M.Sc Chemistry Jobs:

The various employment opportunities for MSc Chemistry course are:

  1. Research Scientist
  2. High school teacher
  3. Quality control chemist
  4. Chemist
  5. Quality assurance
  6. Quality manager
  7. Laboratory assistant
  8. Operations manager
  9. Quality control inspector
  10. Research Manager

M.Sc Chemistry Government Jobs:

There are a huge scope and employment available to MSc chemistry graduates as there is a huge scope for research in various government facilities. The various government job opportunities are:

  1. Chemist
  2. Research analyst
  3. Assistant professor
  4. Research engineer
  5. Production supervisor
  6. Senior research associate
  7. Quality control analyst
  8. Research officer
  9. Lab technologist
  10. Warehouse supervisor

M.Sc Chemistry Private Jobs:

Private jobs have a huge number of job opportunities for a graduate of MSc Chemistry Course. Some of the job opportunities are:

  1. Research analyst
  2. Chemist
  3. Research supervisor
  4. Lab assistant
  5. Quality control inspector
  6. Research chemist
  7. production supervisor
  8. Quality control chemist
  9. Public relations
  10. Quality control analyst

M.Sc Jobs Abroad:

The opportunities for a graduate in MSc Chemistry are in abundant. The jobs which can be found are:

  1. Quality control Manager
  2. Research chemist
  3. Laboratory assistant
  4. Operation supervisor
  5. Operation manager
  6. Assistant professor
  7. Chemical analyst
  8. Senior research scientist
  9. Research officer
  10. Quality assurance engineer

Salary Scale For M.Sc Chemistry Course:


Salary Packages Offered by the Top Companies in India For M.Sc Chemistry:

Key Stats For M.Sc Chemistry:

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