B.Sc in Home Science or Bachelor of Science in Home Science is one of many interdisciplinary courses that combine ideas from science and arts for the well being of a home and its man-made surroundings. BSc Home Science is a bachelor's science degree with course duration of 3 years which is divided into 6 semesters.

Bachelor of Science in Home science course also focuses on providing scientific and systematic knowledge about other every day attributes such as environment, resource management, family nutrition, childcare and many more.

Home science graduates have opportunities to work in various fields such as resource management, textile industries, food management, communications, etc.

B.Sc Home Science Course Fee in India:

As the Home science course is gaining popularity, the course fee is also on the rise among colleges providing B.Sc Home science degree. The average course fee for Bachelor of Science in Home Science degree varies from INR 4,000 to 65,000 per annum.

B.Sc Home Science Course Salary in India:

B.Sc home science graduates are being recruited by different companies irrespective of their fields. Bachelor of Science in Home Science average course salary is 5.5L per annum.

B.Sc Home Science Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Science in Home Science
Duration Course Duration of Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Home Science) is 3 Years.
Age Minimum Age is 17 years
Minimum Percentage 50% in 10+2
Subjects Required Some colleges insist on science stream in 10+2
Average Fees Incurred Average BSc Home Science course fee ranges from INR 4,000 - 65,000 per annum
Similar Options of Study BA (Home Science), M.Sc (Home Science), Diploma in Home Science
Average Salary Offered Average BSc Home science course salary in India is 5.5L per annum
Employment Roles Assistant Dress Designer, Nutrition Expert, Child Care Giver, Cook/Chef, Demonstrator, Food Analyst, Food Scientist, Health Care Worker, Hospital Attendant, Housekeeper, Nanny etc.
Placement Opportunities Apparel Merchandising, Cafeterias, Commercial Restaurant, Community Development Programs, Consultancy & Counseling Centre, Dress-Making, Extension Education, Fashion Designing, Fashion Journalism etc.

About B.Sc Home Science:

B.Sc Home Science or Bachelor of Science in Home Science is an undergraduate science degree. The basic eligibility criteria for the course is to complete 10+2 with a minimum of 50%.

Most of the colleges provide admissions to students directly without any entrance exams. It is a homescience course same like other Bachelor of Science degrees, Bachelor of Science Home Science course duration is 3 years degree with 2 semesters each year. Home science covers the scientific study that involves nutrition, health and growth measures including surroundings and environment management.

The below mentioned are a few top B.Sc Home Science colleges:

  • Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat
  • Government Home Science College, Chandigarh
  • Lovely Professional University, Punjab
  • BFIT Group of Institutions, Dehra dun

The B.Sc Home science course lot of fields under it. B.Sc Home Science course syllabus mainly comprises of the study of the major topics such as foundations of Human Development, fundamentals of Resource Management, introduction to Fabric and Apparel Science, foundations of Food and Nutrition, etc.

In other words, B.Sc Home Science is a course which includes the study of many disciplines such as chemistry, physics, physiology, biology, hygiene, economics, art, food, nutrition, child development, sociology and family relations, rural development, community living, clothing, textiles and home management. To be an ideal fit for this course students should possess a scientific approach and be able to organize things, have a good sense of aesthetics, good communication skills, aptitude for doing practical work related to household affairs.

B.Sc Home Science Quick Links:

What is B.Sc Home Science?

What is Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Home Science)?

At its core Bachelor of Science Home Science is all about the art of better living, achieved through scientific principles approach towards the home ecosystem. B.Sc Home Science course is all about creating a better future in terms of living conditions at home and the surrounding environment.

The below mentioned are some of the subjects which are included in the B.Sc Home Science syllabus:

  • Maternal and Child Nutrition
  • The Child with Special Need
  • Housing and Space management
  • Communication
  • Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Maternal and Child Nutrition

Candidates are provided advanced knowledge with regards to the scientific principles that can aid in the creation of a happy home environment. Home Science course uses applications from science and also from arts to improve life aspects and other fields such as resource management, hygiene and food technology.

Why Choose B.Sc Home Science?

Why Choose Bachelor Of Science [B.Sc] (Home Science)?

Home Science degree graduates have those opportunities which all the degree graduates don't have. They get to work in various fields and various job designations are getable for B.Sc Home Science graduates. B.Sc in Home Science degree serves as a basis for further higher studies in M.Sc, PhD, and M.Phil.

Bachelor of Science Home Science degree graduates have the options of pursuing a career in various specializations of Home Science such as Foods and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Child Development, Home Management and Extension Education.

