B.Sc Zoology Hons subjects consist of core and elective subjects. In addition to that, B.Sc Zoology Honours impart specific knowledge in the subjects that offer theoretical and practical knowledge about various subjects like microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, genomics, etc. The B.Sc Hons in Zoology Syllabus is for students with a strong interest in animal knowledge and related species.

Semester Wise B.Sc Zoology Honours Syllabus

The B.Sc Hons Zoology subjects include cell biology & genetics, animal physiology, developmental biology, and so more. The curriculum for the course is divided into four parts: foundation, core, elective, and projects. They are:

 B.Sc Zoology Honours First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Animal Diversity I:Non-chordate

Animal Physiology & Biochemistry

Cell Biology & Genetics

Laboratory Course I

B.Sc Zoology Honours Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

Animal Diversity II : Chordate

Developmental Biology

Fundamentals of Biochemistry

Laboratory Course II

B.Sc Zoology Honours Third Year Syllabus

Semester V

Semester VI

Molecular Biology

Evolutionary Biology

Ecology and Environmental Biology

Laboratory Course III

B.Sc Zoology Honours Subjects

There are many relevant subjects in B.Sc Zoology Honours necessary for a student to pursue a degree related to science, environment, and living species. Some of the subjects are from plus two classes and some new topics covered in the course. Let's see in detail what all are the B.Sc Zoology Honours Subjects:

General topics covered in the course of B.Sc Zoology Honours are:

Core subjects:

  • Non-Chordates I
  • Environmental Science
  • Principles of Ecology
  • Cell Biology
  • Diversity of Chordates

Elective subjects:

  • Human Physiology
  • Animal Diversity
  • Environment & Public Health
  • Insect Vector & Diseases
  • Animal Cell Biotechnology
  • Food, Nutrition & Health

B.Sc Zoology Honours Course Structure

B.Sc Zoology Honours course is structured as core and elective subject. The course is divided into six semesters comprising an introduction to all science basics in the first year. The course mainly focuses on Microbiology, Immunology, Ecology, Applied Zoology, and many more. The aspirants can choose electives based on their specialization and the research-based projects at the end of the last year. The course structure is:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core and Elective subjects
  • Internship
  • Project Submission

The scope after the course is vast. The aspirants can look for jobs in educational firms, veterinary hospitals other than research-oriented departments. In addition, there are umpteen job postings opened in the government firms such as Wildlife protection society of India, Central Zoo Authority, and Kerala Agricultural University.

B.Sc Zoology Honours Teaching Methodology and Techniques

B.Sc Zoology Honours encompasses different teaching methods. Apart from the basic traditional lecture-based training, the students are trained to aid in various labs, group projects, and other action-based learning methods. Students can even work as a team for the final year project to provide practical solutions to various challenges.

Some of the teaching methodology and techniques are:

  • Practical sessions
  • Group Projects
  • Case Methodology
  • Workshop
  • Lectures

B.Sc Zoology Honours Projects

Students pursuing B.Sc in Zoology Honours can take up projects on different topics such as Bodily System Development, Cell Assembly in Embryos, Central Nervous System Synapses, Genetics of Behavior, etc. The project motivates the students to develop the skills in designing and developing various science-based domains.

Popular B.Sc Zoology Honours projects are:

  • Behaviour or life cycle of honey bee or eri silk moth
  • Osmoregulation in freshwater or marine
  • Toxicology studies on fishes, their exposure to pollutants
  • Factors affect respiration in an aquatic environment
  • The Evolution of animal vision

B.Sc Zoology Honours Reference Books

Reference books for B.Sc Zoology Honours help students get additional knowledge about the course they are pursuing. The reference books will provide additional knowledge to the students about various topics covered in the curriculum. Some of the very best B.Sc Hons Zoology books are:

B.Sc Zoology Honours Reference Books



Zoology 8th edition

Stephen A.Miller & John P. Harley

Zoology: Non-Chordates I

Dr.V K Agarwal

Zoology: Biochemistry I

Dr. V.K. Agarwal


R.L Kotpal

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