BSc Physics Jobs, Scope, Salary in India

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: INR 5,000-2,00,000 per year
Thasleen Mohideen
Thasleen Mohideen

Updated on - Jun 14, 2024

The BSc Physics salary ranges from INR 2-7 LPA based on the domain expertise and experience. The Physicist's salary in India ranges from INR 4.8- 6.3 LPA and the salary of a Lab Assistant ranges from INR 3.1 - 4.5 LPA. BSc Physics jobs are available in India's private and public sectors in various job roles such as Lab Assistant, Research Associate, Content Developer, Physicist, etc. 

A BSc in Physics opens up various career opportunities in diverse fields by enabling them with the required skills and knowledge related to the fundamentals of Physics. Oil and gas, engineering, aerospace, construction companies, agriculture, pyrotechnics manufacturers, and other major industries have an increasing market.

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Salary Offered to BSc Physics Graduates in India

The BSc Physics salary in India is based on various factors including the job location, experience, skill set, qualification, type of company, etc. On an entry level BSc Physics graduates earn in the range of INR 2-4.5 LPA. Graduates will be able to earn more by doing internships or by pursuing additional certifications. 

BSc Physics Salary in India

According to Payscale, the BSc Physics salary ranges from INR 2-7 LPA and the range can go up to INR 12 LPA after gaining three years of experience or more. The monthly salary for a B.Sc in Physics is between INR 25,000 to INR 60,000. The following table displays the range of average after B.Sc Physics salary:

B.Sc Physics Salary in India


Highest Salary


Average Salary


Lowest Salary


BSc Physics Salary Based on Job Designation

BSc Physics graduates are employed in various job designations such as Physicist, Academic Content Writer, Subject Matter Expert, High School Teacher, etc. BSc Physics scope is extensive, providing graduates with a variety of roles where they can develop their practical abilities. 

The table below shows the salary after BSc Physics for various job roles based on experience:

Job Role

Average Entry-Level Salary

Salary After Gaining 5+ Years of Experience

Consulting Physicist



Research Associate


INR 10.0 LPA

Statistical Investigator



Radiation Oncologist

INR  9.2 LPA

INR 14-16 LPA

Senior Physicist


INR 9-12 LPA

Experience Wise BSc Physics Salary

Several factors, such as university placements, internship experiences, projects, type of institution, skill set, etc, influence the BSc Physics salary in India. The following table shows the range of average salaries based on experience:

Experience (in Years) Highest Salary (INR) Average Salary (INR) Lowest Salary (INR)
0 - 2 7 LPA 4 LPA 2 LPA
3 - 6 12-16 LPA 7 LPA 5 LPA
7 - 10 17-20 LPA 10 LPA 6.5 LPA
11 - 15 20-23.5 LPA 13.5 LPA 7-8 LPA
16 & Above 25 LPA 15 LPA 10.5 LPA

BSc Physics Salary Based on Sectors

Careers following a B.Sc in Physics include research associate, nanotechnologist, physicist, acoustic consultant, and many more. In addition, there are several B.Sc Physics job opportunities for graduates in both the public and private sectors. The B.Sc Physics salary is broken down by sectors in the following table:

Recruiters in the Private Sector for BSc Physics Graduates

In the private sector, B.Sc Physics job prospects are combined with a variety of roles in major leading firms. The B.Sc Physics salary in private companies ranges from INR 20,000 - 40,000 per month. 

Check out the table below for salary after B.Sc Physics in the private sector, along with top recruiters:

Top Recruiters

Average Salary Per Month

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

INR 23,000

Raman Research Institute (RRI)

INR 35,000

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)

INR 25,000

GE Healthcare

INR 36,000


INR 28,000

Recruiters in the Government Sector for BSc Physics Graduates

There are numerous B.Sc Physics government jobs available for graduates in fields such as automobiles, electronics, Information technology, Research, etc. The BSc Physics monthly salary ranges from INR 30,000 - 50,000 in government firms. 

