Bachelor of Science[B.Sc](Genetics) Subjects:

B.Sc Genetics is one of the most sought after courses due to its high popularity in the job sectors and an increase in popularity . However in order to broaden their learning vision and manage several domains under these fields. The Subjects are allocated to the current trends in B.Sc Genetics Salary and Jobs requirements posed by the companies are abundant. The following subjects are included in the curriculum which provides a basic understanding of science concepts and deeper understanding and its elements.

The subjects that are followed in the curriculum of the B.Sc Genetics course which is commonly adopted by all universities are listed below:

    Semester 1

Cell biology 1

Genetics 1

                                Semester 2                                


Genetics ll


 Semester 3

Molecular Genetics ll

Population Genetics ll


 Semester 4

Molecular Genetics l

Population Genetics l

  Semester 5

Genetics and Crop Improvements l

Genetics and Animal Improvement l

Semester 6

Genetics and crop Improvement ll

Genetics and Animal Improvement ll



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