Jobs, Scope, Salary, and Placements for Master of Science [M.Sc]:

Employment Areas for Master of Science [M.Sc]:

  • Space Research
  • Agriculture Industry

  • Biotechnology Firms

  • Chemical Industry

  • Educational Institutes

  • Geological Survey Departments

  • Hospitals

  • Industrial Laboratories

  • Oil Industry

  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry

  • R&D Firms

  • Testing Laboratories

Job Types for Master of Science [M.Sc]:



Biology Researcher

An individual will conduct useful yet authentic Research regarding the Biological aspects in which the organization deals with


The individual will work with some of the most professional and experienced individuals in the same field.

Clinical Research Specialist

Individuals have to do fundamental research on the domain of Clinical scientific research and its different verticals.


An individual can be a full-time doctor and can open up an individual clinic for the same.


An individual has to work on the domain of Genes and its history.


Individuals can join as Lecturer in any Tier-1 or Tier-2 colleges for exchanging the knowledge with the future generation.

Laboratory Technician

Individuals can join as Lab technician in Research Labs or in the universities for greater growth in their career.

Marine Geologists

Individuals should have in-depth knowledge regarding the Oceanic floor animals with valuable feedback to improve the ecosystem.


Professionals have to research on the water creatures and their existing impact on the oceanic ecosystem.


Professionals should have well through knowledge regarding the use of medicines and their proper accommodations.

Plant Biochemist

Professionals have to go through rigorous research on the subject of Plants and its cell structure.

Science Adviser

Professionals with eloquent speaking skills with in-depth knowledge regarding Science will be appreciated for the job role.


Professionals have to work on the genesis aspect of the plant with greater knowledge of its behavioural aspects. 

Salary Packages for Master of Science [M.Sc] Professionals:

Core Subjects

Initial Annual Salary

M.Sc Agriculture/Forestry etc.

Rs. 3,00,000 to 8,20,000

Salary Package

M.Sc Chemistry/Biochemistry etc.

Rs. 3,00,000 to 9,40,000

Salary Package

M.Sc Biology / Microbiology / Zoology / Botany etc.

Rs. 3,40,000 to 8,20,000

Salary Package

M.Sc Environmental Sciences / Earth Sciences / Geology etc.

Rs. 2,80,000 to 7,00,000

Salary Package

M.Sc Mathematics / Statistics etc.

Rs. 2,80,000 to 10,60,000

Salary Package

M.Sc Computer Science / Information Technology etc.

Rs. 4,30,000 to 10,00,000

Salary Package

  • Master of Science is a postgraduate program pursued by B.Sc graduates. Professionals who continue their same jobs after completion of an M.Sc postgraduate degree will have an added advantage when it comes to achieving promotions.

  • Salary packages vary from the universities in which the students have pursued their degree. Students get jobs through Campus Placements arranged by the colleges.

  • M.Sc provides in-depth knowledge of the specialization which the student opts for.

  • An M.Sc program is a must in today's world for any graduate as it helps them improve their job opportunities, promotion credibility, and salary packages.