Check out the table below for government jobs after BSc Physics, as well as the average salary for graduates:

Top Recruiters

Average Salary Per Month

National Institute Of Oceanography (NIO)

INR 50,000

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

INR 45,000

Centre for Good Governance (CGG)

INR 40,000

Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL)

INR 30,000-35,000

BSc Physics Jobs in India

Although technical positions have always been in demand, the job after B.Sc Physics and B.Sc Physics salary in India includes various roles and lucrative compensation packages. Below is a list of available high-paying jobs after B.Sc Physics in India in both the private and government sectors:

Entry-Level B.Sc Physics Jobs for Freshers

B.Sc Physics salary varies depending on experience, study subjects, the field of specialization, a domain of expertise, and job location. Fresher Graduates can expect a B.Sc Physics job entry-level salary between INR  2 - 4.5 LPA. Following is a list of jobs after B.Sc Physics for freshers:

Job Profile


Average Entry-Level Salary

Research Assistant

  • Perform a literature review by gathering and evaluating data. 
  • Prepare materials to be submitted to funding organisations and foundations.

INR 2 - 3.3 LPA

Lab Technician

  • Collecting, labeling, and analyzing samples (blood, toxic, tissue, etc.)
  • Planning and carrying out laboratory tests by standard operating procedures.

INR 2.4 - 3.0 LPA

Consulting Physicist

  • Devote the majority of their time to dealing with customers 
  • Integrating data and analytics abilities with business knowledge to solve problems.

INR 3.7 - 4.5 LPA

High School Teacher

  • Responsible for developing, implementing the teaching the curriculum
  • Evaluating the lesson plans and their effectiveness 

INR 3.0 - 3.5 LPA

B.Sc Physics Job in Government Sector

There are enormous opportunities available for BSc Physics graduates in the government sector ranging from research and development, information technology, public health departments, etc. Listed below are the after-BSc Physics govt job roles and their details:

Job Profiles


Radiation Oncologist

  • Examine and evaluate the patient's daily physiologic and psychological responsiveness
  • Ensure that patients undergoing radiation therapy receive quality care.

Senior Physicist

  • Attempts to explain how forces, structures, and events affect the natural environment.
  • Perform quality control checks on radiation-producing devices.


  • Collect data during the project's life cycle
  • Analyse the data and publish the outcomes to enable future research

Private Jobs for B.Sc Physics Graduates

There are several fields where a B.Sc Physics graduate can work. These include acoustic consultants, geophysicists, nanotechnologists, radiation protection practitioner research, and technicians. Following is the list of some private jobs:

Job Profiles


Consulting Physicist

  • Devote the majority of their time to dealing with customers 
  • Integrating data and analytics abilities with business knowledge to solve problems.

Research Associate

  • Routinely performs a range of experiments, tests, and research.
  • Calculates data to finalize research test results

Statistical Investigator

  • Carrying out a range of demanding field responsibilities, including numerous data collection surveys.
  • Conduct rigorous fieldwork or duties.

Career Scope for BSc Physics Graduates in India

BSc Physics graduates in India work with various govt and private companies in different areas ranging from healthcare to research and development. Listed below are some of the areas of recruitment for BSc Physics graduates and their job designations:

Areas of Recruitment

Job Designation for BSc Physics

Research and Development

Research Associate, Physicist, Drug discovery Executive


Content Writer, High School Teacher, Academic Counsellor


Lab Technician, Public Health Technician, Drug Information Executive


Automotive Technician, Testing Executive, Administrative Officer

Energy and Environment

Environmental Consultant, Energy Analyst, Renewable Energy Technician

Top Recruiters for BSc Physics Graduates in India

Several renowned organisations in both the public and private sectors provide B.Sc Physics job opportunities. Some of the top recruiters in India recruit graduates after B.Sc Physics jobs and salaries are listed below:

Top Recruiters

Type of Industry

Job Position

Average Entry-Level Salary (INR)

