B.Sc in Astrophysics Subjects:

B.Sc in Astrophysics is a classification of astronomy, It involves concepts of physics, mathematics, chemical properties of celestial particles. Astrophysics explains the working of physics with celestial bodies that show the changes take place in the universe. B.Sc in Astrophysics Salary graduate will get income around 3L as a fresher. The salary will increase with respect to experience and position.

The B.Sc in Astrophysics Subjects are listed below:

B.Sc in Astrophysics Syllabus Year-1
Sl.No Subjects
1 Mathematics
2 Special relativity
3 Mechanics
4 Properties of matter
5 Laboratory experiments
6 Astrophysics
7 Oscillation and waves
8 Physics of field and matter


B.Sc in Astrophysics Syllabus Year-2
Sl.No Subjects
1 Modern physics
2 Linear algebra and calculus
3 Dynamics and Vector Calculus 
4 Practical physics
5 Quantum mechanics
6 Classical mechanics
7 7Cosmology
8 Thermal physics
9 Mathematical physics
10 Nuclear and particular physics


B.Sc in Astrophysics Syllabus Year-3
Sl.No Subjects
1 Galaxies
2 Quantum mechanics
3 Dynamics and relativity
4 Thermodynamics
5 Statistics Physics
6 Research methodology
7 Core Physics
8 Astrophysics research project
9 Industrial group project

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