Job, Scope, Salary and Placements for Master of Science [M.Sc] (Psychology):

Master of Science [M.Sc] (Psychology) Job Types:

  • Urban Planning Officer

  • Staff Recruiter

  • Social Psychologist

  • Human Resources Assistant

  • Counselling Psychologist

  • Child Support Specialist, Social Worker

  • Special Education Teacher

  • Career Counsellor & Career Employment Specialist

  • Psychotherapist/Psychologist

  • Psychology Consultant

  • Educational Psychologist

  • Industrial-Organizational
  • Teacher/Private Tutor

  • Research Specialist - Academics & Pedagogy

Salary and Placement for Master of Psychology [M.Sc] (Psychology):

Salary and Placement for Master of Psychology [M.Sc] (Psychology)

Source: Payscale

  • The minimum salary of an employee with the degree in Master of Science (Psychology) is Rs.3,20, and the maximum salary may range Rs.6,00,