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The BSc Zoology syllabus explores different animal kingdoms, their diversity, food chains, ecosystems, genetics, evolution, and reproduction. The BSc Zoology subjects span three years and comprise six semesters, covering core, elective, and practical papers.

B.Sc Zoology gives exposure to students in various industry-specified functions, such as ecology, genomics, physiology, etc. This degree opens up job opportunities in private and government sectors, with roles such as conservationist, wildlife biologist, researcher, and lab assistant.

Table of Contents

Semester Wise BSc Zoology Syllabus

The BSc Zoology syllabus aims to equip students with knowledge and practical skills related to the animal kingdom, animal diversity, genetics, biodiversity, ecosystem, and food chains. In the B.Sc 1st year syllabus Zoology, the focus is on core subjects, while elective subjects are offered from the second year onwards. Below is a breakdown of the BSc Zoology syllabus by semester.

B.Sc Zoology First Year Syllabus 

BSc Zoology 1st year subjects aim at understanding an overview of cell biology, plant diversity, biological chemistry, invertebrate biology, environment science, etc. Students can download B.Sc 1st year zoology syllabus pdf 2023 from the respective university website for a detailed overview.

The table below contains the list of BSc 1st year Zoology syllabus 2023:

BSc Zoology 1st Sem Syllabus BSc Zoology 2nd Sem Syllabus

Life and Diversity of Animals-Nonchordates
(Protozoa to Annelida)

Life and Diversity of Animals- Nonchordates
(Arthropoda to Hemichordata) 

Invertebrate Zoology-I

Invertebrate Zoology – II

Animal Discovery

Comparative Anatomy and Development Biology of

Practical Topics For BSc Zoology First Year Syllabus 2023

Here are the practicals offered in the BSc first year Zoology syllabus 2023:

  • Environment Biology Practical
  • Invertebrate Zoology Practicals
  • Animal discovery Practical

B.Sc Zoology Second Year Syllabus

The second year BSc Zoology syllabus deals with the study of animal physiology, immunology, molecular biology, entomology, etc. The table below contains the list of BSc Zoology syllabus in the second year:

BSc Zoology 3rd Sem Syllabus BSc Zoology 4th Sem Syllabus

Life and Diversity of Animals-Chordates
(Protochordata to Amphibia)

Life and Diversity of Animals-Chordates (Reptilia,
Aves and Mammals)

Vertebrate Zoology –I 

Vertebrate Zoology -II

Physiology, Biochemistry and History

Genetics and Evolutionary Biology

BSc Zoology Second Year Syllabus Practical Topics

In the second year of the zoology syllabus, there are practicals available, which are listed below:

  • Genetics Practical
  • Vertebrate Zoology Practicals
  • Physiology Practical

B.Sc Zoology Third Year Syllabus

The 3rd year BSc Zoology syllabus focuses on specialized topics such as parasitology, environmental impact assessment, biotechnology in zoology, conservation biology, etc. Here is the list of BSc Zoology syllabus for the third year, presented in the table below:

BSc Zoology 5th Sem Syllabus BSc Zoology 6th Sem Syllabus

General Mammalian Physiology I

Reproductive Biology

Cell Biology

General Mammalian Physiology II 

Applied Zoology and Ethology




Value Education




BSc Zoology Third Year Syllabus Practical Topics

In the second year of the zoology syllabus, there are practical subjects available, which are listed below:

  • Cell Biology Practical
  • General Mammalian Physiology Practicals
  • Reproductive Biology Practical

BSc Zoology Subjects

In the BSc Zoology subjects, students will learn about essential topics like Animal Diversity, Animal Kingdom, Classification, Food Chain, and Ecosystem. The zoology syllabus is divided into three parts: core, electives, and practicals, which are listed below.

BSc Zoology Core Subjects

The following are the core BSc Zoology subjects:

  • Life and Diversity of Animals-Nonchordates 
  • Environment Biology
  • Invertebrate Zoology
  • Plant Diversity
  • Vertebrate Zoology
  • Animal discovery
  • Comparative Anatomy and Developmental Biology of Vertebrates
  • Life and Diversity of Animals-Chordates

BSc Zoology Elective Subjects

The BSc Zoology subjects include electives that are listed below.

  • Chemistry
  • Economic Zoology
  • Aquaculture
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Aquarium Fish Keeping
  • Biotechnology
  • Zoogeography
  • Wildlife Conservation

BSc Zoology Subjects In Detail

The B.Sc Zoology syllabus covers a range of topics including animal kingdom diversity, cell structure, genetics, biodiversity, ecosystems, and food chains. Below is a detailed list of the BSc Zoology subjects:

BSc Zoology Subjects Topics
Animal Diversity Kingdom Protista, Phylum Porifera, Phylum Cnidaria, Phylum Platyhelminthes, Phylum Nemathelminthes, Phylum Annelida.
Anatomy and Developmental Biology of Vertebrates Integument in different classes of chordates, Respiratory System, Early Embryonic Development, Early Development.
Genetics and Evolutionary Biology Chromosomes, Mendelian Genetics, Sex Determination, Mutations, Origin of Life, Species Concept.
Applied Zoology & Ethology Vermitechnology, Animal husbandry, Introduction to Host-parasite Relationship, Ethology.
Reproductive Biology  Reproductive Endocrinology, Functional anatomy of male reproduction, Functional anatomy of female reproduction.