The following are some of the B.Sc Home Science job opportunities:

  • Assistant Dress Designer
  • Assistant Fashion Designer
  • Baby Care Taker
  • Child Care Giver
  • Demonstrator

A wide range of employment opportunities exists for B.Sc Home Science degree holders. B.Sc Home Science job scope is on the rise as they are available to work in Hospitals, Cafeterias, Commercial Restaurants, Fashion Designing, Fashion Journalism, Apparel Merchandising, Consultancy and Counselling, Welfare Organizations, Extension Education and Community Development Programs.

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B.Sc Home Science Entrance Exams:

Most of the colleges in India get students admitted for B.Sc Home Science course directly without any entrance exams. Students get admission according to the marks obtained in their 12th. Minimum of 50 % marks is required for admissions. One of the entrance exams is as follows:

Calcutta University Home Science Entrance Exam: Calcutta university conducts entrance exam for the admissions of B.Sc Home Science. Minimum marks are available for their admissions in the university.

B.Sc Home Science Course Preparation Tips:

B.Sc Home Science is a course where one has to lot of theoretical knowledge. Few of the following tips can be acceded to get better results.

The theory is the Key: You should be good enough to remember all the theory part from the syllabus. Home Science deals more with theory than practicals. Hence it is required to go through more reference books as possible.

Make a Time table: Make sure to prepare a time table to give enough time to prepare for the course. Concentrate more on the theory to have more knowledge about the course.

Book Reference: Refer more books in order to know more about the syllabus. Refer to as many books as possible as different books provide enough knowledge about the subject.

B.Sc Home Science Subjects:

Home Science subject includes concepts of different fields such as textile, resource management, basic life science and psychology. Following are the subjects under BSc Home Science course:

B.Sc Home Science Subjects
Semester - I
1 English Language and Communication
2 Applied Chemistry
3 Human Physiology
4 Introductory Clothing
5 Hygiene and Public Health
6 Basic Foods
7 Chemistry Lab
8 Physiology Lab


B.Sc Home Science Subjects
Sl.No Semester - II
1 Human Development - I
2 Applied Physics
3 English - II
4 Introduction to Textiles
5 Applied Botany
6 Fundamentals of Nutrition
7 Physics Lab
8 Botany Lab


B.Sc Home Science Subjects
Semester - III
1 Human Development - II
2 Extension Education
3 Psychology - I
4 Introduction to Home Management - I
5 Laundry Science and Finishing Fabrics
6 Consumer Economics
7 Food Science - I
8 Psychology Lab
9 Human Development Lab


B.Sc Home Science Subjects
Semester - IV
1 Community Development
2 Human Development - III
3 Psychology - II
4 Institutional Food Management
5 Garment Construction and Apparel Science
6 Introduction to Home Management - II
7 Food Science - II
8 Psychology Lab


B.Sc Home Science Subjects
Semester - V
1 Family Dynamics
2 Child Care & Rearing Practices
3 Nutritional Biochemistry - I
4 Community Nutrition
5 Indian Textiles
6 Interior Space Designing
7 Normal Nutrition
8 Biochemistry Lab


B.Sc Home Science Subjects
Semester - VI
1 Women Empowerment
2 Child Welfare
3 Nutritional Biochemistry - II
4 Food Microbiology
5 Interior Designing
6 Apparel Designing
7 Therapeutic Nutrition
8 Biochemistry Lab
9 Microbiology Lab

B.Sc Home Science Course Fees:

Bachelor of Science Home Science course fees varies from college to college or university. The average course fee for B.Sc Home Science varies from 4,000 to 65,000 per annum.

B.Sc Home Science Course Syllabus:

Syllabus in B.Sc Home Science is unique and has various topics covered from different sections. Following is the syllabus for Home Science course:

B.Sc Home Science Syllabus
Semester - I
1 English Communication
2 Subatomic Particles
3 Cell Biology
4 Nervous System
5 Sewing
6 Infectious Diseases
7 Cooking
8 Concepts of Nutrition


B.Sc Home Science Syllabus
Sl.No Semester - II
1 English Language
2 Properties of Solids
3 Static and Current Electricity
4 Human Development
5 Textile Fibres, Characteristics, Classification
6 Basic Principles of Yarn Making
7 Introduction to Home Gardening
8 Lawn – Planning and Maintenance