Apollo Hospitals Healthcare Lab Technician, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Medical Physicist 2.5 - 3.2 LPA
National Institute Of Oceanography (NIO) Research and Development Research Associate, Physicist, Senior Research Scientist 3 - 3.5 LPA
TATA Motors Automobiles Production Supervisor, Factory Manager, Manufacturing Officer 3 - 4.2 LPA
Infosys Information Technology Data Analyst, Software Developer, IT Consultant 3 - 3.8 LPA
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Government Research Research Scientist, Nuclear Physicist, Radiological Technician 3 - 4 LPA
Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) Consumer Goods Quality Control Analyst, Research and Development Scientist 3 - 3.7 LPA
Siemens Engineering and Technology Application Engineer, Product Development Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer 3 - 4.2 LPA
Dr. Lal Path Labs Healthcare Lab Technician, Clinical Research Coordinator, Quality Assurance Specialist 2.5 - 3.5 LPA

Courses After B.Sc Physics

After B.Sc Physics, students have various employment alternatives available to them, but if they wish to pursue higher study, the following are some of the most popular courses that come under the career after BSc Physics:

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing A Job

Several elements influence the course's demand, such as "What career prospects are available after B.Sc Physics?" and "What is the scope of B.Sc Physics?" Some of the factors are as follows:

  • Future Scope
  • Employee Benefits
  • Skills Required
  • Industry Growth
  • Salary, Incentives, etc.
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Career Development
  • Company Culture and Work Environment

Skills Required for B.Sc Physics Jobs

In India, the employment opportunities for graduates with a B.Sc Physics are broad and offer a variety of career prospects. However, it is one of the technical positions that require the candidate to acquire the following skill sets:

  • Logical Skills: Candidates need to develop logical reasoning skills as it helps them to predict certain hypotheses and theories to interpret data, laws and logic to derive conclusions.
  • Attention to Detail: BSc Physics graduates tend to work with important data, sources and methods and it is essential to pay attention to every detail to avoid any errors.
  • Scientific and Numerical Skills: Mathematical skills is one of the essential skills required for physics graduates as they are often required to work with equations, calculus and statistics

BSc Physics Fee Structure


What job opportunities are available for BSc Physics graduates?

Candidates are employed in various high-paying jobs after BSc Physics in roles such as Physicist, Lab Technician, Research Assistant, Subject Matter Expert, Production Supervisor, etc.

Is BSc Physics a good career?

Yes, B.Sc Physics has a lot of scope in various fields such as automobiles, research and development, technology, infrastructure, etc. The BSc Physics salary ranges from INR 2-7 LPA based on the skill set and experience.

What are the high-paying jobs after BSc Physics?

Some of the job designations such as Chief Medical Physicist, Experimental Physicist, Computational Physicist, Medical Physicist, and Senior Petrophysicist get paid around INR 12-35 LPA based on the industry and experience.

Can I join ISRO after BSc Physics?

No, the minimum educational requirement to join ISRO is to have a postgraduate degree in Physics from a recognized university or institution.

How to get a BSc Physics government job in India?

Candidates need to understand their niche and area of specialization and can opt for various govt jobs after BSc Physics such as UPSC, SSC, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, etc.

Can I pursue a career in research with a BSc in Physics?

Yes, candidates can pursue a career in research after completing BSc Physics by opting for a postgraduate program and gaining practical research exposure.

What industries typically hire BSc Physics graduates?

BSc Physics graduates are employed in various industries such as automotive, education, aerospace industries, defence, healthcare, information technology, etc.

Do I need to pursue further education after BSc Physics, such as a master's or PhD, to enhance my job prospects?

Yes, candidates with a master's or a doctoral degree in Physics have better career opportunities in top companies such as Cipla, Accenture, Wipro, Tata Motors, etc.

What skills do employers look for in BSc Physics graduates?

BSc Physics graduates must demonstrate skills such as analytical thinking, mathematical and numerical skills, communication skills, research skills, etc.

What is the salary range for entry-level positions for BSc Physics graduates?

The average entry-level BSc Physics salary ranges from INR 2-4.5 LPA based on the domain expertise and skill set.

Can I work in sectors like finance or business with a background in physics?

Yes, there are job designations offered to BSc Physics graduates in Finance and Business sectors such as data analyst, risk analyst, quantitative analyst, budget analyst, etc.