Syllabus & Subjects offered in Bachelor of Fisheries Science [B.F.Sc] (Aquaculture):

B.F.Sc Aquaculture Syllabus - Year I

B.F.Sc Aquaculture Syllabus - Year II

Principles of Aquaculture


Taxonomy of Finfish

Food chemistry & Fish in Nutrition

Taxonomy of Shellfish

Biochemical Techniques & Instrumentation

Meteorology & Geography

Fish Nutrition & Feed Technology

Principles of Biochemistry

Culture of Fish Food Organisms

Fundamentals of Microbiology

Inland Fisheries

Fishery Economics


Information & Communication Technology

Marine Biology

Freshwater Aquaculture

Refrigeration and Freezing Technology

Anatomy of Finfish and Shellfish

Statistical Methods in Fisheries

Biology of Finfish & Shellfish

Aquaculture Engineering

Soil and Water Chemistry

Ornamental Fish Production & Management

B.F.Sc Aquaculture Syllabus - Year III

B.F.Sc Aquaculture Syllabus - Year IV

Coastal Aquaculture & Mariculture

Disaster Management in Fisheries

Physiology of Finfish & shellfish

Biotechnology & Bioinformatics in Fisheries

Fishing Craft & Gear Technology

Fishery Genetics & Breeding

Canning & Fish Packaging Technology

Fish Population Dynamics & Stock Assessment

Extension Education in Fisheries

Aquatic Pollution & Coastal Zone Management

Fisheries Administration & Legislation

Fish Products and By-products Technology

Finfish Breeding & Hatchery Management

Fish Microbiology and Quality Assurance

Shellfish Breeding & Hatchery Management

Financing and Marketing Management in Fisheries

Diseases & Management

Entrepreneurship Development

Marine Fisheries

Hands-on Training in Fisheries (Experiential Learning)

Aquatic Ecology & Biodiversity

In-plant training in Fisheries

Navigation & Seamanship


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