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Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

The B.Sc Audiology syllabus is constructed in the core, labs, and elective subjects accordingly with theoretically and practically classed along the duration period of 3-years based upon the major science subjects respectively.

Semester Wise B.Sc Audiology Syllabus

The B.Sc Audiology syllabus for the course duration of 3-year involves the major science subjects for the three semesters.

Mentioned below are the three-semester syllabus for the B.Sc Audiology subjects:

B.Sc Audiology First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Introduction to Speech and Language Pathology

Psychology Related to Speech and Hearing

Basic Acoustic and Electronics

Clinical Work (Speech Pathology)

Introduction to Audiology

Clinical Work (Audiology)

Introduction to Linguists

Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology

B.Sc Audiology Second Year Syllabus

Semester II

Childhood Communication Disorders

Educational Audiology

Diagnostic Audiology

Amplification and Assistive Devices for Hearing

Articulation and Phonological Disorders


Community Oriented Professional Particles in Speech-Language Pathology

Voice and Laryngectomy

Basic Statistics and Research Methods in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Clinical Work (Speech Pathology)

Clinical Work (Audiology)

B.Sc Audiology Third Year Syllabus

Semester III

Fluency and its Disorders

Rehabilitative Audiology

Neuro-motor Speech Disorders

Noise Measurement and Hearing Conservation

Adult Neuro-communication Disorders

Clinical Work (Speech Pathology)

Pediatric Audiology

B.Sc Audiology Subjects

B.Sc Audiology course is classified as elective, labs, and core subjects. The major science subjects and its syllabus with lab practical class and experiments are essential for the experience and skill development of the eligible aspirants.

Mentioned below are the core subjects related to B.Sc Audiology:

  • Speech-Language Development and Disorders
  • Voice and Laryngectomee
  • Fluency and its Disorders
  • Otolaryngology

Mentioned below are the lab subjects:

  • Otoscopy
  • Tympanometry
  • Audiometry

Mentioned below are the elective subjects:

  • Speech-Language Development and Disorders
  • Voice and Laryngectomee
  • Fluency and its Disorders
  • Otolaryngology

B.Sc Audiology Course Structure

Course details for B.Sc Audiology include the major core, elective, and lab subjects together for 3-year.

Mentioned below are the major course structure of B.Sc Audiology:

  • VI semesters
  • Core, Elective, and Labs Subjects
  • Internship
  • Projects Submission

B.Sc Audiology Teaching Methodology and Techniques

Aspirants pursuing the course go through training to achieve the teaching methodology and techniques of the B.Sc Audiology from the teaching faculties and the senior professor during B.Sc Audiology duration of 3-year.

Mentioned below are the techniques, methodology, and techniques of B.Sc Audiology:

  • Collaborative
  • Group Discussion
  • Process Recordings
  • Nursing Care Study
  • Incidental Teachings
  • Problem Solving Methods
  • Research Projects

B.Sc Audiology Projects

Projects are essential for the development and improving the skills of the aspirants. The group of 4- 5 aspirants is formed into a small group and handed a particular project topic and asked to work on. The aspirants working together as a group complete the work in a given time and duration and help the weak member catch up.

Mentioned below are a few topics for B.Sc Audiology:

  • Emotional expressions with a voice in professional and nonprofessional users
  • Metaphonological skills of children with hearing impairment using
  • Cochlear implants.
  • Studying familial incidence of hearing weakness by blood-related family members pedigree in children with congenital hearing loss
  • A comparative study of neonates before and after
  • Aminoglycoside antibiotics.

B.Sc Audiology Reference Books

The reference for the best B.Sc Audiology syllabus books from all over the globe are available for the aspirants in the present and future who pursue the course can have the best teaching and techniques.

Mentioned below are the best books available for the B.Sc Audiology reference:

B.Sc Audiology Books



Handbook of Clinical Audiology

Jack Katz

Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology

Richard C. Seewald

Audiology: The Fundamentals

Fred H. Bess

Hearing Aids

Harvey Dillon

Audiology Diagnosis

 Ross J. Roeser

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