU function with the help of Biomedical scientists who help to control the technology used during surgery and treatments.

 This course provides hands-on experience with the tools and technology used in medical science. Biomedical science includes syllabus,

  • Biochemistry
  • Human Physiology
  • Immunology
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology... etc.

The course help individuals to explore more about biology that is important in medical science. Principles used in Biomedical Science, 

  • Student Investigate concepts of biology and medicine as they explore health conditions including Heart disease, Infections, and Diabetes, etc.
  • Determine the factors that led to death.
  • Investigate lifestyle choices and medical treatments.
  • Demonstrate how the development of the disease is related to changes in the Human body system.

Why choose M.Sc Biomedical Science?

M.Sc Biomedical Science offers a wide knowledge of Medical science. The course provides a study of exciting developments in the field of modern medicine. The course helps students with research to develop new theories that make it easy to treat diseases in medical science. Biomedical science makes room for growth of skills by expanding knowledge on medical science that helps to take new innovations by researching new principles that are affecting human and animal health.   

Biomedical is related to diseases that are affecting the human body so it needs practical training on how do the diseases affect the body and conduct research on it, M.Sc Biomedical Science course allows conduct research with a well-designed laboratory with all types of equipment.

In the present era, Medical field needs a new method of treatments and technology since new diseases and viruses are affecting the human and animals. So it creates jobs for Biomedical science course students with skills and interest in research. Once students get a job in the field of medical science they get a minimum salary package of INR 3 LPA.

M.Sc Biomedical Science course preparation tips:

Know the entrance exam syllabus Collect all the details about the syllabus which helps to study for the entrance exams according to the pattern.

Time Management Prepare a time table and Start studying for the entrance exam so that you will be able to cover all the syllabus before exams.

Take mock tests Take mock tests that are available online. That helps you to become mentally more efficient.

M.Sc Biomedical Science Subjects:

M.Sc Biomedical Science Subjects
Sl No Subjects
1 Biochemistry
2 Organic Chemistry
3 Medical Microbiology
4 Bioinstrumentation & Analytical Techniques
5 Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry Practical
6 Medical Microbiology and Bioinstrumentation &
Analytical Techniques


M.Sc Biomedical Science Subjects
Sl No Subjects
1 Bioinformatics & Biostatistics
2 Clinical Biochemistry
3 Human Physiology
4 Immunology
5 Clinical Biochemistry Practical
6 Human Physiology and Immunology Practical


M.Sc Biomedical Science Subjects
Sl No Subjects
1 Molecular Biology
2 Genetics & Biotechnology
3 Medicinal Chemistry
4 Pharmacology & Toxicology
5 Molecular Biology and Genetics & Biotechnology
6 Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology &
Toxicology Practical


M.Sc Biomedical Science Subjects
Sl No Subjects
1 Dissertation/ Research Project

M.Sc Biomedical Science Fees:

M.Sc Biomedical Science course fees may vary based on college infrastructure and facilities. On average, the course fee is INR 25k - 2 lakh per annum.

M.Sc Biomedical Science Job opportunities:

Master of Science in Biomedical Science course has ample job opportunities in the medical and education fields. In the medical field, a graduate can work as a Clinical Psychologist, Research scientist, Genetic counselor, etc. There is huge scope for the Biomedical course since the intake of students for the course is very less.

M.Sc Biomedical Science Colleges:

Sl No Name of the College
1 University of Madras, Chennai
2 Amity University, Noida
3 University of Calcutta, Kolkata
4 Nitte University, Mangalore
5 Periyar University, Salem
6 University of Delhi, New Delhi
7 Bundelkhand University, Jhansi
8 Bharathidasan University Tiruchirappalli

Eligibility criteria for M.Sc Biomedical Science:

A candidate wishing to pursue M.Sc Biomedical Science should have scored a minimum of 50-55% Bachelor’s degree. The candidate who has done his Bachelor’s in,

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Life Sciences
  • Zoology
  • Botany
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry

are eligible for the course M.Sc Biomedical Science

A candidate will have to clear the respected University entrance test to avail the admission into his desired college. 

M.Sc Biomedical Science Admission procedure:

The admission procedure for the M.Sc Biomedical depends on colleges. Certain universities offer admission directly without any entrance tests. Few universities accept admission through entrance exams. The candidate needs to clear the entrance test to avail admission. Based on merits candidates will get admission into a university.

Candidates who are applying for the M.Sc Biomedical science program should beforehand have their results from the respective Entrance Exams required by the selected/opted Universities.

Applications for admissions can be availed either from the University Website or by visiting the Admissions Office of the same. Candidates will have to fill out the required details in a match with the existing documents. 

M.Sc Biomedical Science FAQs:

1: Can B.Sc. in Biotechnology graduate take this course?

-Yes, a graduate in biotechnology can do masters in Biomedical science.

2: What are the career opportunities after M.Sc Biomedical science?

-One can start a career as a research scientist, Lecturer, Biomedical engineer, etc.

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