College-Wise B.Sc Zoology Syllabus

Depending on the curriculum and program goals, BSc Zoology syllabus differs from college to college. To obtain the B.Sc. Zoology syllabus PDF 2023 of a certain college, candidates can visit the official website of the college or university. The subjects and curriculum for top colleges' BSc in Zoology are listed below:

University of Calcutta BSc Zoology Syllabus

The BSc Zoology syllabus at Calcutta University focuses on subjects like applied zoology, environmental biology, biodiversity, microbiology, etc. The following tables show the semester-wise syllabus for B.Sc Zoology at the University of Calcutta:

BSc Zoology Syllabus 1st Semester

BSc Zoology Syllabus 2nd Semester

Molecular Biology 

Cell Biology

Concept of Non-Chordata - I

Concept of Non-Chordata - II

Anthropology Basics

General Mathematics


Animal Physiology

BSc Zoology Syllabus 3rd Semester

BSc Zoology Syllabus 4th Semester

Controlling and Co-ordinating

System of Animal Physiology

Animal Immunology

Fundamentals of Bio-Chemistry

Life-Sustaining System of Animal Physiology

Sericulture Fundamentals

Medical Diagnosis of Aquarium Fisheries

Apiculture Fundamentals


BSc Zoology Syllabus 5th Semester

BSc Zoology Syllabus 6th Semester

Genetics Principles

Biology Evolution

Ecology Fundamentals

Concept of Developmental Biology



Insect Biology


Endocrinology Concepts

Project Report/Viva

Periyar University BSc Zoology Syllabus

The BSc Zoology syllabus at Periyar University offers elective zoology subjects like Marine Biology, Herpetology, Mammalogy, Ornithology, etc. The following tables show the semester-wise syllabus for B.Sc Zoology at Periyar University:

BSc Zoology Syllabus 1st Semester

BSc Zoology Syllabus 2nd Semester






Concept of Chordata

Value Education

Invertebrates and Chordata Practical

Invertebrates Practical

Environmental Studies

Botany and Chemistry Practical-I

Botany and Chemistry Practical-II

BSc Zoology Syllabus 3rd Semester

BSc Zoology Syllabus 4th Semester





Concept of Cell Biology

Fundamentals of Genetics

Chemistry and Botany Theory -III 

Chemistry and Botany Theory -IV

Chemistry and Botany Practical -III 

Chemistry and Botany Practical -IV

Genetics, Vermiculture, Vermicomposting, 

Aquaculture, Cell Biology Practical





Internship Program

BSc Zoology Syllabus 5th Semester

BSc Zoology Syllabus 6th Semester

Fundamentals of Developmental Biology

Fundamentals of Environmental Biology

Concept of Animal Physiology

Evolutionary Biology Concepts

Microbiology and Immunology

Computer Application, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Concepts





Practical-III & IV

Practical-V & VI


Project Report

B.Sc Zoology Course Structure

The zoology syllabus for BSc is structured into three parts wherein the first year covers mainly core courses, practicals, and electives, and their practical starts from the second year. In general, the course structure may vary from college to college. Listed below are the course structure in general:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core Studies
  • Elective Subjects
  • Practical Study
  • Project Submission

B.Sc Zoology Teaching Methodology and Techniques

There are various ways to teach B.Sc Zoology, including experiential and collaborative experimental learning. Process-based and problem-oriented methods, as well as problem-solving and project approaches, are commonly used. Here are some techniques that can be used:

  • Demonstration
  • Experimental Method
  • Process-Based Learning
  • Problem-Solving Exercises

B.Sc Zoology Projects

Completing projects is a crucial aspect of the BSc Zoology subjects, which include practical assignments. These projects assess students' knowledge of parts of the animal kingdom, such as structure, embryology, and development. Below are some of the project topics covered in the zoology syllabus.

  • Development of Animal Viruses
  • The Isolation and Identification of Nematode Affecting Tomatoes
  • A Preliminary Study of Gastrointestinal Helminth Parasites of Toads
  • Magamnet of Zoos and Natural Reserves in India

B.Sc Zoology Reference Books

Below is a table containing the top recommended books for the B.Sc Zoology syllabus.

BSc Zoology Books


Topics Covered

Genetics PK Gupta

Principles of Genetics, Mendelian Inheritance, DNA Structure, etc.

Animal Physiology R.L. Kotpal

Physiology of Animals, Circulation, Respiration, Digestion, etc.

Research Methodology in Biological Sciences R.S. Singh

Research Methods, Experimental Design, Statistical Analysis, etc.

Vertebrate Zoology A.K. Verma, B.P. Pandey

Vertebrate Anatomy, Physiology, Taxonomy, Evolution, etc.

B.Sc Zoology Fee Structure


What is the syllabus of BSc Zoology 1st year?

The Zoology syllabus for BSc 1st year includes Life and Diversity of Animals-Nonchordates, Invertebrate Zoology, Animal Discovery, etc.

How many subjects are there in BSc Zoology?

BSc Zoology typically offers around ten core course subjects and seven to eight elective options, though the syllabus may vary by university.

Is BSc Zoology a good option?

Yes, it is a good option for candidates who wish to work with the animal kingdom and wildlife.

Can I do BSc zoology without maths?

Yes, BSc Zoology can be pursued without Math.

Is Cell Biology part of BSc Zoology Subjects 1st year?

Yes, fundamental knowledge of cell biology is necessary to grasp the structure of cells, which is necessary to understand how animals behave biologically.

Is fieldwork part of Zoology BSc 1st year syllabus 2023?

The Zoology syllabus for B.Sc 1st year focuses more on imparting theoretical knowledge related to cell biology, genetics, biological chemistry, etc.

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