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Kripal Thapa

Updated on Jul 3, 2023 by Kripal Thapa

Kripal Thapa

Updated on Jul 3, 2023 by Kripal Thapa

The B.Sc Home Science Subjects are covered over a period of three years divided into six semesters, which cover essential topics such as home management, resource management, economics, fashion, child psychology, food and nutrition, etc.   

In the B.Sc Home Science course, candidates are given skill-based training in various domains such as fashion, culinary arts, nutrition, and interior design, to name a few. This training opens varied job avenues, such as Nutritionist, Fashion Stylist, Textile Manager, Interior Consultant, etc.

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B.Sc Home Science Subjects

B.Sc Home Science subjects focus on home management, resources, economics, fashion, textiles, child care, and child psychology. The topics in home science are divided into three categories: core, elective, and practical, which are listed below:

B.Sc Home Science Core Subjects

In the B.Sc Home Science subjects there are certain core papers which are listed below:

  • Communication and Extension
  • Food Chemistry
  • Applied Art
  • Basic Food & Nutrition
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition and Food Science
  • Computer Fundamentals and Automation
  • Human Development

B.Sc Home Science Elective Subjects

The electives in the B.Sc Home Science subjects are divided into three categories: discipline-specific, skill-based, and AECC. Listed below are some of the elective subjects:

  • English
  • Environmental Studies 
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Entrepreneurship Development 
  • Bakery and Confectionery 
  • Overview of Indian Economy
  • Infant Stimulation Programme

B.Sc Home Science Practical Subjects

The BSc Home Science subject practicals contain a range of topics, which will be listed in the table below:

  • Textiles 
  • Life Sciences 
  • Resource Management 
  • Fashion Studies 
  • Communication and Extension
  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Computer Basics
  • Interior Decoration

B.Sc Home Science Subjects In Detail

There is a list of themes for the BSc Home Science subject that include a variety of topics related to homes, society, clothing, and the environment. The B.Sc. in Home Science subjects are detailed in the table below:

BSc Home Science Subject Topics
Communication and Extension Historical background, concept and nature, Understanding Human Communication, Communicating Effectively, Communication for Extension.
Fundamentals of Nutrition and Food Science  Basic concepts in food and nutrition, Nutrients, Food Groups, Methods of Cooking and Preventing Nutrient Losses.
Fundamentals of Textile Textile fibres and their properties, Yarns, Fabric construction, Dyeing, Printing and Finishing.
Fashion Studies Importance of clothing, Fashion, Adoption of fashion, Fashion centers and designers of the world, Design.
Life Span Development Introduction to Adolescence, Young Adulthood, Middle and Late Adulthood.

Semester Wise B.Sc Home Science Syllabus 

The B.Sc Home Science syllabus includes studies in home management, child care, psychology, fashion, textiles, and economics, with the first two years focusing on core courses and the third year on electives. The home science syllabus for the B.Sc. programme is broken down into distinct semesters in the tables below.

BSc Home Science 1st Year Syllabus

In the following table is the BSc Home Science 1st year syllabus:

Semester Ⅰ

Semester Ⅱ

Introduction to Human Development

Fundamentals of Nutrition and Food Science

Resource Management

Extension Education

Food Science

Introduction to Family Resource Management

Fashion Studies 

Life Span Development

Communication Skills in English

Advanced Food & Nutrition

B.Sc Home Science 1st Year Syllabus

The following list contain practicals for B.Sc Home Science Syllabus in 1st year:

  • Communication and Extension
  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Computer Basics

B.Sc Home Science 2nd Year Syllabus

In the following table is the syllabus of home science for the B.Sc course for 2nd year:

Semester Ⅲ

Semester Ⅳ

Physical Sciences

Life Sciences

Family Resource Management-I

Family Resource Management-II

Fundamentals of Sociology: Social and Culture

Human Development-I

Textile Science

Developmental Stages Till Old Age

Life Span Developmen

Personal Finance and Consumer Studies 

B.Sc Home Science 2nd Year Syllabus

The following list contain practicals for B.Sc Home Science Syllabus in 2nd year:

  • Communication Systems and Social Change
  • Textiles
  • Nutrition for the Family

B.Sc Home Science 3rd Year Syllabus

In the following table is the BSc Home Science 3rd year syllabus:

Semester Ⅴ

Semester Ⅵ

Child Psychology

Processes in Apparel Design

Public Nutrition and Dietetics 

Management of Child Care Centres

Human Development -II

Behavioural Psychology

 Interior Space Designing

Basics of Design Application

Communication for Development


B.Sc Home Science 3rd Year Syllabus

The following list contain practicals for B.Sc Home Science Syllabus in 3rd year:

  • Design Application
  • Apparel Design
  • Interior Decoration

B.Sc Home Science Course Structure

The course structure for the home science syllabus covers other aspects besides academics. It includes training in sewing, dyeing, cooking, etc. Also, it contains seminars, conventions, and collaborative projects. In short, the course structure is as follows:

  • VI semesters
  • Seminar
  • Conferences
  • Core and elective topics
  • Project and practical work

B.Sc Home Science Teaching Methodology and Techniques

B.Sc Home Science subjects use different approaches when it comes to teaching, as candidates must be familiar with settings involving various patterns and resources. In general, the syllabus of home science teaching methodology includes:

  • Hands-on activities
  • Project-Based learning
  • Peer-led team learning
  • Flipped learning

B.Sc Home Science Projects

The syllabus of home science contains project work, also known as  a dissertation, at the end of the semester. The project integrates many topics in economics, interior design, fashion, textiles, and home management. Listed below are some home science projects:

  • An examination of family decision-making and purchasing functions using Nestle as a case study
  • Different Sewing Methods and Techniques in Cotton Saris
  • Culutral Impact of Ethnic Printing
  • Nutritional Values For Gym Going People- An Analytical Study
  • Impact of audiovisual aids in teaching home economics in secondary schools
  • A comparison of public and private school nutrition policies and implementation

B.Sc Home Science Reference Books

The reference books in B.Sc Home Science Subjects touch on many topics written by various authors, which are listed in the table below:



Essentials of Medical Physiology


Food Science

Potter N

Lifespan Development

John Santrock

Biotechnology Fundamentals And Applications

 Purohit and S S

B.Sc Home Science Fee Structure


What is the subject of B.Sc Home Science?

The B.Sc Home Science subjects include Human Development, Food Science, Home Management and Décor, Child Psychology, Textile, etc.

What is the syllabus of B.Sc 1st year?

The BSc Home Science, 1st-year syllabus, includes Introduction to Human Development, Applied Art, and Fashion Studies.

Is Home Science a good subject?

Yes. B.Sc Home Science is among the best subjects for candidates wishing to study fashion, art, and lifestyle science.

Which is better BSC Home Science or BSC life science?

In contrast to BSc Life Science, which studies biology, botany, and anthropology, BSc Home Science is the study of human development as it relates to family, society, home resources, etc.

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