Distance M.Sc Biochemistry is a post-graduate program spanning over 2 years. The course consists of 4 semesters. Distance M.Sc Biochemistry doesn't require physical attendance in the classroom. Distance M.Sc courses are done via an online portal and only require the student to be present physically for end semester examinations. This course is a fusion of biology and chemistry which helps the students to understand a chemical process related to living organisms. A candidate with a minimum aggregate score of 50% in a bachelor's degree in a relevant field of study is eligible for this course. On completion of this course, students are entitled to get a wide range of jobs in both the public and private sectors.

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry fees in India:

Distance M.Sc in biochemistry course fees may vary based on the university or college the student is willing to enroll in. Often, the course fee varies upon the materials and lecture timings provided by the university towards course completion. The average course fee charged by various public and private universities ranges from INR 20,000 to 50,000 per Annum.

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Salary in India:

Students, on completion of this course, are entitled to receive an average salary of INR 4 L to 6.5 L per Annum. The salary paid depends on the experience and skills possessed by the candidate.

M.Sc [Biochemistry] Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Science Biochemistry Engineering
Duration Course Duration of Distance M.Sc Biochemistry is 2 Years.
Age No age limit
Minimum Percentage 50% in Under Graduation
Subjects Required English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics
Average Fees Incurred INR 20,000 to 50,000 per Annum
Similar Options of Study Distance BA English, Distance BA, Distance BBA, Distance B.Sc
Average Salary Offered INR 4 L to 6.5 L per annum
Employment Roles Research Analyst, Biologist, Chemist, Associate Research Scientist, Microbiologist
Placement Opportunities BASF East Asia, Biocon, Sun Pharma, Hindustan Unilever, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Piramal Enterprises.

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Course:

Distance M.Sc biochemistry is a postgraduate Biochemistry course that can be pursued by a candidate who is interested in Biochemistry subject. The duration of the course is 2 years which contains 4 semesters of study. This course is a fusion of biology and chemistry which helps students to understand the chemical process related to biological organisms and biological systems. A candidate with a minimum of 50% in a bachelor's degree in a relevant field of study is eligible to gain admission to this course. Candidates who are pursuing distance education courses have the liberty to implement the concepts and the modules that are learned during the course. 

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Course Quick Links:

What is Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Course?

The distance M.Sc Biochemistry program is designed in a manner in which the subjects and the modules that are taught during the course contains greater aspects of the subjects that are pursued at the undergraduate level. Candidates who are interested in pursuing the M.Sc Biochemistry course learn subjects such as Genetic engineering, physical biology, proteins, and biophysical techniques. The topics and subjects that are covered during the course lay great emphasis on the theoretical and practical aspects that can be applied in various organizations that the candidate is currently working, it helps the candidate to learn more about how Biochemistry as a subject is helpful in providing essential support to the human life. Distance Education creates on the candidate pursuing the course.

Why Choose Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Course?

Biochemistry is one of the major subjects in the science spectrum, where tremendous research is being carried on for the development of the well being of human life. Scientific research is essentially carried out in the field of Biochemistry. Some of the job opportunities that are available for a graduate of M.Sc Biochemistry course are:

  • Biomedical Research Analyst
  • Research Scientist 
  • Pharmacovigilance Specialist 
  • Medical Coder 
  • Professor

A graduate of Distance M.Sc Biochemistry has various job opportunities that are available in the field of biochemistry with some of the leading companies and organizations that play a prominent role in Technical Research. 

Distance Learning enables students and working professionals to pursue this course at the time and place of their convenience via an online portal provided by the university/college. Distance M.Sc Biochemistry helps in working professionals rise in ranks and get frequent appraisals based on their work ethics and experience.

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Course Preparation Tips:

Some of the Essential course preparation tips are listed below:

Make a Plan: Make a course plan that can help the student to plan according to the study of the work which enables them to keep both balanced.

Connect With Fellow Students: Start connecting with peers who can help you with providing an exchange of knowledge that might help you to reduce stress at the time of examination.

Interact with Professors: The interaction with the professors can bring in a new insight into the subjects for the course.

Pre-Requisites: Make sure you go through all the pre-requisite knowledge required to pursue this course.

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Course Subjects:

The subjects that are followed in the curriculum of the M.Sc Biochemistry course is listed in the table below :

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Subjects
Semester I
SI No Subjects
1 Building blocks of Biomolecules
2 Biochemical Techniques
3 Physiology and Nutrition
4 General chemistry/Cell biology
5 Practicals-I Techniques
6 Practicals-II Biomolecules


Distance M.Sc biochemistry Subjects
Semester II
SI No Subjects
1 Functional Biomolecules
2 Enzymology
3 Bioenergetics & Advanced techniques
4 Microbiology/Biostatistics & Bioinformatics*
5 Practicals-III-Enzymology
6 Practicals-IV-Microbiology/bioinformatics


Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Subjects
Semester III
SI No Subjects
1 Metabolism-I
2 Metabolism-II
3 Immunology
4 Principles of Genetics
5 Practicals -V
6 Practicals - VI


Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Subjects
Semester IV
SI No Subjects
1 Molecular Biology-I
2 Molecular Biology -II
3 Biochemistry of Hormones
4 Clinical Biochemistry/ Project Report
5 Practicals-VII
6 Practicals-VIII

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Course Fees:

The course fees for Distance M.Sc Biochemistry may vary based on the University/College providing the course. The average course fee may vary from INR 10,000 to 25,000 per annum.

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Course Eligibility:

The basic eligibility for the admission of the distance M.Sc Biochemistry course is a Minimum of 50% in an Undergraduate degree in a relevant field. Various Universities/Colleges offering the course conducts entrance exams for the admission of the course.

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Course Admission:

An aspirant of the M.Sc Biochemistry course needs to Apply with and application form either On-line and Off-line mode, the applicants are then shortlisted based on the Cut-off marks set by the university/college offering the course. Once the application is accepted and admission for the course is granted.

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry Colleges:


Name of The College

1 Indira Gandhi National Open University
2 Annamalai University
3 Bharathiar University
4 Himalayan University
5 Kalinga University
6 Madurai Kamaraj University

Distance M.Sc Biochemistry FAQs:

1.What after Distance M.Sc Biochemistry?

-After completing M.Sc Biochemistry, students can join as research scientists in various organizations.

2. Is Distance M.Sc Biochemistry really worth it?

-For students willing to enhance their knowledge further in this field can opt for this course. Biochemistry is an upcoming field which has demand in many public and private sectors

3. How are Distance M.Sc Biochemistry classes are delivered?

Classes are delivered via an online portal where a student can access at their time of convenience. 

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