Job, Scope, Salary, & Placements for Bachelor of Fisheries Science [B.F.Sc] (Aquaculture):



Subject Matter Specialist (Fisheries)

The executive has to work on the subject matter in education reform board.

Senior Fisheries Scientist

The Scientist has to do work on some contemporary research and applications related to the fishing sector.


The responsibility of such an individual will have to educate people in the sector of fishing.

Research Assistant

The assistant has to do research on the application on the sector with prime scientific professionals

Marine Biologist

Marine Biologists study life in the oceans, and sometimes the ocean itself.

ICAR Officer

ICAR Officers work with the office of the Indian Council of Agriculture Research in the core speciality of fish breeding and management.

MPEDA Officer

MPEDA Officers work with the central government agency of MPEDA, specializing in aquatic life management.

Consultant - Fisheries Science

The consultant can give formal and informal advice to the industries working in the fishing sector.

Specialist Officer - Fisheries Science

The responsibility for the individual will be to improvise the sales figure from the prior year. 

Salary offered for Bachelor of Fisheries Science [B.F.Sc] (Aquaculture):

  • The minimum salary of an employee with a degree in Bachelor of Fisheries Science [B.F.Sc] is Rs. 3,00,

  • The maximum salary may range Rs. 5,00,

Key Stats - BFSc Aquaculture                                                  source: Payscale

Key stats for Bachelor of Fisheries Science [B.F.Sc] (Aquaculture):

Key Stats - BFSc Aquaculture

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