B.Sc Home Science Syllabus
Semester - III
1 Programme Planning
2 School - Significance and Functions
3 Influence of Peers, Accepting Heterosexual Relationships
4 Psychology – Meaning, Scope & Nature
5 Factors Motivating Management
6 Classification of Dyes
7 Introduction to Economics
8 Food Science and its Application


B.Sc Home Science Syllabus
Semester - IV
1 Meaning, Scope and Importance of Communication
2 Middle Adulthood
3 Motivation – Definition, Types of Motives
4 Thinking Imagination
5 Catering Management – Definition & Scope Organization of Spaces
6 Ergonomics in Home


B.Sc Home Science Syllabus
Semester - V
1 Marriage - as an Institution, Needs and Goals
2 Pregnancy – Signs, Discomforts, Care of Expectant Mother
3 Introduction to Biochemistry
4 Disaccharides – Maltose, Lactose, Sucrose
5 Nutritional Problems of the Community
6 Importance of Indian Textiles in Historical Perspective


B.Sc Home Science Syllabus
Semester - VI
1 Contemporary Problems and Issues Related to Women
2 Definition, Objectives & Philosophy of Child Welfare
3 The Problem of School Dropouts
4 Biological Oxidation
5 Characteristics of Moulds, Yeasts and Bacteria
6 Components of Design

B.Sc Home Science Course Eligibility:

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Home Science)

The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing a B.Sc Home Science degree is qualifying (10+2) or equivalent examination in any stream. Some colleges and institutes demand Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as subjects studied at 12th. Few colleges require institutes demand a minimum of 50% marks in 10+2 as qualifying criteria to secure admission in Home Science course.

An entrance exam may also be conducted by a few colleges for admission in their college. Minimum required marks must be scored to gain entry into these colleges. One should have a logical mind along with a realistic approach, and a balanced attitude and be aware of health, diet and lifestyle, creativity with artistic visualisation.

B.Sc Home Science Course Admission:

Admission Procedure for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Home Science)

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Home Science course is not so common course available in all the universities. Only a few colleges or universities provide Home Science degree. The admission procedure may vary with different colleges. One can apply through online or offline mode respectively.

Many colleges provide direct admission to the course on the basis of the marks scored in 10+2.

B.Sc Home Science Job Opportunities:

Bachelor of Science Home Science graduates have lots of opportunities in different fields of science and arts. Few job specialisations are as follows:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Food Analyst
  • Health Care Worker
  • Hospital Attendant
  • Nutrition Expert

B.Sc Home Science Course Salary:

B.Sc Home Science graduates get employed in different sectors. Their salary depends on their experience and their performance. The average salary for B.Sc Home Science course is 5.5 lakh per annum.

List Of B.Sc Home Science Colleges:

Some of the top B.Sc Home Science colleges in India are mentioned below:

Sl.No Name of the College
1 Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat
2 Government Home Science College, Chandigarh
3 St.Teresa's College [STC], Cochin
4 Banaras Hindu University [BHU], Varanasi
5 Mata Sahib Kaur Girls College [MSKGC], Bathinda
6 Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology [OUAT], Bhubaneswar
7 Lovely Professional University [LPU], Jalandhar
8 BFIT Group of Institutions, Dehradun
9 Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University [BBAU], Lucknow
10 Integral University [IU], Lucknow

Distance B.Sc Home Science:

Very few universities provide Bachelor of Science Home Science degree in distance mode. Distance mode helps the students to get a degree without attending colleges. Few colleges that provide distance mode education are mentioned below:

  • Kalinga University
  • Nalanda Open University
  • Jaipur National University

Difference Between B.Sc Home Science And B.A Home Science:

Sl.no B.Sc Home Science B.A Home Science 
1 Full form - Bachelor of Science in Home Science Full form - Bachelor of Arts in Home Science
2 B.Sc in Home Science has syllabus covered from science as well as arts.  B.A in Home Science has the syllabus covered only from the arts field.
3 B.Sc has separate practical classes for topics that come under science. There is no particular lab work for B.A in Home Science students other than Psychology

B.Sc Home Science FAQ'S:

  1. Why is Home Science so important?
    Home Science is not just a field that covers household activities, B.Sc in Home Science covers topics such as resource management, fashion technology, psychology, sociology, community living, etc that completes society. Knowing all these topics provides dynamic skills to those students who wish to change the world.

  2. Can a commerce student apply for B.Sc Home Science degree?
    No, students who have cleared their 12th in commerce stream are not eligible to apply for B.Sc Home Science course. However, those who wish to get a home science degree can join B.A Home Science.

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