B.Sc Psychology Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: INR 1,500-2,00,000 Per Year

The BSc Psychology subjects are structured in a specific way to get theoretical and practical expertise in psychology and mental health. The BSc Psychology syllabus aims to train students in various human behaviour and help them understand the client's emotional quotient in depth.

B.Sc Psychology subjects are industry-relevant and provide important skills and expertise in the field of psychology. Thus, the B.Sc Psychology job scope is vast with employment opportunities available in both the private and public sectors.

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BSc Psychology Subjects

The subjects in B.Sc Psychology help graduates to understand various psychological factors affecting the mental health of a person. Some of the B.Sc Psychology course subjects are listed below:

Core Subjects

BSc Psychology syllabus can be divided into two parts namely specialized psychological sciences and core elective subjects. Core subjects under the BSc Psychology syllabus are given below:

  • General Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Organizational Behaviour 
  • Family Psychology 

Elective Subjects

Students are also offered electives apart from mandatory core subjects, according to the CBCS course structure. Some of the elective BSc Psychology subjects are given below:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • Psychological Analysis
  • Career Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology

BSc Psychology Subjects in Detail

BSc Psychology subjects are comprehensive and spread across several domains based on the study of mind & emotions, mental well-being, and personality growth. A detailed view of some of the B.Sc Psychology subjects is given below:

BSc Psychology subjects Topics Covered
General Psychology Sensation and Attention, Perception, States of Consciousness, Learning, Methods of assessment in Psychology, Foundations of Behaviour 
Development Psychology Conception through birth, Infancy & Toddlerhood, Early & Middle Childhood, Puberty, Adolescence, Young Adulthood, Middle Age, Old Age
Family Psychology Stages of Family and its tasks, Attachment & its importance, Functional and dysfunctional families, Child upbringing and its issues
Social Psychology Social Perception & Cognition Perceiving Ourselves, Attitudes, Prejudice & Discrimination Attitudes, Groups & Leadership, Aggression & Pro-social Behaviour Aggression
Clinical Psychology Anxiety based disorders, Somatoform disorders & Dissociative disorders, Feeding/Eating & Sleep Disorders, Mental Retardation and Developmental Disorder
Industrial Psychology Job Analysis and Job Evaluation, Performance Appraisal & Performance Rating System, Personnel Selection & Testing, Training & Development

Semester Wise BSc Psychology Syllabus

B.Sc Psychology subjects provide in-depth theoretical concepts and offer research scopes in the field of psychology and mental health counseling. BSc Psychology subjects can vary from one university to another. The standard structure of the UGC-recommended BSc Psychology syllabus is given below: 

B.Sc Psychology 1st Year Subjects

The following are BSc Psychology subjects in the first year.  



Language (English) Language - II
Local Language (Choice) General Psychology
General Psychology Family Psychology
Biological Psychology Experimental Psychological Studies
Electives Environmental Studies
- Electives

Practical Topics in 1st Year BSc Psychology Syllabus

Practical psychology sessions help graduates to apply theoretical concepts in real-life counseling. Some of the practical topics under the first-year BSc Psychology subjects are given below:

  • Computer-Assisted Testing and Analysis
  • Span of Attention 
  • Shape Constancy
  • Retroactive Inhibition 
  • Trial & Error Learning
  • Concept formation

2nd Year BSc Psychology Subjects

Some of the B.Sc Psychology subjects in the second year are given below.  



Language (English) Language (English)
Local Language (Choice) Local Language (Choice)
Human Development  Developmental Psychology
Physiological Psychology  Social Psychology 
Elementary Statistics Psychological Statistics / Research Methods 
Electives Electives

Practical Topics in 2nd Year BSc Psychology Syllabus

The practical topics under the 2nd-year BSc Psychology subjects are given below:

  • Differential Aptitude Test Battery
  • Motivational Analysis Test
  • Bogardus Social Distance Scale
  • Developmental Screening Test

3rd Year B.Sc Psychology Subjects

The BSc Psychology subjects in the third year are given below.  



Organizational Behaviour Abnormal Psychology / Positive Psychology
Psychopathology Counselling Psychology / Clinical Psychology
Psychological Research Human Resource Development / Industrial Psychology
Educational Psychology Electives
Electives Project

Practical Topics in 3rd Year BSc Psychology Syllabus

Some of the practical topics under the 3rd-year BSc Psychology subjects are given below:

  • Tools & Techniques Used in Counseling
  • Biologically based therapies
  • electroconvulsive therapy
  • pharmacological method

B.Sc Psychology Course Structure

B.Sc Psychology course structure focuses on imparting specialized knowledge in mental science studies and practical training in experimentation psychology. The final semester includes mandatory project submission and viva voce. The B.Sc Psychology course structure includes:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective
  • Project
  • Practical Work

B.Sc Psychology Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The teaching methodology and techniques used for B.Sc Psychology consist of traditional lecture-based learning and practical sessions. The teaching method prioritizes enhancing research skills by offering in-depth theoretical knowledge on the domain. Some of the teaching methodologies include:

  • Lecture-based training
  • Practical Counselling sessions
  • Internships
  • Group discussions

B.Sc Psychology Projects

The B.Sc Psychology curriculum includes a mandatory project paper in the final year, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge to develop a practical solution. Below are examples of some popular research topics associated with the several subjects in B.Sc Psychology:

  • Causes and Effects of Communication Breakdown in Adults
  • Effect of PTSD on Middle-aged Children
  • Community Health Psychology
  • Pediatric Psychology
  • Impact of Emotions on Student Traits

B.Sc Psychology Reference Books

Listed below are B.Sc Psychology reference books:


Authors/ Publications

 Organizational Behaviour Newstrom JW
Human Resource Management Dessler. G
Theory and Practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy G.Corey
Political Psychology K.N.Sharma
Psychology Foundation B.T. Basavanthappa
Educational Psychology J.W.Santrock

BSc Psychology Fee Structure


What is the 1st year syllabus of B.Sc Psychology?

The 1st year syllabus includes subjects like General Psychology, Family Psychology, Biological Psychology, Environmental Studies, etc.

What are the core subjects in B.Sc Psychology?

The core subjects are General Psychology, Biological Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, etc.

What are the elective subjects in B.Sc Psychology?

A few of the elective subjects are Educational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Health Psychology, Marketing & Consumer Behaviour, etc.

What are the B.Sc Psychology projects?

Some popular B.Sc Psychology project topics are The Effect of PTSD on Middle-aged Children, Community Health Psychology, Pediatric Psychology, The Impact of Emotions on Student Traits, etc.

What are the important books for B.Sc Psychology?

A few popular reference books include Organizational Behaviour by Newstrom JW, and Human Resource Management by Dessler. G, Political Psychology by K.N.Sharma, etc.