Job, Scope, Salary and Placements Opportunities for Bachelor of Science {Hons.} (Mathematics):

Job Opportunities for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.} (Mathematics):

The major career options after the course are in the field of accountancy, business, computer programming etc. Some of the major career options are:



Mathematician (Jobs)

The job of a mathematician is to understand the concepts of mathematics and use them practically.

Actuary (Jobs)

The job of an actuary is one who analyses the risks of an organization.

Statistician (Jobs)

A statistician’s job is to decode the statistics for the layman and analyze the statistics of a company/organization.

Accountant (Jobs)

The accountant keeps the account dealings of any organization.

Economist (Jobs)

The Economist has a very sharp mind and works in terms of the logistics and statistics of the economy.

Placements for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.} (Mathematics):

  • After pursuing this course, one gets a deep understanding of applying the theoretical concepts of mathematics in real-world problems.

  • This course also develops an understanding among the students to be able to understand the connection between mathematics and science and to be able to appreciate the contribution of mathematics in other fields including science, business and economics.

  • The average salary of a B.Sc graduate is Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000 p.a.

    • High School teacher: Rs. 350,000- Rs.600,000 p.a.

    • Primary School Teacher: Rs. 250,000- Rs. 500,000 p.a

  • This degree course enables the highly qualified and career-oriented students to obtain training in statistics focused on developing data analysis skills, and exploration of core areas of applied statistics at the graduate levels in addition to an undergraduate degree in Mathematics.
  • The degree course creates interests among students for mathematics, computation, and the quantitative aspects of science for careers in private industry and government as statistical analysts. 

  • Besides being eligible for further higher studies and research in the field of Mathematics and they can also take up the job of teacher/lecturer in several universities and colleges after attaining higher qualifications.

Salary Offered for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.} (Mathematics):

Salary Offered for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.} (Mathematics)

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.} (Mathematics):

Key Stats for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.} (Mathematics)

Source: Payscale

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